Base Running, Pick-Offs, And First Base – Christie Ambrosi

amb Objective: Helps train base running, and picking off players.

Set Up
Put a base runner at first base.
Place a pitcher, catcher, and first baseman in their defensive positions.
Place a bag of candy on the base path between first, and second.

As the pitcher pitches the ball, the base runner leads off first base. There is a pile of candy laying out on the base path where the baserunner is leading off. The base runner is trying to figure out how far off the base she can go, and still get back to first base without getting thrown out. The base runner leads off, grabs a piece of candy and then slides back head first into first base. By having to pick up the candy, this forces the baserunner to stay low on the way out and the way back. In the meantime, the catcher throws the ball to the first basemen who is working on her footwork back to the base to pick off the runner. If the runner is safe, she gets to keep the piece of candy. If she is thrown out, she has to put the candy back.

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