Baylor Post Game 4 Press Conference

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Baylor Post Game 4 Press Conference

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2017 Women's College World Series

Thursday, June 1 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma – 6, Baylor – 3

Baylor interview with Glenn Moore, Kelsee Selman, Jessie Scroggins, Maddison Kettler, and Lindsey Cargill.

GLENN MOORE: Obviously disappointed in the outcome of the game. I thought the first inning really doomed us. Playing a team like Oklahoma, you've got to keep the score close to have a chance to win. Their pitching is too good. I'm proud of the way we fought. We're that type of team. We're not going to give up. I've never seen this team quit fighting, and they fought hard and we made a little run at the end, but we dug too deep of a hole to come out of it.

You know, it's a double elimination, and 2014, I just told the team, we came here and got run ruled by Florida, team fought back and played on Sunday and won two big games on Saturday, and I expect this team to fight like crazy to be able to do that and make a run for it.

Q. Lindsey, you guys have lost three of the last four to Oklahoma. What makes Oklahoma so difficult to beat?

LINDSEY CARGILL: Oklahoma is a great team, great ballclub. They never stop fighting … that's really hard to keep on with them, as well. They're always fighting, always getting to battle the ball. We are right up there with them. We can do the exact same things. We just need to come together as a team and get some hits and get some runs.

Q. Lindsey, you've seen Paige Parker a lot the last several years. What makes her so tough, and was this a pretty typical game for her?

LINDSEY CARGILL: Yeah, so for me as a lefty, she does that changeup to me so that's why I switched to the right-handed batter's box. I feel like she moves the ball really well, and just that changeup.

Q. Kelsee, the big home run there, how difficult was that, and what's the mindset after you give that up?

KELSEE SELMAN: That just kind of says — you have to think about the next pitch. That game is on me. If I wouldn't have had that first inning, we would have won the ballgame 3-2. I don't know, I've just got to think about it, next pitch. Because if you think about it, then the game would really just fall out of hand. Basically just — yeah, next pitch.

Q. Kelsee, how good is that lineup, and what kind of problems do they present?

KELSEE SELMAN: Yeah, that lineup is really good. You have — today they were really, really aggressive, and for me, my thing is to try to throw a lot of strikes, so I had to make a quick adjustment. Of course right after the home run I realized that the adjustment had to come. Top from bottom, they're really good. They bring different things to the table. They'll randomly drop a bunt. They're in and out, whatever I give them I have to make sure it's a quality pitch. Yeah, they're really good, and they're tough to pitch to, but I could have done a lot better.

Q. Kelsee, after what you guys did in the super regional in Tucson, how much confidence does that give you going into the game on Saturday knowing that you guys can come from behind and win two in a row?

KELSEE SELMAN: When you have games like we did in Arizona where we lost the first one and came back, that gives you a ton of confidence. This team, you see we were behind — I was put behind 4-0 in the first inning and we came back and battled back. I have a ton of confidence in this team, and I know that they're going to battle each pitch and play by play. We have a few more games to play than we should have, but I know this team will battle back and play as hard as they can through the whole thing, so it's a lot easier.

Q. I just want to ask about that seventh inning and they start committing those errors, you guys are putting pressure on them. Did you feel like the momentum was shifting? Did you think you guys were turning this game around?

GLENN MOORE: Yeah, we've been there many times this year, and that's why we don't give up, because any inning can be a big inning for us. We play a lot of small ball. We have a couple of kids that can hit it out of the park, and that's what we do, we put pressure on defenses, and many times it'll snowball. They'll force a play, throw one away at first, and the ball will go off the glove, and we're a fast team, so that's kind of what we do. If they can make the plays and get us out, then they can beat us, but it's a lot of pressure, and that's our philosophy is to put pressure on defenses.

Q. Maddison, you guys started in that seventh inning. Talk about just the passing-the-bat mentality in that inning and how momentum was building.

MADDISON KETTLER: Yeah, I know going into the inning we were down a lot, but just coming into that inning knowing (Paige) Lowary was coming in, just taking one pitch at a time, and it wasn't going to come with just one swing. We had to take one pitch, and I just played my game, and it passed through.

Q. Glenn, what do you see from Oregon? You faced them last year, saw them earlier today.

GLENN MOORE: Well, it'll be nice to see a right-handed pitcher, so we're looking forward to that. They're an outstanding ballclub. Coach White does a great job there. You know, they'll be tough. Everybody here is good. This is a great opportunity to play them better than we played them a year ago, so we're looking forward to that rematch.

