The Fastpitch Radio Show App For iPhones And iPads

Do you like interviews with coaches and players? Do you like to be in the know about the latest and greatest in fastpitch softball? Then, the Fastpitch Radio Show is the right app for you.  Download the app, click on which show you want to watch and you are instantly connected to interviews with great players and coaches from the world of Fastpitch Softball.

As an added bonus to this app, you also get access to:

* Downloadable Wallpaper for your iPhone / iPod Touch
* Access to exclusive bonus content
* Call the Show from your iPhone
* Email the show your questions and comments
* Follow the show on Twitter

The Fastpitch Radio Show App contains the following features:

* Streaming access to play episode from anywhere
* Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
* Download the episodes and play them when offline
* Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
* Favorites (mark the episodes you want to return back to over and over)
* Quick access to all the contact methods for the show

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. Call-in feature is only available on iPhone)

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