The Great People Involved With The Fastpitch Softball Magazine

When I decided to create the first softball magazine for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. I stopped and thought about who I would get to join me on this project.

I wanted a magazine that was a tool. A magazine that would really teach. I had seen print magazines for fastpitch softball in the past, and they had always been too juvenile for me. I decided to reach out to some of the friends I had made over the years of creating the Fastpitch TV Show. I was amazed by the fact that everyone I asked said yes right away. I think they liked the idea of what I wanted to create, and wanted to be a part of it. Let me introduce them to you.

The people involved in the production of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine listed in alphabetical order.

If you are interested in writing for The Fastpitch Softball Magazine just send me an email at

Mitch Alexander

Mitch Alexander Fastpitch Academy

Mitch Alexander – Fastpitch Academy

Mitch is the CIO for a major electronics company. He coaches both Little League and Travel softball teams. Currently Mitch is completing his PhD. He is a certified SUNY, ASA, and Double Goal Coach. His wife, Marie was one of the first female student athletes in the country to play Little League softball after Title IX was passed and played in the first Little League Softball World Series. Over the years, both have managed teams together and helped spark a love for softball in their student athletes. In his spare time, Mitch designs websites for fastpitch teams and businesses.

Robb Behymer

Robb Behymer
Travel Ball

Robb Behymer – Travel Ball

Robb is the director for the USA Elite Select Series and founder of the Top Gun Invitational in Kansas City, MO. He is the Recruiting Coordinator for the KC Monarchs Fastpitch Organization.

You can follow the Top Gun on Facebook or on Twitter.

Charity Butler

Charity Butler
Quit Batting-Start Hitting

Charity Butler – Stop Batting, Start Hitting

Charity is a pro-fastpitch player, internationally renowned hitting instructor and Intrinsic Coach Professional®. She is the founder of Exceed Sports, LLC, the developer of the Fi™ Hitting System, the author of Prep Steps™ 31 day guide to success for female Student-Athletes, the Florida Commissioner for VTD Softball and the Softball Brand Manager for Nfinity Athletic Corporation. Some of her many achievements include: Two Time ESPN the Magazine Academic All-American honors & winning a Swedish National Championship while posting .610 BA and .987 SLG.

Vist her website at

Rob Crews

Rob Crews
Swag 101

Rob Crews – Swag 101

Rob is based in Southern New York, and is one of the most sought after hitting coaches in the country. He is the Author of the book, Complete Game: The Emotional Dynamics of In-Game Focus.

Rob provides consultant services for hitting coaches and develops hitting models for professional, olympic, and amateur softball and baseball programs. He served as the hitting coach for USSSA Pride (NPF) in their 2010 championship season, along with Tim Walton (UF), and Beth Torina (LSU).

As a consultant to companies like SKLZ, AXIS Bats, Bratt Sports, and MicroGate USA, Rob is continually developing comprehensive accelerated training systems that involve modern sports psych, neuromechanics, and visual strategies for efficiency in recognition and tracking.

Jen Croneberger

Jen Cronebergers
The Five Words

Jen Croneberger – The Five Words

Jen Croneberger is currently the president of JLynne Consulting Group, LLC. and has held numerous coaching positions, including the head softball coach at Unionville High School, assistant and head coach at Ursinus College and the Mental Game Coach for the (NPF’s), Philadelphia Force. Jen has also worked with big Division 1 programs as well as some of the top travel teams in the eastern US. She also serves as the Education and Publications Committee Chair for the NFCA. She was selected by the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry as the 2009 Female Business Leader of the Year.

Jen also writes inspirational and motivational stories on her blog on a regular basis. Her latest project is her first book release: ”These Five Words Are Mine,” A collection of blogs about seeing everyday life with new eyes was published in December of 2012. Her book tour will follow in 2013. She is an inspirational speaker that is unlike any others you have heard.

Lisa Iancin

Lisa Iancin “LI”
Game – Speed – Defense

Lisa Iancin “LI” – Game – Speed – Defense

Lisa Iancin “LI” competed professionally in the (NPF) for 5 seasons, gathering a national championship in 2004 with the New York/New Jersey Juggernaut and in 2006 with the New England Riptide. In 2005, Iancin was named the NPF Defensive Player of the Year.

Among her college accolades at Cal are First Team All-Pac 10 and back-to-back appearances at the Women’s College World Series in 1999 and 2000. Internationally, Iancin played for Team Bussolengo, Italy in 2001.

Iancin was the Assistant General Manager of the Tennessee Diamonds for the 2010 (NPF) season.

To find out more about LI go to

Gary Leland

Gary Leland

Gary Leland – Publisher/Editor

Gary has been involved with softball at many different levels. He played softball, coached high school, and select softball teams. His select team won back to back state USSSA Championships in Texas.

He owns a retail softball equipment store in Arlington, Texas, as well as many websites that sell softball equipment. He also produce softball videos, and other Fastpitch softball media websites.