Q. You've been a defensive highlight reel the last few weeks, and all season really. Has that always been your style of play or have you just upped it since getting to Baylor?

KELSEE SELMAN: No, it's always been my style of play. I like to go all out, and I don't mind going all out because I know my left fielder and my right fielder are there to back me up, so I have nothing to worry about.

Q. Kelsee and then any of the others who want to add to it, but I think it was the fourth inning, Oklahoma loaded the bases, a couple of bunt singles, but you really had to regroup and to limit that to just one run in the inning was pretty impressive. You want to walk us through the mindset of your huddle offer what you guys talked about or how did you regroup from that?

KELSEE SELMAN: Just like I was saying earlier, you've got to take it one pitch at a time because if you don't, if you think about the past things that happened, it's going to fold. Really just in the huddle I was just telling them to have fun. You're at the Women's College World Series. Not that we're okay with having those little mistakes and stuff like that but just have fun and relax. But in the huddle we were just talking about basically just make plays and good things will happen. So yeah, we got out of the inning with just one run. That was on me, of course for hitting the batter, but we did really well, played good defense, and we got out of it.

Q. Maddison, had a couple hits in the game. Playing as a freshman, you've played in big games before obviously in high school, but what did the veterans tell you about staying calm and not getting nervous?

MADDISON KETTLER: I'm very confident. I mean, yeah, that result today wasn't what we wanted, but I believe in our team. You saw what we did in Tucson, and we can make plays and come through and swing the bats. I'm very confident in our team.

Q. It seems like this year a lot of talk has been about the SEC and the Pac-12, and now that you and Oklahoma both made it here, do you feel like you guys were a little bit under the radar this year?

JESSICA SCROGGINS: I definitely do think that we are under the radar. It just proves to show that we can compete with SEC and Pac-12. I mean, we just played Arizona and we upset them, and we saw them butting against us and not even win and we're here, so it just shows that we can compete with those other teams.

Game 4: Oklahoma 6, Baylor 3

  • No. 10 seed Oklahoma defeated No. 15 Baylor, 6-3, in the second game of Session 2. The Sooners won their seventh straight game and improved to 57-9 overall, while the Lady Bears dropped to 48-14.
  • With the victory, Oklahoma advances to play No. 6 Washington on Friday at 8:30 p.m. CT. Baylor will face Oregon at 1:30 p.m. CT on Saturday in an elimination game.
  • Oklahoma improved to 23-15 all-time at the WCWS. The Sooners have made 11 all-time appearances at the WCWS and OU is tied for fourth all-time with 23 victories at the event. OU also improves to 7-4 in WCWS opening games. Baylor fell to 5-7 all-time in its fourth appearance at the WCWS.
  • Nicole Pendley drove in three OU runs in the game, belting a three-run blast in the first inning. Pendley has hit four home runs in the last six games and has it seven career homers in the postseason (four in 2017).
  • OU’s Fale Aviu opened the scoring the in top of the first inning with a sacrifice fly, scoring Nicole Mendes. The sophomore drove in her second run of the night with a RBI single, plating Caleigh Clifton. Aviu is tied for second on the team with 16 multi-RBI games this season.
  • OU sophomore Caleigh Clifton extended her school record by reaching on a hit-by-pitch for the 24th time this season. Senior Macey Hatfield was 2-for-3, her first multi-hit game in the postseason during OU career. 
  • Paige Parker improved to 25-5 this season and won her 14th straight decision in the postseason dating back to 2016. The junior surrendered five hits and allowed one run (unearned) in six innings of work, while striking out two. Parker is 6-0 in six appearances at the WCWS during her career. OU’s Paige Lowary tossed the final inning of the game, giving up one hit and two runs, both unearned.
  • Baylor’s Shelby Selman took the loss, falling to 24-9 in the circle. Selman pitched five innings, giving up nine hits and six earned runs. Gia Rodoni struck out one in one inning of out of the bullpen.
  • Maddison Kettler led the Lady Bears, finishing 3-for-3 with a run scored. Lindsey Cargill finished 2-for-4 with an RBI. Jesse Scroggins tallied Baylor’s other hit in the game with an infield single in the fifth inning.
  • Oklahoma committed a season-high four errors, its most in one game since committing three against Northwestern on April 10, 2013. It was the most errors in a WCWS game for the Sooners since committing four versus Missouri on June 4, 2011.
  • Thursday’s meeting marked the sixth time in WCWS history that Big 12 teams have met and the first since 2013 (OU defeated Texas, 10-2, in five innings).
  • Attendance for Session 2 was 8,874.
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