2017 LXT Hyper Louisville Slugger

Fastpitch Bat Review


Louisville Slugger 2017 LXT Hyper

$349.95 $259.95

3-Piece Bat Construction. PBF Barrel Technology.
2 1/4″ Barrel. 7/8″ Standard Handle
Performance PLUS™ Composite Technology
TRU3 – Dynamic Socket Connection

Certified for play in USSSA, ASA, ISF, NSA, and ISA

Will Ship from Arlington, TX Warehouse.

Order online, or call 817-303-6620

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Have you been looking for the right bat for your power hitter?

The 2017 LXT HYPER is constructed with 100% high quality composite to give you the best swing weight to length ratio. The PBF Barrel Technology provides you with a larger sweet spot for hitting your true potential. The proprietary patented TRU3 Dynamic socket connection provides more movement between the barrel and handle to give you maximum vibration reduction and solid feel on contact. This unique feature allows you to maintain peak acceleration through the swing and less concern for hand sting. Why wait take your hitting to the next level today!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 34 x 3 x 3 in

2017 LXT Hyper Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bat

One important element to being a committed Fastpitch Softball player is owning an excellent and hot bat to hit with. Typical Fastpitch Softball players feel more relaxed and fearless at the plate when they swing with one of the hottest bats out there. Buying a new bat is a huge decision that takes careful consideration. Before investing time and money in a random bat, let me tell you about the 2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper.

Louisville Slugger 2017 LXT Hyper Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

The 2017 LXT Hyper Louisville Slugger is their top of the line Fastpitch Softball Bat that features renovated technology for ultimate balanced swing weight and maximum pop. There is no bat on the market that can compare to the unmatched power of the LXT Hyper. 100% composite design and new PBF Barrel Technology provides you with an extended sweet spot that will leave you feeling confident when you step into the box. New and improved Louisville Slugger patented technology, TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection, increases the movement between the barrel and handle to give you a trampoline effect off the bat when you hit the ball. Minimal vibration, maximum pop, and a doubled sweet spot gives you the winning feel when you bring the bat through the zone.

2017 LXT Hyper Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bat

The 2017 LXT Hyper is used by several high ranked colleges across the country such as Texas A&M University, Arizona State University, University of Arkansas, Ohio State University, University of North Texas and many more. Louisville Slugger is one of the most trusted top leading brands for Fastpitch Softball. Producing gloves, catching gear, equipment bags, and much more. Above all, they are best known for their production of one of the most popular bats on the market for Fastpitch Softball, the 2017 LXT Hyper.

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