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Ball Stickers


A simple, but effective tool for hitting.

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Ball Stickers help hitters develop a better focus on the ball, which will make them a better hitter.

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Ball Stickers Fastpitch Softball Product Review

One of the most well known sayings in the fastpitch softball community is, “See the ball, hit the ball.” Because we all know, as a hitter, unless you watch your bat make contact with the softball there will not be a positive result. What can you do when you have a kid who won’t keep her head down while hitting? I think I might have a solution for you. An easy way to ensure that your child is keeping her eye on the ball is marking the softball with Ball Stickers.

Ball Stickers are a clean and easy way to mark your softballs. With many different shapes and colors to choose from, the hitter will have to focus harder and not just guess. While hitting, your player will tell you what she sees on the ball when she’s making contact. This helps her keep her head down and concentrate on the softball. This training tool would also help if you have a player who won’t keep her head down while fielding. Just either hit or roll ground balls to her and have her tell you what is on the ball before she takes it out of her glove. This would make a fun game to break your team up in half and see who can get the most correct!

Ball Stickers come in 4 Colors, 4 Designs, 96 Total Stickers!

This hitting and fielding aid is great for getting your young player to keep her head down and concentrate on seeing the ball. No more miss hits, no more balls between the legs! Ball Stickers are a fun and quick way to help your player focus on hitting and fielding.

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