Win A 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Bat

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk fastpitch softball bat. Produced By Gary Leland

Watch the video to find out how to enter, and make sure to watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The Nighthawk has a NEW Patented 2-piece LINK Construction Composite barrel and composite handle connected by vibration eliminating elastomer. This significantly reduced vibrations to the hands to give the feel of a great hit every time

The stiffer Carbon Fiber Carbon handle with increased resistance to bending, decreases the amount of energy that is lost with impact to the ball to create higher ball speeds.

The NEW Double Wall Technology provides thinner walls with added durability, with higher peak performance out of the wrapper and larger sweet spot

The Black Onyx Carbon Complex lay up design using high end pre-impregnated composite plies, creates greater durability and shorter break in period to maximum performance.

The optimized Cap Design Allows greater flex and less weight toward the end of the bat creates more bat speed and wider sweet spot.

Bat Specifications
Drop: -10 Fastpitch bat
Barrel: 2 1/4″
Certified: USSSA 1.20 BPF, ASA, ISA, ISP, NSA
Material: Composite
Construction: Two-piece
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Available Sizes: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

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  • bighitter

    Wow, My son would love this Bat

  • tpalmer4

    My softball team really needs new bats! This would be amazing to have for them!!!

  • angthomp

    From your informative video, I think this is the new bat for my daughter!  Perfect length and exactly what we are looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  • JenB33

    Hi Gary!  Thanks for the info.   Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • MikeHall3

    Great looking bat Gary! Keep up the good work. Fast pitch softball needs more supporters like you.

  • arrowfastpitch

    Thanks for the website, it is great. Use it often. Our team would love to have the Mizuno bat if we get lucky enough to be chosen.

  • Softball88

    My daughter has never used a Mizuno bat. This new Mizuno looks great and sounds like it will be a great bat. She would love to give it a try.

  • eveflorida

    I could really use this bat! Sounds great 🙂

  • ImreBarsy

    My daughter would love to have this bat!!

  • Rbranch11

    My daughter hasnt ever had the opportunity to use a Mizuno, heard their great bats, would love to win this one!!

  • MaryStoneman

    This would be an awesome bat for my daughter to have and use. Thank you for sharing this new item.

  • JuliGreep

    I’d love to get that bat for my team 🙂

  • lizahanses

    Pick me, Pick me…my daughter would love that bat!

  • Almadrian

    I’ve been shopping for a new bat, and have been doing a lot of research. This past weekend my daughter used a LS Xeno 2014 bat and really did well. This convinced me she definetly needed a new bat. This mizuno sounds great, and I’ve been doing research on this particular bat now. So who ever wins this bat congrats, and goodluck to all.

  • shannyk

    Would love to win!!!! Have 2 daughters that would love a new bat!!!

  • Corey Bubba

    My daughter has shown she is willing to put in the time to get better at softball-especially at the plate. She has been a hardworker without much prompting-the first to arrive, last to leave type of kid. She is just a freshman, but I would love to be able to show her how much her mother and I appreciate all she wants to be with a great looking bat like this.

  • dstitchi

    My daughter would love to have this bat.  She is in need of a new bat.  She just broke her old bat she had playing in cold weather.

  • MarieBrownOrlich

    My daughter would love to show up to a game with that bat!!

  • CherylPatton

    My daughter would love to give this bat a try!

  • onedown

    We love all the Mizuno products. This looks like another great product from Mizuno!


    My daughter would love this bat!

  • stretti1

    Would love this for my daughter

  • bonclarke

    My daughter tried this bat the other day and really wants one.

  • Jsams013

    My high school and 14u travel ball teams could really use this bat.

  • KamsDad

    Another great bat from Fastpitch.TV

  • alvela97

    My daughter has been playing softball from the age 6 to the present and loves to use mizuno products. For past 10 months she has been fight leukemia and missed out on her sophomore high school softball season. She is doing well and is excited about getting back to the sport she truly loves. When she heard about the new composite bat mizuno developed she was excited and asked if she could get one as she transition back into shape for the upcoming softball summer season. With everything she has been through I believe she deserves to start off her summer softball season with a new mizuno product. Thanks for an opportunity.

  • ShayFlem

    That is one pretty bat!

  • kjtoelke

    Mizuno is where it is at.  My DD would love to give this bat a try.  Love the show and refer to it often for tips on all areas of the game.  Thanks and keep ’em coming!

  • janetwalkeris

    33 for my girl!

  • thebeastsdad

    Super Hot Bat…unleash the beast…..

  • amilligrimes

    That bat is so gorgeous I don’t know that I could use it if I had it…but I would.

