Cross Fielding – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to push players to exhaustion and still promote proper fielding.

Two coaches will be set up at home plate to hit fungo to one player at 2nd and the other coach to hit to one player at short stop. There should be one player at third and first to catch balls as well.

The Coaches will hit and entire bucket of balls to the players at second base and short stop.

The second baseman will field the ball and throw to 3rd base. The short stop will field the ball and throw to the first baseman.

The fielders will become fatigued, but then for encouragement make it into a competition to see how many balls that a player can correctly field and throw without error.

When finished the first and third baseman will exchange buckets with the coaches and proceed to the back of the 2nd or short-stop line and the fielders will rotate to the base they threw too.

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Get Dirty – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will aid players in becoming accustomed to the motions of diving.

Have all of the players partner up with one softball per group.

Begin this drill in outfield first

The players will drop to their knees, facing each other about 10 feet apart.

One player will roll the balls and one will receive.

The player with the ball will roll it about 4 feet to the right or the left of their partner.

The player receiving the ball will lay out and stop the ball before it goes past.

After 10 dives, switch. As the players become more comfortable with the motions roll the balls faster and for infielders have those players move to the dirt.

Star Fielding – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will boost a players stamina and while working on foot work and accuracy.

Set up the infield with a first baseman, short stop, third baseman, and a catcher to feed balls to the coach who is hitting fungo.

The coach will hit the ball to the short stop, who will then use proper foot work to tag 2nd base and throw to the third baseman.

The third baseman will catch the ball, tag third and then throw to first.

The first baseman will catch the ball, tag first base, and then throw the ball back to the catcher.

Continue the drill about 5-6 times without error and then switch the players.

This drill is quick and will only allow the players a few seconds of rest in between fielding the ball and resetting for the next one.

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Turning 2 – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to practice making a double play.

Have the coach as the hitter and the entire infield in position.

The coach will hit the ball at random and the situation will always be to get the imaginary runner out at second and then turn the double play at first.

When infield preforms up to par then add in a base runner at first to add pressure to the defense to make the play.

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Ground Ball Game – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will promote fun competition between the players on the team.

All of the players will line up behind third base.

The first player will step out about 8 – 9 steps to the right of the plate.

The coach will then hit a ground ball to the player.

Once all of the players have gotten one ground ball then the hits will become harder and have more range in the direction that they are going.

One a player misses the ball then they are out

The last player standing is the winner.

Play this at the end of every practice or once a week with the incentive that at the end of the month, or season, that the player that has won the most gets a gift card or something of that nature.

Quick Hands – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill creates a fun atmosphere, while improving hand speed and footwork.

This drill is done with a group of four or five.

One person (the thrower) begins with 2 softballs and stands about 15′ from & facing the other (three or four) players in her group.

The thrower will toss a grounder or a line drive to one fielder, who will field the tossed ball and make a good, quick throw back to the tosser.

As the ball is being released by the fielder, the thrower tosses the second ball (again a grounder or line drive).

Now we have established a two-ball drill, with two balls going at the same time.

Balls can be tossed by the thrower to the same fielder in succession or maybe thrown to any of the fielders at any time.

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Palm – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill develops the basic mechanics of fielding a ball and transitioning into a throwing position.

Begin with three or four players with their gloves off, about 15’ away from the thrower.

The players are in a fielding position as if they are about to receive the ball.

With the palm of the glove hand facing down and fingers spread toss the ball to the player.

The goal is to tap the ball straight down to the ground with the palm of the glove hand.

When progressing to the next step introduce the throwing hand with literally having the player tap the ball into the throwing hand, not catching the ball, but tapping the ball into the throwing hand.

There should be two soft sounds: the first is the ball hitting the glove hand, and the second is the ball falling into the throwing hand.

Progress again to the next step of doing the same as before but add the foot work to get into a throwing position.

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Statue – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill helps the coaches evaluate a players motions when throwing as well as provides a fun game for everyone while focusing on proper mechanics.

Begin with having the players throw balls back and forth between one another.

At random, call out “statue!” and all of the players must become statues in their throwing position.

The coach will check for proper position and grip.

The best “Statue” wins that round.

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Red Rover – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a fun and competitive way to work on quick feet and fielding ground balls.

Make 2 teams and set up 2 sets of cones approximately 15’-20’ apart.

Spread the 2 team out evenly between the cones and have the teams facing each other.

Give one team the ball and have them begin throwing grounders at the opposing team. If a grounder gets through the opposing line then the player who missed the ball is out.

If 2 or more players go for the ball and miss then the opposing team chooses who is out!

Using A Bucket Of Balls – Fielding Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This is a great drill for infielders or even outfielders to make the cut-off throw or get the ball to home plate as quickly and accurately as possible.

Take a bucket of balls and scatter the balls around about 10 feet behind where shortstop would normally be. (The same can be done for second base as well.

Have the short stop turn around and field one of the balls and take the throw to home plate. (Use a bucket at home plate if there is not another player to catch.

For outfielders scatter the balls around the middle of the outfield and have them charge the ball and throw to the cut off or to home plate.

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Throwing Form – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will help develop proper form when throwing.

Have someone standing about 5 feet directly behind the player.

The thrower should take a ball and, from the hand in glove position (as if the ball were just fielded), separate the hands with the ball hand swinging first down, then back and up until her throwing arm bicep is parallel with the ground and she has a 90 degree angle with her forearm pointing up and the ball facing backwards.

Looking at this motion from the third base side, the ball hand starts at 9 o’clock, swings down to 6 o’clock then up to 12 o’clock (if the player is a right handed thrower). If the ball is released at about 3 o’clock and the player’s form is correct, the ball should be easily caught by the person standing behind her. If the ball goes to the left or right of the catcher, she is not using a proper path for her arm.

When the player has the proper arm motion, have her go into your throwing motion instead of releasing the ball. She should stride with her lead foot and follow through.

That Game – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill/game is a great team bonding tool, it is fun, and also allows the practice of the basic fundamentals of the game.

Split the players into 3 teams. The game works well with 12 girls (3 teams of 4 players) and 2 coaches. One team goes to the outfield, one team plays the infield and the other team is up to bat.

One coach pitches and one catches. If there is only one coach, use a tee and have the coach play catcher. Once the ball has been hit, the team who touches the ball first has to pass the ball under their legs until it has been touched by every girl on their team. The last girl has to throw the ball to the catcher before the batter/runner makes it home. The throw home has to be a good throw and the coach receiving the throw home can stand on home plate and can stretch to catch the ball. However, he can’t leave the plate.

If the ball arrives before the runner then the home team has one out. After three outs, the players rotate – the team at bat goes to outfield, the outfield team goes to infield, and the infield team goes to bat. The catch is that the pitcher can pitch as soon as a batter is up to the plate with a helmet on, so if a girl’s team was just at bat, she had better be running to position herself in the outfield.

Some girls who play this game don’t even take their helmets off so that they can get out as quickly as possible. They also learn teamwork. Girls will have each others gloves ready for their teammates on their way to the field and they usually have the girl with the best arm line up at the end of the line to assure a good throw home.

Relay Throw – Fielding Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill teaches the proper location for the relay throw and also helps players develop a quick turn and release of the throw.

Have the players line up in a line stretching to the outfield about 20′ apart.

The first player throws the ball to the glove side of the second player in the line. She then throws to the glove side of the player next to her.

Continue until the ball has traveled all the way down the line, and then have it brought back down the line.

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