Power Hitting – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a great way maximize power in a batters swing

This drill requires a punching bag (about $45 dollars at any sporting goods store) and somewhere to hang it.

Batters will take their stance with the punching bag slightly in line with the batters front foot.

The batter will swing, make contact with the bag, and then proceed to follow through with their extension pushing the bag.

The batter can adjust where she stands and makes contact with the bag depending on what pitch she would like to work on.

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Blind Tee Drill – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This is a fun drill to increase a batters concentration and test their muscle memory.

Set up a tee

The batter will hit 5 balls and then put on a blindfold to attempt to hit 5 more balls.

Remove the blind fold and move to position the tee in the location to where another pitch would be

The batter will hit 5 balls and then put the blindfold on again and attempt to hit 5 more balls.

You can split the players into 2 teams and the players that get the most hits when blindfolded will win

This is great for loosening up players before big games and great for team bonding

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Weight Hitting – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to create proper muscle memory and gain strength in your bottom hand when hitting.

The batter will use a 5-10 pound dumbbell (depending on the batters strength) and position your hands on the dumbbell as if you are it was the bat.

Leading with your elbow the dumbbell should follow a straight line from your back shoulder to the front side of your chest.

This motions should be slow and cause resistance in your bottom hand.

Do 5 sets of 10 reps with small breaks in between

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Downward Resistance – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to break players of the habit of dropping the barrel of the bat and popping up the ball when they hit.

One player at a time will take her at-bat stance.

The coach will stand where the umpire would normally stand and hold the top of the barrel on the bat.

The player will be instructed to take her swing as the coach is still holding the barrel of the bat up.

As the coach is holding up the barrel of the bat the player is feeling that resistance and is making the correct motions to pull the bat away from the coaches hands.

The coach will then release the bat and the player will finish her swing.

The player will not hit the coach when she finishes her swing.

If the coach still feels uncomfortable with this then just take a step back when releasing the bat.

Contact on Command – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This is a great drill for players to work on reaction time with taking a particular bat swing for different pitches.

Line up 3-5 batters about 4-5 feet apart with their bats

The coach will call out a certain pitch (high outside, low inside, drop ball, curve, screw) and the batters will take the appropriate swing and freeze where they would make contact with the ball.

The coach will observe and if wrong the player drops for 5 push ups and is out. The correct players remain in the game and sets for another pitch command.

Motion Hitting – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a great way to ensure that batters become aware of the importance in using the lower body to increase power in their swing.

The batter will step up to bat with their front foot on the back line of the batters box

The batter will take a step with their back foot and then with their front foot to end close to their usual stance in the batters box.

As the batter takes her last step the coach will soft toss the ball.

The batter sets her hands quickly and takes her swing.

This should not be a slapping motion. The batter just has to be quick enough with her footwork and setting her hands to hit the ball at her usual stance.

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Tee Opposite Field Hitting – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to perfect hitting to the opposite field.

Set up a tee at home plate. Also set up 4 cones designating the zones of a left handed hitter and a right handed hitter that would hit to the opposite field.

Take 10 softballs and and locate where the laces are closest together and have that part facing you. Then mark an “X” on one of the laces.

The balls will be placed on the tee, with the “X” facing the backstop and the laces are vertical to the ground.

For left handed hitters the “X” will be on the right and for right handed hitters the “X” will be on the right.

These will give hitters a target to aim for in practicing hitting to the opposite field.

Hit 10 balls and then rotate hitters.

Adjust swing and continue drill until all balls that are hit are directed to the opposite field.

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Fungo Competition – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This is a fun drill to help with players keeping their eye on the ball when hitting.

Divide the players into 2 even teams with one lined up on the first base line and the other on the third baseline.

Player will step up and 5 ball for each team will be lined up about 2 feet apart and about 4 feet away from the back stop.

The players will take their stance at the ball on the end and on the coaches command will squat and pick up the ball, soft toss it to themselves, hit it into the fence, and continue with the remaining 4 balls.

The first player to hit all 5 of the balls into the fence first wins a point for their team.

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Hitting Conditioning – Hitting Drills

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will work all muscles involved in hitting to build maximum endurance and power in a player’s swing.

Set up 5 different hitting stations along the fence behind home plate and one tee at home plate.

The hitting stations will be soft toss with basketballs, wiffle balls, front hand hitting, back hand hitting, and regular soft toss with softballs.

Split the players into two equal teams. One team will be feeding and shagging the balls and the other will be going through the stations.

The first hitter will begin with the station closes to third base. When finished with that station the next player will follow.

The hitters will go through all 5 stations and then step up to the plate to hit 1 ball of the tee, run to retrieve the ball and return it back to the bucket of balls at home plate. (Make sure to yell”BALL” before hitting to warn others that may not be paying attention)

After, return back to the stations and repeat the process.

This can be completed by time or by how many times a player can complete the stations. But the drill is to be done at a very quick pace.

Core Strength – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to gain core muscles for more power when hitting

Each hitter will drop down on her right knee(similar to a lunge position)

With a 5 or 10 pound weight the players will begin holding the weight on their right side by their right knee. The players will use their core to lift the weight over their knee to the other side. And repeat completing 3 sets of 10

After the third set switch knees and repeat on the other side.

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Hit and Run – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to maintain focus and stamina no matter what condition a player may be in when up to bat.

This drill is set up in a soft toss situation with a net with a group of 3 batters.

The Coach will quickly feed the batter 20 balls and then the batter will take off for 2 laps around the field.

The Coach will begin with the next batter.

The batters should make it back to hit again with a small amount of time to rest and hit another 20 balls and run another 2 laps.

The batters should complete 6 laps and then switch out the groups.

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Pressure Scrimmage – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will aid in gaining confidence for players in pressure situations up at the plate.

This drill is set up as a scrimmage.

Each player that goes up to bat will begin with a 2-2 count and have 1 out for their team.

This game is fast paced keeping the players moving.

Points are gained based on how many bases are earned.

Points are also earned for each foul ball hit, but only if the batter makes contact and is safe at the base.

Bat Colors – Hitting Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a effective way to encourage players to keep their eyes on the ball as they reach contact point with the bat.

Take a players bat and use 3 different colors of electric tape on the three zones of the bat (End, sweet spot, and lower half)

As the ball is soft tossed the batter will swing the bat and call out the color of where the ball was hit on the bat.

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