Base Running Part 3 – Leah O’Brien Amico

Base Running Part 3 – Leah O'Brien Amico – Produced By Gary Leland

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Leah O'Brien Amico talks about sliding and the different types of slides that players use in softball games. She talks about the pop up slide and when that slide is really helpful and she talks about the hook slide and when that is very beneficial in a softball game. Pop up slides are really goods when you are sliding into a bag and will have to get up fast to go to another bag or even break up a play. She mentions the hook slide and how it is helpful when sliding into home and trying to avoid the tag at the plate.

She also talks about reading the angle of the softball off the bat so you know how long you have to get back to the bag and where you should go on what type of hit. She talks about how to play advanced softball and to know exactly what to do when the ball goes to different places and to read the ball off the bat so you can picture where the ball is going to go.

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