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Win A 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Bat

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk fastpitch softball bat. Produced By Gary Leland

Watch the video to find out how to enter, and make sure to watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The Nighthawk has a NEW Patented 2-piece LINK Construction Composite barrel and composite handle connected by vibration eliminating elastomer. This significantly reduced vibrations to the hands to give the feel of a great hit every time

The stiffer Carbon Fiber Carbon handle with increased resistance to bending, decreases the amount of energy that is lost with impact to the ball to create higher ball speeds.

The NEW Double Wall Technology provides thinner walls with added durability, with higher peak performance out of the wrapper and larger sweet spot

The Black Onyx Carbon Complex lay up design using high end pre-impregnated composite plies, creates greater durability and shorter break in period to maximum performance.

The optimized Cap Design Allows greater flex and less weight toward the end of the bat creates more bat speed and wider sweet spot.

Bat Specifications
Drop: -10 Fastpitch bat
Barrel: 2 1/4″
Certified: USSSA 1.20 BPF, ASA, ISA, ISP, NSA
Material: Composite
Construction: Two-piece
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Available Sizes: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

I Know I Made a Mistake

I know I made a mistake

“I Know I Made a Mistake” Written By Bill Boles, Jr

I was coaching third during a heated tournament against a team that has become our rival over the past few years. We had a runner on second base and our girl hit a short fly ball into no-mans-land between the second baseman and the shortstop. Both girls drop-stepped and ran full speed converging on one another and sure enough, there was that spark-emitting collision that quieted the crowd as the second baseman caught the ball for the out.

As both girls were laid out in the dirt moaning, dirt mixing with tears I held up both my hands and told my girl on second base to stay on the base. The coach behind me stormed out of the dug-out yelling at the top of his lungs as though the world were ending, “GET THE BALL OUT, GET THE BALL OUT, THE PLAY ISN’T DEAD, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??!!! I looked at that red-faced coach and then at his girls rolling in the dirt and I just could not believe that he would put one potential run over the health of his kids.

I watched how that every single member of that sisterhood wearing the same blue uniforms with their names on the back and matching bows were dejected seeing their sisters hurt and at the lack of priority established by their leader. After the dust settled, tears were wiped away, and the injured second baseman was subbed out, their errors multiplied, and we ended up winning by a large margin. It was interesting to reflect after that game that we didn’t beat his team, the opposing coach was the one who beat his team for us; all we had to do was put the ball in play.

I remember a time when I first decided to call myself a coach, I had organizational skills, I had determination, I had a degree in management, I had experience playing the sport at a pretty high level, and just because I was raising a daughter, I thought I knew what coaching girls was all about. Well, I was so wrong and when I think about it I am so embarrassed at the memory of the mistakes I made, but I am also honored at the opportunity I had to learn at the feet of some of the greatest coaching mentors, most good, some bad, and a few who were ugly.

One of the greatest lessons I learned was that you don’t have to yell across the 200 feet of softball field at a young lady who just made an error to let her know she made a mistake! Part of this lesson includes helping these young ladies to understand who it is they are playing for. They don’t work through blood, sweat, tears, lace marks on their body, they do not compete; they do not play to please their coaches, their parents, or even their own teammates. They must understand they play the game to meet the standard they set for themselves. It is my responsibility as a coach to help them to set that standard, to make it achievable to avoid self-oppression and self-doubt, to make it measurable so they can celebrate when they achieve it, and to ride them out on my shoulders as they achieve and exceed their own standards. This is how a coach becomes a mentor.

My beloved left fielder who has been with me for 4 years had a can of corn hit to her in a pivotal game, and I saw the white of her eyes look at the runner right before the ball ticked off the edge of her glove. I knew she was looking at me afterward to see how I would respond. So I tapped my chest to let her know, I love you kid, I know you made a mistake, but I also know that you know that you made a mistake. On the next play, reach the bar you have set for yourself kiddo and don’t worry about me.

Fastpitch Magazine

Time For College Softball Teams To Focus

Time For College  Softball Teams  To Focus

“Time for college softball teams to focus as season winds down; Auburn Tigers on track for best season in school history” Written By Bill Plummer

As the college softball season winds down, it is more important than ever for teams to have their focus as conference and at-large berths will be on the line in the next couple of months. Ultimately eight teams will become the Elite Eight for 2015 and earn a berth in the prestigious Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City, which will be celebrating its Silver Anniversary.

It will behoove all the Division One teams seeking a berth to keep focused and disciplined as the season winds down. Perhaps this is the year your college or university earns a berth in the WCWS. UCLA and Arizona, which between them have won 19 World Series, will hope to end their four year drought of not qualifying for the World Series,

If UCLA and Arizona want to end their drought they must first earn a berth in one of the Regionals, scheduled May 15-17, with the Super Regionals the following weekend. The Super Regionals is a best-of-three format with eight teams earning a trip to OKC for the WCWS.

So if your team has already had a good season, then earning a trip to Oklahoma City for the WCWS will make it even better. Some schools try to make an annual trip to OKC. That is easier said than done as many have found out since the NCAA took over the sponsorship of Division One softball in 1982 with a then 143 teams.

