2015 WCWS Game 4 Quotes and Notes UCLA 7, Oregon 1


2015 WCWS Game 4 “Quotes and Notes”
UCLA 7, Oregon 1



THE MODERATOR: We're joined by UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez. To her right we have student- athlete Ally Carda, student-athlete Gabrielle Maurice and student-athlete Stephany LaRosa.

COACH INOUYE-PEREZ: First, we'd like to say it's a great opponent we just played in Oregon. Very talented. We had some dog fights against them. So we knew today was going to be a great game. But I'm so proud of my Bruins. They just made a little history for themselves here. First World Series, to be able to get out there and get the W in the fashion they did playing their game. I'm just very proud of them. We're not done yet. But day one is the big one, and I'm really proud of where we are right now.


Q. Coach, if you can, talk about the barrage that five-inning run?

COACH INOUYE-PEREZ: You know, I think what's most impressive about this team, I couldn't even tell you any one individual that stood out tonight. Some great at-bats. For Steph (Stephany Larosa) to be able to come out and strike and throw that first punch was outstanding in the first couple of runs that we scored. And then Gabi (Gabrielle Maurice). But definitely that one inning — that's something that we do well. When we get going we can definitely score in bunches. That's a product of them having quality two-strike, two- out at-bats. They do a great job of being able to compete down to the last pitch. So, very unselfish team and quality at-bats across the board, and definitely some big runs to get Ally (Carda) some assurance so she didn't have to be so perfect at the end.

Q. Stephany and Ally, curious what role the two of you have played for each other over the years and how has that partnership worked over the years?

STEPHANY LAROSA: Me being the catcher, I'm kind of new to the position, still it's only my second year. But Ally (Carda) has done a great job for me in a sense where she's definitely instilled that confidence in me that I could get behind the plate regardless of having no experience at all. So much credit to her for kind of instilling that in me and it makes me come out here and be as strong as I am behind the plate because of her.

ALLY CARDA: I'll give the credit right back to her. I think she instills the confidence in me as a pitcher. Especially playing Oregon tonight, they're a tough team and unfortunately earlier in the year we lost two. So for her to be behind the plate with me tonight and to re- ensure that we're in a good place and make sure my stuff's moving. It gives me great confidence and makes me nice and calm on the mound, and she makes me feel I can do anything out there. So it's been great.

Q. Ally, early on, you know, you had many of your pitches come in late, you got it back. Talk about being in the circle and just having command and being able to dominate your opponent?

ALLY CARDA: I think we've really prepared for the team tonight and for this tournament. We've been doing it all year. For me on the mound, I think I've been taking it, we talk a lot about it, but one pitch at a time. I need to focus every pitch. We can't really take any breaks because all these teams are really good. They're great hitters. So once I take one break, that's where we're in trouble. So everything I've been focusing on is just one pitch at a time and making good pitches move and putting them where I need to.

Q. A little bit off topic, but we've seen some creative stuff in dugouts over the course of the year. And especially here this weekend. LSU bought a goldfish. You guys had fun stuff going on, Stephany and Gabrielle, if you could both touch on this. Any symbolism to what you guys do in the dugout or any fun stories connected to it?

STEPHANY LAROSA: Absolutely we have a theme established. We like to produce runs. But when you get to this point in the season your dugout is a huge part. They're kind of where your energy comes from. So we kind of take anything and we run with it. Just something to buy into. So being able to buy into lime drives and producing runs, it's big for the team, and it's definitely contagious, and I think it plays a big part, especially out here tonight.

GABRIELLE MAURICE: Going off of that, I think it just keeps everything simple in the dugout, not making anything much bigger than it is, and it keeps everyone loose and goofy so we can play relaxed and I think it really benefits us.

Q. Stephany, to have to wait four years to get here, were you able to savor where you were out there, were you too locked into the actual game to kind of savor it?

STEPHANY LAROSA: No, absolutely. I think it's a big thing. Try not to make things as big as they are but we talk a lot about living in the moment, taking one pitch at a time and enjoying it because it is our senior year, it's our last hurrah, and to be out here with this group of girls it's going to be quite a memorable experience.





THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Oregon head coach Mike White, student-athletes Cheridan Hawkins and Janie Takeda. Coach, general comments about the game.

COACH WHITE: Obviously congratulations to UCLA. It's good to see at least one Pac-12 school go through right now. Obviously not the way we kind of wrote it up. But UCLA were opportunistic and they had opportunities, hit the ball hard the second innings there, we kind of settled down, got into a game where it could have gone either way for quite a while. I don't think the score, 7-1, really tells the story of the game. It was a lot closer than that game. They just happened to get that big break in, I think, it was the sixth innings and kind of blow it up a little bit. What I'm really proud about our ladies, they never quit. They keep trying, keep trying. And just the game comes down to inches, as I told the team before. Just didn't go our way today. So the big thing for us now is bouncing back and getting ready to play Alabama.


