Pitch Anticipating – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill will provide base runners with more experience and practice in reading the trajectory of the pitch and eliminate hesitation in a game.

Have a few runners at each base, with a pitcher and catcher in position.

The pitcher will make a pitch and the runners will take their lead and then make the decision to whether the pitch is in the dirt or is a passed ball and steal or stay.

The coach will be standing by watching and if a runner hesitates on their decision then he/she will have to run out to the outfield, touch the fence and then proceed to the next base.

Each pitch the runner will go to the end of the line at the next base so that the players are constantly rotating.

When runners become more confident and are predicting the pitch more accurately have the coach, on passed balls and pitches in the dirt, yell different ways to slide into the next base(head first, hook slide, pop-up).

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