Hip Rotation Drill – Ken Krause

Ken KrauseObjective: Teach hitters to drive the back hip around the front hip instead of spinning/exchanging the hips.

Explanation: Hitters often have a difficult time learning to keep the front side in so they can drive around it. Instead, they pull the front hip out, losing some of their drive.

To help them learn to drive the hip in, set a ball on a tee, just inside the front foot at the same height as her hip. The hitter assumes a basic stance with her legs, but places the forearm of her back arm against her back hip. She then goes through her negative move (load) and stride. At heel plant she rotates her hips and without moving her arm snatches the ball off the tee. If she pulls the front hip out she won’t reach the tee and won’t be able to grab the ball.

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