  • iluvkjal

    Mizuno hit a homerun with this bat!

  • TeiganTorres


  • libby1229

    My daughter would love to win this bat!!!

  • javeegee

    Have been looking for a new bat for my daughter, it will be perfect for all stars.

  • yassrickyyass

    I’m in high school with my High School Softball Team. Many people are asking for theyre daughters but I, as a softball player, would like to apply myself. I have trouble looking for bats and financially its pretty hard to purchase a good one. With your help, I can finally have some hope of a good bat! I’m commited, and 100% greatful I found you on YouTube! Hopefully I may have the chance! Good luck everyone! Congrats to who may win!

  • kcg123

    Another great informative video. I have learned so much from your videos. This bat looks great and my faughter would love it.

  • emmyparham

    I am a high school ball player, and I have to get a new bat. On another note I have to purchase my own bat with my own money, which as a young high school student its hard. May 30 is also my birthday and winning this bat would be the best birthday present ever! Please consider me to win this bat, i really need it.

  • KelleyFish

    Volunteer coach for city recreational league. The city provides only a couple bats that won’t fit most of our girls. They only provide the longer bats and most of my girls are small for their age, could really use a 31 bat.

  • Seadevils

    Would love to give this to my daughter for the start of her 2015 travel season!!! Good luck to all.

  • Skimo1130

    Hey Gary it would be sick to get a new bat!! This bat looks pretty cool and mine lost its pop last summer. Good luck everyone!!

  • sbjada

    Cool Bat!

  • murphy12

    My daughter would love this bat. She is so close to hitting a homerun. This bat will put her over the fence. Thank you Gary for all that you do for fastpitch softball.

  • gparker1e

    That bat looks awesome. What is the retail value, and where can you buy one?

  • MicahOlvera

    This bat sounds amazing… Definitely something our start-up team needs to save up for!

  • MBHanback

    Love my Mizuno products

  • Jenvaldez7

    Would make a awesome birthday present for my 12 year old! Right in the middle of the season!! Bring on the home runs

  • Jordyn93

    I would love to win this bat!!!!!

  • SusanneS

    This one looks very impressive. Would be a great bat for our team her in Germany.

    Cheers Susanne

  • MattForney

    Pretty sweet bat!!!

  • gmaldonado77

    My daughter loves the idea of the length with the reduced vibration.

  • jakelly

    Thank you

  • trishabarela

    I U0001f496 love! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win this Awesome bat!

  • Tater99mom

    Looks like a nice bat, daughter would love to try it out.

  • Mgurera

    Would love to have it for my daughter. She is a softball nut. She has already had one bat die on her so this would be an awesome gift.

  • AlexanderCurran

    Another great looking bat for some lucky person!

  • BeverlyFrye

    Great looking bat.

  • RobertKerr

    Gary thanks for introducing a very sharp looking Mizuno Fast Pitch Bat. Love to get it for our High school team and college softball playing daughter to try.

  • BillHeller

    Would love this bat…just in time for her bday!

  • mdbiers

    Looks like a nice bat! Thanks for the videos.

  • 00BevanH

    First I have heard of this bat – thank you for the information.  Looks and sounds like a high quality bat.
    Take care Gary and rock on Fastpitch & FastpitchTV!

  • JohnMarsh2

    Thanks for the info on Mizuno’s new bat.  Love Mizuno brands.

  • Trv69

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    Thanks for the information on this bat.  I’ve never heard about them before.  Looks like a great bat.

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    Would love to win this bat for our 14u travel team. Sounds as though Mizuno has created a top notch bat that fastpitch players will really enjoy.

  • Cdnunez219

    I’ve been looking for a new bat and thus seems like the perfect one for me. Almost all of my equipment is mizuno and I just love it

  • SoniaRose1118

    Sweet Bat! This would be great for my daughter to use this summer.

  • Jennabeast18

    I love mizuno bats so much, and I have been needing a new one plus I let people on my team use my bat and it would be great to have and use pluse my school softball team is undefeated so far this year

  • esnipes27

    I would love to use this bat myself and with my teamU0001f609

  • JuanM79

    Looks like a sweet Bat

  • Loganandme

    My daughter would look awesome swinging this bat!

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    Can’t wait to win this bat for my daughter!!!!!!

  • KGLaPlante

    You hit all my hot buttons on this show Gary! Mizuno has been a part of our household for more than 25 years through many seasons, many sports, and many kids! I’d love to surprise our 12 yr old with this absolutely amazing looking bat!

  • BrianMaurice

    My team is on the precipice of something great and winning this bat would help us over the edge. Love the show and the site, Gary.

