Are you looking to market your brand, or products to softball players, softball coaches, or softball parents?

If the answer is yes, then The Fastpitch TV Network may be the perfect fit for you. The Fastpitch TV Network can help you build your brand, or raise awareness of your product(s) through our large base of readers, and viewers. We offer a variety of advertising opportunities.

Fastpitch TV conducted a viewer survey. The results follow.
Fastpitch TV viewers are predominantly male, outnumbering females nearly 4 to 1.
Almost half of viewers earn more than $100,000 a year.
Two-thirds of viewers are 25 – 54

A Few Stats:
Our videos have been seen over 3,000,000 times.
We have over 9000 YouTube Subscribers.
We have over 75,000 Facebook Fans.
We have over 20,000 Twitter followers.
Our app for the Fastpitch Magazine has been downloaded over 10,000 times.
The Fastpitch Magazine has over 1,800 paid yearly subscribers.
Our videos can be seen on Youtube, Vimeo, our website, our iTunes app, our Android app, and on

Fastpitch TV offers a variety of ways to reach the Fastpitch Softball Audience.

1. The Fastpitch TV Show The Fastpitch Softball TV Show comes out with a new episode twice a month, and brings you great clinics, camps, and fastpitch softball training from some of the all time greats in the sport. This show also produces interviews with Olympic Softball Players, Hall of Fame Coaches, and both pro and college players. When it comes to fastpitch softball no one produces more content than the Fastpitch TV Show.

Become a partner on an episode of The Fastpitch TV Show.

Gary will present your company as a partner at the beginning of the episode. This will be done in an NPR format.

The mention will include a short statement about your company, or product, your website address, and your logo will be displayed.

You will also receive a mention at the end of the show.

Since our content is evergreen (good for many years), many of our shows reach over 100,000 views.

Cost: $595 per episode.

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2. The Fastpitch Magazine Issues of the Fastpitch Magazine are ready for download on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The Fastpitch Softball Magazine is a monthly publication available on a subscription basis. This is not a magazine for kids, nor is it a magazine to just have fun with. This magazine is for serious players, coaches, and parents. This is the only true e-magazine for fastpitch softball.

Place an ad in The Fastpitch Magazine

Your ad may contain a link to any website, and video.

* Ad Design work available for an extra fee.

Full Page————$800 per issue.
1/2 Page—————$500 per issue.
1/4 Page—————$300 per issue.
1/8 Page—————$200 per issue.

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3. The Win Some Stuff Contest A great new concept in videos show. The Win Some Softball Stuff Show is a once a month production. Every show offers viewers the opportunity to win a great softball prize, and every episode has a new opportunity to win.

This show will stay online, and serve as a great product review for years to come.

Sponsor an episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Contest

Cost: To sponsor an episode you must donate three softball related items. The item will be reviewed, and one will be give away as a prize. The three items must have a minimum approximate value of $300 each.

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4. Website Ads

All of our website advertising is explained on our Patreon Website at

Contact The Fastpitch TV Show today by emailing, or calling 817-253-1409 for more information.