Reaction Tee Drill – Monti VanBrunt

Monti VanBruntObjective: To practice seeing, and reacting to pitch location to gain better hitting production of contact and power.

Equipment Needed 2 or 3 tees needed (optional laser pointer) and a partner.
–If 2 tees you need them set for inside edge of plate(higher) and outside edge (lower)
–If 3 tees then you need them set as inside edge of plate (higher), middle (between height of in and out tees) and outside edge (lower)

Explanation: With your eyes fixed at the pitcher begin your load and as you move your eyes to the hitting zone your partner/coach/helper standing to the side or behind will tell you which ball to hit.

Or you can have a person standing behind a screen/fence in the pitcher position which gives a hand signal to the hitter keying them to hit the corresponding ball. Hitter loads with eyes on pitcher, left hand goes up they track to outside ball and the hit it. Hitter loads the right hand goes up they rrack to the inside ball and they hit it.

You can also have the hitters take by no hand motion/signal at all.

If you have a wall/target which is dark in color you can use a laser pointer by shining it on a dark background which is out in front of the hitter at the position of the pitcher which will then key them to hit the corresponding ball. You would need vertical lines on the background to create the Inside, Middle, Outside.

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