Gary is the producer, and director behind the Fastpitch TV website, videos, and blogs.

To find out more about Gary go to

Stacie Mahoe

Stacie Mahoe
Fastpitch From The Heart

Stacie Mahoe – Fastpitch From The Heart

Stacie Mahoe started playing fastpitch softball at the age of 9 and Founded All About Fastpitch in 2004. Stacie also served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Softball Performance. She currently blogs about Fastpitch softball at Her perspectives on the game as a former player, current coach, and current softball parent provide unique insights on various softball issues.

Vist her website at

Cat Osterman

Cat Osterman
Cat’s Corner

Cat Osterman – Cat’s Corner

Cat’s accomplished career as a softball pitcher precedes her, starting with a record-breaking 4 years at the University of Texas and continuing with her impressive Olympic achievements and professional softball endeavors. In fact, she was the first pitcher to register over 2,000 NCAA strikeouts.

After taking home the gold at the 2004 Olympic games and enjoying years of success playing with the USA Softball Women’s National team, Cat began her professional career in 2007 with National Pro Fastpitch. She currently plays for the USSSA Pride, one of four National Pro Fastpitch teams, and is an inspiration to countless young softball players all over the world.

Visit her website at

Bill Plummer

Bill Plummer
The View From Here

Bill Plummer – The View From Here

A graduate of Indiana University, Ind. Bill has been involved in softball for more than four decades. For 30 years he was a fixture at the ASA National Office in as a communications coordinator, manager of the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and historian.

In addition, he also served as the editor of the ASA official newsletter, The Inside Pitch, and as the Trade. He has written widely about the sport and has contributed to 13 books. In 2009. he authored “The Game America Plays”. In 2012, he co-authored “Best of the Best-Women’s Fastpitch”

Visit his website at

Dalton Ruer

Dalton Ruer
Getting Dirty With Dalton

Dalton Ruer – Getting Dirty With Coach Dalton

Coach Ruer has been using softball to encourage and motivate athletes for the past 15 years. Throughout the year he is a private softball instructor to many college bound athletes in the state of Georgia. He facilitates team based clinics and instructs at many elite and college recruiting softball camps. His specialties are helping players verbalize their dreams and establish a plan to achieve them and helping players overcome the fears that are holding them back from being exceptional athletes. He has produced 6 instructional DVD’s covering all aspects of how to win the short game and how to dive for the ball.

Keep up with Coach Dalton by visiting his blog and resource site at

Natasha Watley

Natasha Watley Watley’s World

Natasha Watley – Watley’s World

Natasha Watley has mastered softball on every level; from travel ball, all the way through her professional career by taking home a gold medal from the 2004 Olympics & a silver medal from 2008 Olympics.

During the 2004 Olympics, Watley, assisted the US Softball Team on their third consecutive gold medal in Athens, by breaking the Olympic record for stolen bases.

Also internationally, Watley is a two–time Pan American Gold Medalist, three-time World Champion, and a four-time World Cup Champion.

Visit Natasha’s website at

Arron Weintraub

Arron Weintraub
Bridging The Gap Between Potential And Performance.

Aaron Weintraub – Bridging The Gap Between Potential And Performance

Aaron holds a B.A. from Emory University (1993) and a M.Ed. from the University of Virginia (2000). He served as an assistant baseball coach for 13 years before starting, a consulting business whose mission is to over-deliver value on goods and services designed to help you win the mental side of the game. He works with teams and individuals, adding clarity to help them get what they want for their sport. also runs camps and clinics and has an online store.

Weintraub is the author of Coaches Guide to Winning the Mental Game (Coaches Choice, 2009) and An Elite Athlete’s Manual for Training Mental Skills (self-published, 2011). He lives in The Colony, TX with his wife, Nicole, and their four children.

Sherry Werner

Sherry Werner Windmill Wisdom

Sherry Werner – Windmill Wisdom

Sherry Werner, PhD is currently a biomechanics consultant with Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, TMI Sports Medicine, and Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, and a pitching instructor at the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy. She has held research positions at the United States Olympic Training Center. She received a MS degree in Biomechanics from Indiana University in 1989 and a PhD in Biomechanics from The Pennsylvania State University in 1995. She was selected to the COSIDA Academic All-American Softball Team while earning a bachelors degree from Slippery Rock University.

Dr. Werner’s research has focused on the effects of throwing motions at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Past projects include data collection and analysis of elite softball pitchers during the 1996 Olympic Games. Sherry also released an instructional pitching DVD with Jennie Finch in 2011.

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Interested In Writing For The Fastpitch Magazine?

GuestWriterThe Fastpitch Magazine welcomes ideas for original editorial content from guest writers. If you’re interested to writing for the Fastpitch Magazine, follow the six easy steps below.

Step 1: Determine which view of a topic is right for you:
From a coaches point of view.
From a players point of view.
From a parents point of view.
From a fans point of view.

