Who DOES Go On To Become Successful?

Who DOES Go On To Become Successful?" Written By Charlie Marchese

“Who DOES Go On To Become Successful?” Written By Charlie Marchese

I think it’s time that somebody wrote a piece like this. For a change, this is coming from a “crazy” sports parent, who actually believes that his way is the right way. One who is tired of being judged as being a “lunatic” or too serious about sports. One who sits by silently while the “sane” parents encourage mediocrity in their own children, whether they have any talent or not. Ironically, most of the “normal” people’s kids, eventually fade out of the sports world, as their kids can no longer compete. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that, but there is also, nothing long with kids excelling and continuing on to bigger and better things within the sports world, with their families cheering them on, all the way. That being said, let’s examine this issue a little closer.

Who DOES go on to become a successful college athlete, student and adult? Is it the child whose parents look the other way while their child is simply more talented and dedicated than the others? The parent that knows the odds are against his/her child from playing professionally, or even at the collegiate level? Or is it the child whose parent spends countless hours on the practice fields, one on one, honing their skills, strengthening their resolve, fine tuning their bodies, promoting physical fitness, all the while creating a highly productive work ethic to carry them through their childhood, into their adult lives? If you think their efforts are being misplaced on the athletic fields, think again. The same kids that are excelling on the fields, are often the ones excelling in the classroom. Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because these “lunatics” are actually doing something wonderful for their child? Spending tremendous amounts of quality time with their families, within the framework of athletics. Keeping them off their cell phones, ipads, video games, and computers, where they are unsupervised, unchecked, and uninhibited by their virtual anonymity on these devices. Trust me, “sane” people, your little “gamer” is not as sweet and innocent as you think he/she is. Take a look at the kids that are smoking in the boys/girls room or involved in bullying incidents at their schools and I’ll guarantee you, a very small percentage of them are the kids on the athletic teams.

The athletes have a focus that has been drilled into them from a young age. They have discipline that the others will never understand. They have an inner strength that will carry them through their childhood, into college, into the job market, and eventually into their own parenting. Guess who instilled these traits into their kids? You guessed it! The lunatic dad that pushed them to be better versions of themselves, every step of the way.

We live in the “everybody ties” generation. Nobody is allowed to win and more importantly, nobody is allowed to lose….ever. It probably explains why the country is in such bad shape. Nobody wants to earn anything anymore. Why would they? They’re being taught that they don’t need to. Just wait until they’re applying for their first real job. They don’t get the position and want to know why. “What do you mean, I didn’t get it, doesn’t everybody get the job?” It should go to the most qualified applicant. Ironically, that’s usually the one that worked the hardest. Guess who works the hardest on the fields? Right again, the kid whose parents expected more of them and helped them to get there.

Losing is part of life. It hardens your resolve and helps you to achieve greater wins down the road. It teaches lessons that cannot be learned otherwise. It’s ok to lose, somebody has to, but it’s not ok to accept defeat. Exceptional people in all walks of life, never accept losing. They continue to try harder and harder until they win, or succeed in whatever they are trying to achieve. Sports are meant to be fun, but the real fun lies in success. Pushing success in children creates a positive mindset and track record for the future. Why does it seem to be ok to push kids in the classroom, but not on the athletic field? Why is it ok for kids to practice music for countless hours, but not athletics?

Next time you’re at the field, look around to see who’s succeeding. I bet more often than not, it’s the kids with the parents that are “crazy”. They may even raise their voice on occasion, or get on their kid for not hustling or giving 100% effort. I’ll also bet those same kids are the ones succeeding in the classroom, in the workplace, and in their family lives. Maybe us “lunatics” are on to something!

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Charlie MarcheseCharlie Marchese is a father of 3 and has been coaching baseball and fastpitch softball for over 10 years at both the rec and travel levels. A former professional poker player, Charlie tries to instill has love for competition and winning spirit into all of his players. His passion is teaching the game to hungry young ballplayers.

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