  • bizutch

    Sharp bat. Hope we win.

  • carcait

    I am curious to see if this bat can perform as well as the other two piece designs.

  • Coachruss

    This is one sharp looking bat!! Only one could hope to win! Good luck everyone!

  • rdawson72

    This would be great for my daughter.

  • Melissa34

    My daughter just got on her high school varsity team and I would love to win this bat for her so she can come in confident ready to hit against the big pitchers

  • Edithp_16

    This bat would be perfect for summer ball!!

  • JRazz

    I just bought a 2016 Demarini CF8 Demo. But Mizuno is my <3 forever

  • Rascle9111

    This is what my baby Girl needs for the next step, over the fence! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Softballer

    Would be a great start to a new year!

  • Leda Winebarger

    Would be honored to win this bat.

  • Celtic9279

    My daughter just started modified fastpitch and is watching this so much she now has me watching everything on here as well. It realy has given a new respect for fastpitch! As a baseball player I have had to learn a lot of new mechanics so I could train her properly! Thanks for all the help bat or not I will still be watching

  • HebaB

    My daughter would love to try this bat!

  • viperfastpitch

    12u girls could use the bat for an upcoming tourney in phoenix, thank you !

  • mav734tn

    Great looking bat. My daughter would love it.

  • DChamblee

    Nice bat

  • Aye_dilla

    This bat is really amazing, it would be nice to play my games with it.!!

  • FastpitchDaD12

    This looks like a great bat that anyone would be proud to own. Thank you so much for doing this as I don’t hink that there is anyone else out there that dose things like this each and every month for ladies Softball. You guy’s are the best!

  • NRV2013

    Looks like a great bat to add to the bag!!

  • Krista0916

    I would love to win this bat. I have an upcoming tournament and I’m in need of a new bat and this fits my needs. I love the look and everything else. It would be so amazing if I could win.

  • Kdk3460

    I would love to win this bat for my daughter.

  • MandiMigletsYoung

    Love the grip, and would love to see if that carbon fiber handle really does make a difference.

  • oldone2

    Nice looking bat

  • Chailey

    I have seen many Fastpitch TV shows on Youtube and have really enjoyed the information and product reviews.  The Mizuno Nighthawk is a nice looking bat and looks very similar in construction to the bat my daughter has been using.  I would really to see how this bat performs.  Thanks again for providing this offer!!!

  • jmuzzey

    would love to try out this new bat!

  • demint78

    My daughter has the whiteout and would love this bat!

  • czrcast

    It would be amazing if I had the chance to try this bat out.

  • VegetarianSlugger14

    Would love to be able to win this so that my team could have a first-class bat even though some of us don’t have bats of our own. (^_^)/

  • Would love to win this bat for our Summer Softball Team ⚾

  • saveumall1611

    Pensacola Lady Diamonds need a Bat

  • becnjef

    As always thank you for your reviews. I have enjoyed Mizuno since they introduced the Crush for daddy’s Friday night play. Looking forward to our daughter giving this a swing on her 10u select.

  • alex crockford

    I’ve been shopping around for a high quality composite that will stand the test of time. The dual wall technology looks like the ticket. It would be a great high end bat for my team. The Steel town Sluggers b from Hamilton Ontario Canada would love this bat. I wouldn’t mind it either. Lol. I love watching your shows. All the things I have learned have helped my recreational softball team get better. Thanks Gary

  • MichelleLinder

    Oh, a bat to make daughter’s teammates green with envy. Hope we win. We are due for some luck.

  • opd1714

    My Daughter would love to win this bat!  She would be the envy of the dugout!

  • 141rangga

    good introduction ont the bat my team woud love to have this kind of bat!

  • Jacaclawless

    Looks like a great bat! Would love to win it! Thanks!

  • JeffSampson3

    Fields are drying up here. Spring training has started and now would be a great time for a new bat.

  • pohljoe


  • Joetrace

    Wow, AWESOME bat!!! My girls would love it! Thanks for always sharing such great stuff!

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    Sounds like a great bat!

  • ChrisMclaughlin2

    Awesome bat. Awesome name for a bat.

  • Hilliselizabeth

    We love free softball stuff!

  • RobinAinsworth

    This looks and sounds like a wonderful bat.. Would love to win for my oldest daughter.. Just recently got her a bat from Miken… Kids in the dugout made fun of her.. Softball is new to me.. This is her second year playing.. She is good from what I’m told by others very coach able.. Just have not found a bat for her.. So this would be a blessing to her..

  • Mackjr82

    I would love to win this bat!

