4,3,2,1 – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is for both fundamental base running and conditioning! This makes for running with a purpose! It's continuous, so it's tough!

The entire team starts at home plate and one at a time, each athlete swings like she is really hitting from the box, then sprints down through first base, touching the front of the bag and continuing to run through the bag.

They then jog back to home plate to the end of the line and complete this four times.

They then swing like they are really hitting and sprint all the way to second base, touching the inside corner of both first and second base.

They then jog around until back to home plate in line again, a total of three times.

Then swinging once again like they are really hitting, then sprinting all the way to third base, touching the inside corner at all three bases.

Then jogging back to home plate in line again. Two times!

Then finishing with a swing like they have really just hit the ball and sprinting around all bases for a home run, touching all inside corners one time.

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