Today, more than 280 colleges and universities have Division One softball teams and nothing would be better to cap a season than a trip in OKC for the prestigious Women’s College World Series. In past years, the eight team field in the WCWS was not balanced. There would one or two teams that were better than the remaining six with four others close together and two bringing up the rear. That day is gone because now any of the eight teams competing in OKC have a chance at winning it all. The overall parity of the eight-team field is a plus and that is because the overall parity level of Division One softball has gotten better in the last decade or so. This year alone the SEC has a competitive field of teams and the weekly rankings reflect that with no less than nine SEC teams ranked in the top 25 including defending champion Florida. The Gators, LSU and Oregon have gone back and forth with the No. 1 ranking depending on how each team did in a particular week. For now, or at least this week, Oregon is No. 1

If there is a surprise team in the rankings it could be Auburn. It’s only a surprise if you don’t know Clint Myers and his outstanding record. He won two NCAA World Series at ASU before taking the Auburn job June 14, 2013 and has turned the Auburn program into a top-ten team in less than three years. That is not surprising to those who know Myers. He turned around the ASU program and he is working on doing the same at Auburn. Auburn has competed in the NCAA tournament in the past (2002-2004-05-06-08-09-0-10-11-12-14), but has never qualified for the Elite Eight in Oklahoma City. Auburn has lost only six times this year after compiling a 42-19-1 record a year ago and advancing to the NCAA Regionals before losing in the finale. The 42 wins a year ago was the second most since the softball program was started in 1997, but this year could be the best year in the history of the program and you can bet the Tigers won’t settle for anything less than a berth in the WCWS this year.

In 20 months Myers has turned the Auburn program into a contender and the Tigers are leading the SEC ahead of Florida and LSU. When he took the job, he said.”We will win a national championship at Auburn.”

Myers has Auburn fans believing in what he says because the Tigers have become the hottest ticket in town. Myers is not overconfident but he and others only have to look at his career and realize he wins.

“We’ve won every place we’ve ever been and there’s a reason for that,” said Myers.”We are teachers of the game. We have a track record . We believe in ourselves as teachers. We believe we teach the game right, we teach the game to be played with commitment and discipline. When you do things the right way, good things happen. We also believe greatness is a way of life. That’s how we live our lives and how we teach every aspect. When you have that same mentality passed down to the players, they buy in.” Obviously, the Tigers have bought in to Myers and his winning philosophy and maybe only the best is yet to come for the Auburn softball program.

Studying Chemistry in Softball

Studying Chemistry In Softball - Shannon Murray

Studying Chemistry in Softball Written By Shannon Murray

Chemistry? In softball? Who knew?! Some of you didn’t think that we could study chemistry outside of the classroom. For our sport chemistry isn’t about numbers and equations. In softball we study the periodic table of success. What elements combined formulate the best team chemistry? Finding the right chemistry on a softball team can be a challenging task. Some teams get lucky and it happens a little more naturally. But what does good chemistry on a team entail? The right chemistry of any softball team is what brings the players together to win and be successful. With that said, there is no one-size fits all manual for finding chemistry on the field. As a player you will encounter so many personalities over the years on different teams. You need to keep in mind that no one is alike and accept diversity, even celebrate it. Not everyone on your team will be your best friend but they are your sister in softball. Find what bonds you on the field and how you all connect through the sport you love to play. You should discover ways that connect you to all the girls on your team because no one should be left in the dark. Branch out and avoid cliques. Cliques can cause tension and isolation. As teammates you are one unit with one goal which is to win and have fun doing it. Softball should be enjoyed by any girl that has interest and shouldn’t be discouraged from playing because she feels like she doesn’t fit in. Sometimes taking a leadership role with this benefits the team. If you as a player feel that your team might be a little disconnected bring the separation together. It is a good opportunity for your team to see that you not only care about having fun but what is also best for the team. By bringing the girls on your team together when it counts is bringing a positive athletic environment for your team to thrive. You don’t have to be best friends but you do need to be best teammates in order to thrive on the field.

On the other side of team chemistry is having too much of it and as a result becoming a distraction to success. No matter what you always want to have a good time at softball practice or enjoy the comradery of a sport that allows you to have it in a game. However, there has to be a balance of comradery and contest. Make sure that social life isn’t getting in the way of performing at your best. If everyone in the dugout is talking about Johnny Studmuffin while there are bases loaded and a tied game, the batter won’t exactly feel the support she needs from her teammates to get the job done. Being visible, verbally and in performance, to support your teammates will increase chemistry appropriately and keep everyone focused in the game.

Okay here’s your chemistry quiz. Write the answer to this equation: 1 goal + 1 heart + 1 mind – negativity = ? The answer? Team chemistry and success.

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Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 32

Issue 32 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month’s issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available for you Apple devices, and available for Android devices too.

Welcome to issue 32 of the Fastpitch Magazine. The Fastpitch magazine has been bringing you more fastpitch softball than anyone on the planet for two full years.

This month Mitch Alexander writes about “Back To Basics”

Bill Plummer says ” The LSU Tigers Are For Real”.

Charity Butler writes “Effectively Load and Explode at the Plate”.

Arron Weintraub’s article is “Confidence Is A Choice”.

Jen Cronebeger writes “Cracking The Code”.

The Exclusive video this month is “Making The Most Of Your Defensive Practices” from Melissa Frost-Fisher.

Michelle Diltz is back with “Preparing For Battle Part 1″.

Dr. Sherry Werner returns with “Hip Rotation”.

Keri Casas is here with her article “Coaching Parents”.

Rob Crews writes about “Commonalities Of The Best Players I’ve Coached”

Robby Wilson writes “How To Maintain The Team Aspect Of Team Sports”

Bryan Ingalis says ” Less Is More” in this months article.

All this and more in this months issue.

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