8-Ball – Fielding Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is progressive way to warm-up before a game, or just before practice.

Player stands with feet shoulder width apart, puts throwing arm up at 90 degree angle, holds elbow with glove, and throws ball to partner just using wrist action.
Player sits with legs spread and has arm in same position only this time she can use from her elbow up and throws the ball to her partner.

Player remains sitting, only now she can rotate her hips and turn her upper torso to throw the ball. Follow through is not necessary yet. There is an emphasis on using the glove arm or elbow to direct throw.

Player now goes to one knee. She rotates her hips and upper torso and throws the ball, only now she puts the emphasis on following through across her knee which is raised.

Player now stands with glove arm closest to partner, and feet shoulder width apart. Using all of the above steps, she throws the ball concentrating on follow through, only she cannot move her feet.

Player now goes to the post position as in pitching, and throws the ball using the above steps. Emphasis in this step is balance at the post position.

Player now uses all the steps above and crow hops and throws the ball to his/her partner. Emphasis in this step is proper technique of the crow hop.

Finally, the last step is long toss.

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