6.5 Inch Softball (Review)

6.5 Inch Softball

6.5 Inch Softball

The 6.5 inch softball is one of the greatest hitting tools that has been invented.  The size alone makes it hard to hit at points because it is so small.  If your hitters can hit these mini softballs then they can hit a softball with no problems.

There are quite a few drills that can be done to challenge your hitters to react quicker and more efficient to a normal sized softball.  They can be bounced in; depending on the surface on which you bounce them they create interesting spins.  The bounce also could create a change up effect. Throwing the 6.5 inch softballs during front toss, challenges a hitter to focus on a particular spot.  This will hopefully feed into their hitting on an everyday basis. Challenge the hitters to focus on a particular spot the size of the 6.5 inch ball on a 11 or 12 inch softball.

They  could be used as a fielding tool as well.   Teaching your athletes to stay low and move through the ball.  With a normal softball you can cheat at points with slide of the glove or flipping your glove.  With the 6.5 inch softball, that cannot happen.  The coach can hit them or roll them to their players to get this effect.

Over all this tool should not be left of your next equipment list.

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