Team Outfield Drill – Joni Frei

Joni Frei
Objective: Tracking Balls At Different Angles /Reading Depths While Running Full Speed/Diving

Equipment Needed: Bucket of Balls

Explanation: X is the Coach, The bucket of balls is at the pitching plate, 000000 is the athlete sprinting for the balls, 0 are the athletes picking up balls tossed back, => suggests the direction the athletes are going.

Description: Athletes line up deep in outfield foul territory and minimum of 4 athletes line up against the fence in the outfield. First athlete (000000 ) takes off running and the coach throws 5 balls (one at a time) in the air , FAR OUT IN FRONT of the sprinting athlete. When the athlete catches the ball they toss it behind them towards the athletes responsible for picking up tossed balls (0), and continue sprinting to catch the next ball that the coach tosses until 5 balls are consecutively thrown.

If the athlete does not catch the tossed ball they continue sprinting looking to catch the next ball. They never stop sprinting, and will finish at the other foul line. Once the athlete (000000) has had the chance to catch five balls and toss it out of their glove behind them, all of the athletes (0) clear the balls so they’re out of the way for the next athlete (000000 ) getting ready to sprint and catch the balls the coach tosses.

Athletes (0) then shift to the left. The athlete that had just finished his/her sprint (000000) joins the (0) line and the next athlete (000000 ) goes. This continues until all athletes have had their opportunity to both clear the balls and catch the balls while sprinting. The drill can be repeated going in the other direction.

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