Put The Bunt Down – Stacie Mahoe

Stacie MahoeObjective: To strengthen players bunting skills.

All players line up and each batter gets one chance to execute a bunt. The goal is for each player put the bunt down in fair territory. If a player bunts the ball foul or misses the ball their turn is over. The team starts all over again until all players, in a row, successfully bunt the ball. You can mix up the type of bunt you are working on for a particular rotation. One day have the team execute a sacrifice bunt. Then on another day it can be a squeeze, or a quick bunt, or a push bunt, or a bunt and run, etc. On bunts such as a sacrifice, players are allowed to wait for a strike. On bunt and runs or squeezes they only get one pitch to execute the bunt.

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