Announcing Softball WILL Be In The 2020 Olympics

There is now way this won't happen

olympic softballLike you I have been watching the news for any announcements about softball being included in the 2020 Olympics.

I have been really watching and waiting to see if softball will be included as the Olympics debut in Japan.

Well, I am tired of waiting for the news to break. So I have decided I am just going to go ahead an announce it myself. “Softball Will be in the 2020 Olympics”.

Everyone knows this. It is just that no one wants to put themselves on the line and say it.

There is no way that Japan is not going to choose to add baseball, and softball in the 2020 Olympics. You see Japan now has an option. They can choose to add Baseball, and softball to their Olympic Games is they wish.

Seeing how baseball, and softball are as good as the national sport of Japan it is a no brainer.

I think it is impossible that Japan would add any sport over baseball and softball.

I am including a countdown clock for you. Counting down till the day that the 2020 Olympics start, and softball is finally back where it deserves to be. Back in the Olympic Games.

Lets see how long it takes for anyone else to announce this.

What are your thoughts?

Time Until The 2020 Olympics
-331Days -16Hours -16Minutes -9Seconds

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