Base Running Part 1 – Leah O’Brien Amico

Base Running Part 1 – Leah O'Brien Amico – Produced By Gary Leland

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Amico talks about how to get a good hard first step and to push off the ground hard. She also talks about pumping your arms opposite of the leg in the air. She says to make sure that your hands and body stays loose and relaxed. She also showed some running drills to feel and make sure that foot pushing off the ground hits hard and pushes hard.

She also talks about getting out of the box hard. She says to finish your swing and get out of the box hard and running hard to hit the front of the bag. She really emphasizes hitting the front of the bag and not the back of the bag because you want to hit the closet part of the bag to you so that you can get there as quickly as possible and be safe as many times as possible. She also says that the more you work on hitting the front of the bag the more likely it will be to become natural and you will begin to hit the front of the bag nearly every time. In the long run it will help you win more softball games. To see Leah O'Brien Amico's bio, visit our website

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