  • kwaldron8453

    i would love to start my final travel ball season with this bat!

  • jimbor79

    Nice bat, would love to win 🙂

  • JenniferGross

    This looks like a great bat. I would love to have it for my team!!!

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  • MamaGigi70

    My girls would love this bat!

  • ShawnRusco

    Looks super sweet!!

  • ZoeCChance

    I’d love to see this bat up close!

  • MaribellCocke

    My daughter needs a new composite bat!

  • ChargerCoach

    I would love to get this bat for a couple of my players.

  • cschaf30

    That looks really cool!

  • Will Forester

    My daughter this.

  • lostbayou21

    Been a fan for a very long time. Thanks for all you do for the sport of Fastpitch.
    Ed Murphy
    LA Hurricane Fastpitch

  • aafreder

    Awesome bat daughter would love it. Thanks Gary for the chance to swing a mizuno.

  • jlremster1

    Awesome bat and my daughter plays for a team called the nighthawks.
    Jason Remster

  • lfrancisco

    Great looking bat! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • MikeDuckyDrexler

    The Nighthawk Bat looks like a real winner, and would look great in my daughter’s bag.

  • Chris Lackey

    I have an 11 year old daughter that plays travel softball and we both LOVE watching your show. She would love to win one of your contests. Thank you for all the great advice and helping give my daughter more knowledge about pitching thanks to Bill Hillhouse. Keep the videos coming!

  • Ritzdorf12

    Hello. I’m a pitcher and third base for WA Synergy 12u. I broke my hand and I was out for 6 weeks I just recovered and in my first tournament back we placed 2nd in the gold bracket at the acers mothers day tournament. It would be so awesome to win this bat. Thank you

  • MuddDawg05

    Would love the mizuno 2016 bat

  • MuddDawg05

    Hook us up Gary!!

  • mikeeric

    Thanks Gary for the great information you provide and everything else softball related. Would love to win this great bat for my daughters and their teams. We donated a couple team bats last year for the girls to use and found it very rewarding and fun to let the girls to have opportunities to use other bats. This would be another great opportunity for my girls to bring to the team and the game. Thanks again.

  • Fosterkm5

    Both of my daughters would love to have this bat! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • hockeyguybri

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  • JasonCraig1

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  • Katie631

    I would love to have this bat! I was just looking at one and it seems like a really, I mean a really good bat. My school team would love it also.

  • Bjack325

    Love to win this bat for my daughter. She will start her school ball career in 7th grade. She pops now with the Mako 2014…so let’s see 2 years later the Mizuno!

  • Coachpop

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  • gdp6000

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  • bernie nauroth

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  • JenB33

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    Boys play fastpitch too


  • DWoww

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  • jt12theboss

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  • MariaCabreraMorales

    I would love to win the 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk fastpitch softball bat.  This would be a great birthday gift for my daughter’s birthday which is in July.  I hope and pray that I win it.

  • mvertin

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  • theamazinglindsay

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    If I was a bat, I would be the Nighthawk bat, crawling from the depths of Mizuno to deliver a pop punch into the night air. Who doesn’t like playing under the lights!

  • jirber

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  • Big stick

    Love the show and would love to get the bat for my granddaughter!

  • Bandrus

    My daughter would love to try this bat.  She has never swung a mizuno.  Thanks for the opportunity

  • LeahLuLu

    My batting average has gone up every year since switching to Mizuno bats! I would love the Nighthawk!!! Thanks for the chance of winning this awesome bat!

  • shannyhaha

    I love Mizuno since I fell in love with Chipper Jones 15 years ago. I saw he had Mizuno cleats and I HAD TO HAVE THEM. My daughter is not following in my footsteps and this bat would be AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win the Night Hawk 🙂

  • o4murph

    Sounds like this is going to be the next hot bat!!!!  Would love for my daughter to win it!!!

  • SamoanBeef

    Thank you for all the youtube videos and thank you for the chance to win a bat.  Excited for the chance to win a bat.  My daughter made the 8u All Star Team for Cypress and were in the market for a new bat.  Heard so much good things about the Mizuno Nighthawk but it’s currently out of my price range.

  • costa1234

    Oh man, my daughter and I love watching I cannot believe I have missed these give away videos 🙁  We were searching for new bats and I came across this video. The bat sounds great, I am interested to see how it pans out. Mizuno is a brand I trust, funny enough I have yet to try there bats. I am extremely interested now! This bat would be awesome to win!!! Pick me Pick me 🙂 lol

  • sean824tampa

    I have watched quite a few of the fastpitch tv videos through just doing google searches for softball drills to help my 10u daughter. She is actually trying out for a Mizuno travel team and we will have to buy her a -10 Mizuno bat if she makes it. It would obviously be awesome not to have to spring for a new bat if we were to win one! Thanks for all your great videos.