Q. Coach, talk about being in the moment and then moving on to the next game.

COACH WHITE: Well, yeah, at this stage, it really comes down to again a little bit of luck. And you have the talent there. We had the talent. We didn't get the luck tonight. UCLA played very well. Excellent defense. Made some great plays out there. Ally Carda made some great pitches. But that's the story of the game. That's what makes this game great; you don't know what's going to happen. Now we have to come out, rebound, get after Alabama. And you have to play for our life, so to speak. We'll make sure that we're not going home Saturday. And we look to fight another day.

Q. Coach, how do you keep everybody kind of focused and locked in during a weather delay like that?

COACH WHITE: Well, in Oregon it rains every now and then. So we're kind of used to that. That wasn't a problem. In fact, it was good for our team. I thought the team came back and it was a 0-0 game for the next four and a half innings. I thought we bounced back pretty well after that. As I said, we hit the ball hard. We really hit the ball hard. I don't know if you noticed the radar game, (Ally) Carda was hitting 71 there a couple times. She was pumped. But I thought we did a really good job. Like I tell you, a few inches either way, we could have had some runs up on the board.

Q. Janie, the play in the first where you get thrown out, you hit a ball really hard with runners on I think your next time up. Any one of those opportunities stick out the most where you think, hey, if we could have just got that one to go our way, it might have gone a different way?

JANIE TAKEDA: Yeah, I mean, you can go over the game thousands of times in your head and think about what could have happened, what you could have done differently. I think the most important thing is to take the positives away, obviously reflect on any mistakes I made and fix them the next time I step on the field. Yeah.

Q. Cheridan, first can you talk about the two pitches in the second inning that went out of the park; and then secondly, knowing your hitters and how well they can get you back in the game, what was your mindset from that point forward?

CHERIDAN HAWKINS: I think with the home runs, I felt really aggressive. And they're good hitters and they make adjustments and I think that I felt confident in those pitches I threw and I felt like I attacked the zone well. They hit the ball. They're a good hitting team. I think for offense, I didn't ever lose hope that we wouldn't hit. They've had my back so many times and sometimes it just doesn't go our way. And like Coach White said, we did hit the ball really hard quite a few times and it just didn't fall for us. And that's all right. And we'll get it next time.

Q. Cheridan, you have been tough to beat two times in a row, been a couple of years since that happened, why do you is think that. And does it give you confidence going forward you can bounce back from this?

CHERIDAN HAWKINS: I think we're pretty determined, and we're just — I think a moment today we didn't make every pitch count. And I think we do a good job of learning from our mistakes. And the most we can do is compete on Saturday. And obviously no one likes losing. So, we're going to hopefully come out aggressive and just attack and play Oregon softball and see what happens.




In the fourth game of the 2015 Women’s College World Series, No. 7 seed UCLA defeated No. 2 seed Oregon, 7-1. The Bruins improved to 51-10 on the year, while the Ducks fell to 51-7 overall.

With the win, UCLA advances to face No. 3 seed Michigan on Friday at 8:30 p.m. CT. Oregon will play No. 6 seed Alabama at 1:30 p.m. CT on Saturday.

In its 25th WCWS appearance (first since 2010), UCLA moved to 91-29 overall at the tournament. Oregon is now 4-7 overall in its fourth WCWS appearance (1989, 2012, ’14, ’15).

UCLA senior pitcher Ally Carda moved to 32-6 on the season. In a full game’s work, she allowed just one run on six hits. Carda struck out three batters and walked one.

Two second-inning home runs gave UCLA a 2-0 advantage. Senior Stephany LaRosa sent a solo shot to center field, while sophomore Gabrielle Maurice hit one to left field, her 10th of the year, with two outs.

LaRosa’s home run was her 20th of the season and brought her RBI total to 70. She has hit home runs in seven of her last eight games and is riding a 16-game hitting streak.

The Bruins added to their lead in the sixth inning, scoring five runs in the frame. Junior Mysha Sataraka hit a two-run double to right field, senior Gracie Goulder added another run with a single and freshman Kylee Perez sent a double to right field to score two runs.

As a pinch hitter, freshman Lauren Lindvall put the Ducks on the board with an RBI single to right field, scoring junior Koral Costa from second base.

With a single in the fourth inning, Oregon junior Hailey Decker increased her hitting streak to 14 games.

Oregon junior pitcher Cheridan Hawkins fell to 30-4 on the season with the loss. In 5.2 innings, Hawkins gave up seven runs on eight hits. She walked one batter and struck out six. In relief, senior Karissa Hovinga pitched 1.1 innings, allowing one hit and striking out a batter.

The contest was in a lighting delay for 49 minutes in the top of the third inning.

Attendance for Session 2 was 8,360.

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