Stations – Base Running Drill

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This drill is for building leg strength, improving explosion off the bag when running, and speed.

Coaches will set up the field with ladders going from home to first, small hurdles or cones, 2 feet apart, from first to second, and softballs spread about 2-3 feet apart between second and third.

The first player will use quick feet to put each foot inside each the ladder rung all the way to first base. Then the next player will start.

From first to second the players will hop over the cones or hurdles bringing their knees all the way up to their chest.

From second to third the players will lunge pick up the softball to either the right or left of the player, pick it up, and move it over to the other side, set it down, lunge, and repeat. the next player will to the same, but the ball may be on a different side.

Then from third base the player will jog back to home plate to begin again.

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Softball Snake – Base Running Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This is a fun drill to bond a team and get some running into a workout.

All of the girls will begin at home plate and run along the fence line one behind the other

The person in the front will hold a softball and everyone will begin running

While running the person in the front will toss the ball up so that the player behind her can catch it and to the same until the ball reaches the last player.

When the last player receives the ball that player runs a little bit faster to get to the front of the line and begin the process again.

Give the players a goal of running the entire field and having all of the girls being the leader at least once and without dropping the ball.

When the players no longer find this to be a challenge then have all of then become the leader twice before making it back to home plate! Keep if FUN!

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Speed Conditioning – Base Running Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for the off-season in increasing a player’s speed

All players will begin at home plate.

One player at a time will take her batting stance, take a swing, and take off through first base.

When the entire team has completes this the players will line up to run a double and then back to the end of the line, run a triple, then finally the players will run all the bases.

Now, the first runner, again, will take a swing and take the turn at first and then wait at first for the second player to swing and then she takes off to second. She will take the turn at second and then wait on second for the third player to take her swing before going to third.. and repeat with all players.

Once all players have finished that part they will begin again.

The goal is to incorporate sorter and longer sprinting distances with small breaks in between for maximum result in speed.

This will exhaust the players and should be done with 3-4 days of break before repeating the drill again.

Tag Up Drill – Base Running Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill will help base runners that get caught taking off on fly balls without tagging up on the base.

Have runners at each base, players in each position, and then have the coach hit from home plate(hitting mostly fly balls and some low flys, and popups close to the infield)

This will simulate game situations and to make sure that the runners are paying attention to where the ball is going before just immediately taking off on bat contact.

Turn, Dive, Run, Slide – Base Running Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a fun way to practice all basic base running fundamentals.

All players will begin at home plate. The players will take a swing and then take off to first as if to run to second, but only take a 3 step lead off and then dive back to the base.

The runner will quickly stand up and run to second, pop-up slide into the bag, take a 3 step lead off, and dive back to second base.

The runner will quickly recover again and take off to third, hook slide to the right of the bag to avoid a tag, recover, take a 3 step lead off, and dive back to the base.

Then the runner will recover and take off into a sprint through home plate and back to the end of the line.

There should not be any break time for runners during this drill.

After the runner in front takes off to second base then the next runner may begin.

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Crowns – Base Running Drill

Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for building a players strength and endurance when running. This is a great off season drill.

Line up all of the players in partners at home plate. (Partners will encourage each other)

The first group will jog out to the foul pole in right field and drop and do 10 push-ups correctly.

The second group will follow when the first group finishes their push-up and so on..

The first group now jogs backwards to the second base fielding position, drops and completes 15 correct sit-ups (Might want to set up a cone halfway between 1st and 2nd to mark this spot)

Then that group lunges out to the fence in center field and completes 15 jumping jacks

They then jog to the short stop position and complete 20 crunches

Then proceed to the left field foul pole and complete 10 more push-ups correctly

Finally the group will build up to a sprint back to home plate.

Continue this drill about 5 times and then add a time limit to push the players!

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