  • AzlanShah79

    dari malaysia boleh menang bat ni juga atau tidak. hope boleh.. memang terbaik untuk team sekolah saya

  • Pamelac05

    I’ve been watching fastpitch tv for while and I never been lucky enough to win a bat. My younger sister is fourteen and she’s about to start playing in highschool and I wish I could get it for her because she’s never owned her own bat. I’ve always loved using mizuno products. THANKS FOR THE AWSOME VIDEOS!!

  • daniellehamner1

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  • Mojica8

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  • nitabonita

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  • Christian A

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  • hgcorrales

    I would love to win this bat and have a new team bat. My 18u has a few team bats but my 12u is only a year old and they don’t have any would love to get them this one as there first and would love to try it out myself sounds like a great bat.

  • Krat09

    Looking for a real good bat for my girl who is really getting into fastpitch now.

  • magielopez

    This would be a perfect bat for our 12u team!!!

  • ereheard

    What an awesome bay my daughter would love it.

  • ereheard

    What an awesome bat my daughter would love it.

  • ImreBarsy You are the winner of the Mizuno Nigthhawk Bat. Please email me with in the next 30 days to claim your prize.

  • ImreBarsy You are this month winner. Please email me with in the next 30 days to claim your bat.

  • ImreBarsy

    I Love it that I won. Thanks Fastpitch TV.

  • Coop529

    My daughter had the opportunity to test the Mizuno Nighthawk bat at the AuntRosies tournament this past May in NY. She loved it. We joke that she was a Demarini girl before she hit with the Nighthawk. We didn’t purchase it because she has a bat that’s less than a year old and decided to use the funds for other things we needed. We give this bat a 10 out of 10. It’s been a conversation in our household every since she was allowed to try it out.

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    I would love to surprise my daughter for her Birthday by winning this absolutely beautiful 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk bat.  My daughter would jump with joy if she gets this bat as a gift!

  • kya_otero7

    I <3 MIZUNO 2016

  • legerjeff

    My daughter has never used a Mizuno. From watching your video it sounds like a great bat.

  • Leda Winebarger

    I can’ afford a bat like this for my grand daughter but she sure would love to have it

  • persinger31

    I need a new bat and this one is perfect. I would love to have this bat!!!!

  • bacchus_grove

    My daughter is in a bit of a slump…she tried this bat at softball camp and loved it! She got some of her confidence back..and now she wants to use this bat instead of CF8 DeMarini. WOW!
    1st Year Bantam, Pitcher, 1st Base, Center Field.
    Nice Program! We watch your youtube channel.

  • bortlein

    My daughter tried this bat out and loved it. Top pick for next bat!

  • Botellov

    Thank you for the chance to win the new Jennie Finch bat, I have 3 daughters who love the sport my oldest is 15 and loves Finch she saw the nighthawk in Academy couple of weeks ago and loved it. She is very outgoing I have never pushed her to play it has just come natural. She is a freshman in high school, made both varsity basketball track and starting pitcher, has never had put herself first this year is her last year to play 15u ball and has played on 15u since she was 10 between practicing with both school and req. Ball she helps younger girls with there pitching, and is working with new t-ball girls to prepare them for the season. An if I could win this bat for her would be a awesome trophy she would never forget so t have ankle you again for this opportunity.

  • crash1427

    Awesome … My Daughters would love this bat!!

  • pwsoftball

    My softball team would love to have something this wonderful.

  • rbown06

    This looks like a great bat, would love to win this for my daughter.

  • Gmaes3

    I am looking at this bat closely. Never bought my daughter a composite bat and I am on the fence with this one. I am on a budget so I want to make a good decision. Just not much out there on reviews regarding the Nighthawk. She has earned a high quality bat and would love to have one.

  • David Smith

    My daughter has only used Mizuno gloves, we have never tried a fastpitch bat. Can anyone give me input on the pros and cons for this Nighthawk bat?

  • Jarrod Stanley

    My daughter used the Mizuno Finch bat last year and loved it. The pop was just right and she never complained of it stinging her hands. She is only 7 so she used every inch of the barrel and not one complaint. Now she has outgrown the bat so would love to get the Nighthawk.

  • Adele Cousland

    how do you enter to win bat?

  • Michelle

    My 15yr old daughter would love this bat. It would be great if she could win it!! She is on travel and high school team.