Spray Drill – J. D. Bancroft

JD BancroftObjective: Teach hitters to recognize inside, and outside pitches.

Equipment Needed: Pitcher or Pitching Machine, 2 ball buckets or cones, bats, balls, shaggers and hitters.

Set Up Place the 2 ball buckets or cones on the edge of the outfield grass, one behind 2nd base and one behind SS. This divides the field up into 3 areas Left, Middle and Right.

Execution: Have pitcher or pitching machine setup to throw inside, outside and down the middle. Preferably have a pitcher with good control that can alternate locations every pitch. Speed should start out slow and increase with experience and expertise. As each pitch approaches the plate the hitter must call the location of the pitch in, out or middle and hit the ball to that portion of the field.

Option: You can turn this into a fun game for your players by giving them points and subtracting points for each hit. Faster pitching speeds for the game play makes it more exciting. You can separate your players into teams or play as individuals.

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