Box Jumps – Catching Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to gain strength for quick movements, speed, and endurance.

This drill will require a 2 foot high box that is sturdy enough for you to jump on

The catcher will stand behind the box and another player will stand 2 feet in front of the box with a ball.

The player will toss the ball high and directly above the box.

When the player releases the box the catcher explodes up to land on top of the box and catches the ball.

Make 10 jumps and then rotate.

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Drop Third Out – Catchers Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an great way to ensure that when a drop third strike occurs in a game that the catcher know what to do and can execute the play efficiently.

Create a game like situation when the batter swings and the ball drops to the dirt first.

The batter will take off to first base and the catcher must find the ball and throw the ball to first base before the batter reaches the bag.

Catcher Observations – Catching Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to encourage catchers to make their own observations and gain experience in calling pitches that will benefit the team.

The coach will give all of the catchers the task of observing a select few of their teammates when they are batting without them knowing.

At the end of practice the coach will take note of each of the catchers observations.

The catchers will then meet with the coach together and discuss what would be the best approach to dealing with the batters that were observed in a game situation.

Do this once a week and chance the batters to be observed each week.

Backing Up The Throw – Catching Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for working on plays that often occur in games as well as building a catchers value and skills in the sport.

When there are no runners on base and the play is being made at home plate the catcher should always be ready to back up the throw to 1st base.

As soon as the hit is made the catcher should judge where the ball will be stopped and if that ball is going to be thrown to first base then the catcher should flip off her mask and head over to first base just in the case that a wild throw is made.

Too often do teams get an extra base from wild throws.

The catcher should always make backing up throws to 1st base a habit in those situations.

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Wall Sits – Catching Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This is a great, classic exercise to build muscle strength in the lower body and increase endurance.

The catcher can either do this with or without gear. (with gear for more advanced players)

Lean against a wall or fence forming a 90 degree angle at your knees

Hold this position until you feel a burning sensation in your legs and then try to hold for another 15 seconds.

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The 5 x 5 – Catching Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great conditioning for a catcher while practicing basic catching skills

The coach will stand about 5-10 feet in front of home plate and the catcher will wear full gear and take his/her stance behind the plate.

The coach will throw the first 5 balls in the dirt and the catcher will have to block them

The coach will throw the next 5 balls far out to the sides and the catcher will have to move and block the balls only with his/her body

The coach will throw the next 5 balls high and the catcher will have to pop up to catch them.

The coach will throw the next 5 balls at random

The coach will finish with throwing pop-ups right after one of the balls is caught.

This drill will be great to do with 2-3 catchers take their turn at the drill one of the catchers can help shag balls and the other can take a small break before going through the drill again.