Base Running Part 2 – Leah O’Brian Amico

Base Running Part 2 – Leah O’Brien Amico – Produced By Gary Leland

Leah talks about while rounding first base to look at where the softball is being thrown to take a good round of first base so you can get a good jump if the softball possibly goes wild. She talks about hitting the front corner to get a good push and to curve out a little bit to get the good angle of the base. The better the angle of the bag the runner takes the easier it is to advance a base.

Amico also talks about the proper way to get a good lead and how a good lead will help you be quicker on stealing a base and more likely to be safe. She talks about the different footing you can use while leading off and the different advantages of each type. She talks about getting a good leap and staying in an athletic position while leading off so you can go either way after stopping. She recommends a three step lead of first base and stopping in an athletic position and a five step lead from second base because you have more time to get back. To see Leah O’Brien Amico’s bio, visit

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