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Danielle “Dani” Tyler Softball Interview

Fastpitch Softball TV Store

Danielle Tyler Softball Olympian Interview

Featured this week on episode 303 of the Fastpitch.TV Softball Show, I bring you my exclusive interview with Softball Olympian Danielle “Dani” Tyler. Enjoy the show! – Produced By Gary Leland

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Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 51

Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 51

Issue 51 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

This month’s featured video is a infielder’s clinic by Coach Michael Bastian. I have also included one of my great softball drills, another featured chapter from The Fastpitch Book, and all your helpful articles from our amazing writers.

Welcome to the November 2016 Issue of the Fastpitch Magazine. The Fastpitch magazine has been bringing you more fastpitch softball articles and videos than anyone on the planet for over two full years.

Mitch Alexander brings us “Collegiate View: Playing in Division 3″ from his column Softball Academy.

Aaron Weintraub’s column, Bridging The Gap, has his article “Mental Toughness: Begins with a Positive Attitude”.

This months featured video of the month is a from Coach Michael Bastian Conducting an Infield Training Clinic.

Michelle Diltz joins us again with her article on School of Strength, “Lesson 21: Excuse or Statement, Part 1”.

I also feature my interview of the month with Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson.

All this and more in this months issue.

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Portable Hitting Station – The Striker II

by Schutt Sports

Striker 2 Portable Hitting Aid by Schutt Sports

Striker 2 – Portable Hitting Station


Great Tool To Enhance Any Training Program
Easily Attaches To Any Chain Link Fence
Includes Safety Ball Attached With A Durable Replaceable Strap

Leaves my TX Warehouse within 24 hrs.

Order online, or call 817-303-6620

Message us

Product Description

The Striker 2 – Portable Hitting Aid

Schutt Sports has created a very unique hitting aid for training and practicing your swing motion on the market today. No more chasing down balls during hitting practice or before a game. This device is a stationary training aid to work on your swing and improve your hitting percentage at the plate. The Striker 2 hitting station is perfect for players to set up quickly and practice their swing and warm up before a game. It was crafted to be easy to break down and carry along in your bag. Great for use in Baseball or Softball. Don’t miss another hitting practice, try the Striker 2 hitting station today!

Additional Information

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 x 5.5 x 4 in

This week I am featuring a product review on a very effective hitting station by Schutt Sports. I think everyone would agree the downside to batting practice is chasing and gathering up the balls afterwards. Most players would be outside practicing their hitting mechanics more often if they didn’t have to chase after every ball. You know hitting practice is especially tough when you don’t have a partner with you to toss the ball or load one back up on the tee. Or maybe you’re a coach that needs an easy to set up hitting station for pre-game warm. I have found the solution to your problems with the Schutt Sports Striker II.

The Striker II – Portable Hitting Station

Schutt Striker 2 Hitting Station

The Striker II is an excellent portable hitting station that can be used by yourself to work on your hitting mechanics. This device can be attached to any chain-link fence at the softball park or even in your own back yard. Attached to the fence at your desired height, the Striker II extends outwards and provides you with a ball to hit that you will never have to chase. The baseball is securely attached to a rotating rope that allows it to spin when you hit the ball. Don’t be alarmed, the baseball attached is great for softball players too. This way, the smaller ball will help a softball player focus in on hitting the sweet spot.

Schutt Striker 2 Portable Hitting Station

The Striker II is a great tool to enhance your hitting mechanics whether you are practicing or warming up for a game. It is very portable and can fit in almost any size equipment bag. Giving a player the ability to practice mechanics the easiest way possible makes me love the Striker II. Its almost effortless to go outside and get in a good hitting practice session using this convenient training aid. The best part is that you don’t waste any time picking up balls, just keep hitting non-stop with no interruptions!

The Striker II Is Available In The Fastpitch.TV Store!

Fastpitch Softball TV Store

How Important is Windup?
Dr. Sherry Werner – 130

Softball Junk

Sponsored by SoftballJunk.com

How Important is Windup for Windmill Pitchers?

– Produced By Gary Leland

See all of our Fastpitch Softball How To & Tips videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA3067A372CF75E4F

This episode Dr. Sherry Werner of the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy, discusses a topic that is thought about frequently in her training organization. Sherry breaks down the research and studies behind how the windup effects shoulder stress or ball velocity, and how does it play a roll in the overall pitching mechanic.

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Sherry Werner Sherry Werner, PhD is currently a biomechanics consultant with Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, TMI Sports Medicine, and Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, and a pitching instructor at the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy. She has held research positions at the United States Olympic Training Center. She received a MS degree in Biomechanics from Indiana University in 1989 and a PhD in Biomechanics from The Pennsylvania State University in 1995. Past projects include data collection and analysis of elite softball pitchers during the 1996 Olympic Games.

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Paperback Best Of Issue 1-10

The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Best Of Issues 1-10 is now available in paperback!

This book includes full articles about coaching, training, playing, and more.

It also includes some of your favorite fastpitch softball players and coaches like Cat Osterman, Jennie Ritter, and Rob Crews.

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History Of Softball Part 14 with Dr. Dot Richardson

Softball Junk

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Fastpitch Chat Show App Featuring Softball Tips & How-To's

History Of Softball Part 14 with Dr. Dot Richardson

Welcome to part 14 in my series on the History of Softball with Dr. Dot Richardson. On this episode Dot talks with longtime fastpitch advocate and previous consultant to the Chinese Olympic Softball Team, Michael Bastian. Video 1 takes them through a short tour of the hall of fame circle at the softball hall of fame in Oklahoma City.

A special thanks to Alison Strange for all her help and advice on this project. And The National Softball Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK. – Produced By Gary Leland

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