Attitude – Aaron Weintraub

Attitude – Aaron Weintraub – Produced By Gary Leland

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Sports Psychologist Aaron Weintraub gives a private session on attitude and how it effects all aspects on life and for athletes it can directly effect performance. So “How do you choose and enthusiastic attitude?” that is to have something to work towards. No one can control the direction of your mind but yourself. Attitudes are a choice and a person chooses by choosing what to focus on.

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  • Steve Ryon

    liked the episode gave me inspiration

  • Love the episode gave me guidance on inspiration

  • Joe R

    Great episode, will be having both my girls watch this.

  • Kevin Mooney

    Nice episode. Will there be a Part 2? Liked the negative word association. It’s all about attitude. Great topic!!

  • Brenda

    great new episode…. Coach Traub hit it out of the park with this one

  • Anonymous

    Great episode, Coach Traub’s motivation presentation was truly intriguing.

  • Elisha Cotten

    Great episode, Coach Traub’s motivation presentation was extremely intriguing.

  • Khurley00

    Wish I could have seen the whole presentation!

  • kinbton

    Wish I could have attended the whole workshop!

  • DennyS

    My glass is always half-full.

  • Great episode!! Can pass this on to my daughter and the other girls on our team. Love the website as well. Have the app for my phone.

  • Loved episode 184. We have been looking for videos so our daughter can work on the mental aspect of the game.

  • Monica Woodworth

    liked it.

  • Jostalyn

    Awesome episode!! I am a high school coach and I love your website! Thanks for providing the information for me!

  • Golookouts09

    Great Episode now let me win the bat!!!

  • John McCall

    LOVED episode 184.  I’ve always talked to my players about the importance of a good attitude and positive self-talk.  Now I can share this with them to show that it’s not just their coach talking, but a real authority. Thanks for helping me coach my girls!!!

  • kenneth wall

    Liked episode 184.  Would like to see the episode in full.

  • John McCall

    Episode 184: what a GREAT episode. I have always talked to my players about the importance of attitude and positive self-talk. Now I will be able to share this to show them that it’s not just my experience talking, but a more authoritative voice. Thanks so much for helping me coach my girls!!!

  • Sarah

    good episode- great advise! a little hard to hear.

  • lizmendez0934

    I would use some of the information and advice from this on the girls i coach! it is helpful