Step 2: Make sure you read our editorial guidelines:
Each post needs to be 100% original and cannot have been published on other websites or print publications. writers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their articles.

The Fastpitch Magazine retains exclusivity of the post for 30 days after it is published. After that, writers can repost on their personal blogs with attribution to the original post. Writers should obtain The Fastpitch Magazines consent before reposting the content on a third-party site.

Each post will be edited and copy edited by The Fastpitch Magazine. Edits may be made to adhere with The Fastpitch Magazines style guidelines. We may also edit your post for length.

The Fastpitch Magazine DOES NOT accept articles are are promotions for a product, website, or company. In other words stories that are infomercials will not be accepted.

Your submission is subject to review by The Fastpitch Magazine editorial staff and does not guarantee automatic publication in The Fastpitch Magazine. By submitting your post to The Fastpitch Magazine, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to The Fastpitch Magazine editorial guidelines and grant permission for a Fastpitch Magazine editor to edit your post.

Step 3: Craft your article:
Most of our Articles are about 500 to 700 words long. The most successful articles have a light and breezy tone, but make their points quickly.

Include a short bio — between 35 to 45 words — at the bottom of the post. Your name, your organization and a recent accomplishment or two are great things to include. We’re happy to link to your website, Amazon book page or Facebook or Twitter account if you like. Just be sure to include all the necessary URLs when you turn in your post.

Step 4: E-mail your article to The Fastpitch Magazine:
Send it to

Keep in mind that due to the volume of e-mails received, it may take up to a week for you to receive a response.

Step 5: Promote and engage:
Look for the Fastpitch Magazine to promote your content using a variety of social networks and e-mail newsletters, but also feel free to promote the Fastpitch Magazine with your own network for maximum exposure. Your editor will coordinate a specific publication date with you.

Step 6: Add the Fastpitch Magazine writers seal to you site:
It is not mandatory that you add the Fastpitch Magazine writers seal, but is is a great way to let people know that you are involved in the Fastpitch Softball Community, and have something to say.

Guest writers that send in more than one great story may be asked to become a featured Writer, and submit stories on a monthly basis.

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Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 20

Issue 20 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month’s issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

The Fastpitch magazine is bringing you more fastpitch softball than anyone on the planet.

This month starts off with Sherry Werner’s article “Making Sure Your Pitcher Has Good Windmill Mechanics”. Then Mitch Alexander’s “Leadership Matters” is next.

Our Exclusive Video Of The Month is from the NFCA National Convention. It’s Arron Weintraub speaking about “Details, And Distinctions For Confidently Coaching Mental Skills , and Arron’s article this month is titled “Freedom, Courage, And The Mind.

In this months Travel Ball Nation, Robb Beheymer talks about The value of competitive showcase tournaments.

Dalton Ruer’s article is about “Putting It all Together”. Bill Plummer talks college softball and social Media in The View From Here. Jen Cronebugger talks about “How Do You Define Success.

Charity Butler has a question. Should the swing change with 2 strikes? Lisa Ianacin goes over The dangers of specialization In this months Game-Speed-Defense. In Swag 101 Rob Crews talks about Intangible traits of success.

Brian Ingalis talks about the art of the pick off, and we have a new writer this month. Renee Ferguson. Renee writes about Warm Up Routines, And Expecting The Unexpected.

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Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 19

Issue 19

Issue 19

Issue 19 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month’s issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Welcome to issue 19 of the Fastpitch Magazine.

The Fastpitch magazine is bringing you more fastpitch softball than anyone on the planet.

This month I start you off with Lisa Iancin’s article Creating A Defensive Culture. Then Bryan Ingalis has Non Verbal And Verbal

Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 18

Issue 18

Issue 18

Issue 18 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month’s issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Welcome to issue 18 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We jump right in with “Windmill Wisdom” by Sherry Werner PhD. Dr. Werner has talked about footwork and the legs, hips and trunk for pitchers, in this month’s issue she is talking about the

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 17

Issue 17

Issue 17

Issue 17 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 17 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We begin this issue with our exclusive videos from the national Fastpitch Coaches Association. The NFCA held their national convention in San Antonio this year. During the convention they assed four coaches to their Hall Of Fame. This episode I bring you all new members of the HOF as they are inducted, These are great videos that you will see no where else.

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 16

Issue 16

Issue 16

Issue 16 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 16 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We begin this issue with Jen Croneberger’s article “For Love of the Game”. Jen’s love of fastpitch softball led her to not only play the game she loves so much but to study sport psychology; after talking with hundreds of players

Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 15

Issue 15

Issue 15

Issue 15 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 15 of the Fastpitch Magazine, we start things off in our “Catcher’s Zone” with Bryan Ingalls. Bryan helps catcher keep their focus and explains why it is so important for a catcher to keep a clear mind as well as the importance of communicating with their pitcher.