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The number one tool for training bunters.

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A great training aid to teach players how to bunt.

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Bunt Sock Product Review

Bunt Sock Fastpitch Softball Training Aid Product Review

The Bunt Sock! A fundamental skill in the game of fastpitch softball is bunting. A bunt can advance the runner, move the defense, and you could even bunt for a base hit. However, bunting can be difficult to teach. When you factor in placing bunts down the lines or even a certain distance from home plate, it gets tricky to learn. There is a training aid that can assist in teaching players to keep their head down and place the ball more effectively. That tool is called the Bunt Sock.

The bunt sock is a sleeve that simply slides over the bat. On the sleeve itself, there are three circles with three different colors. To use the Bunt Sock, we suggest you get three different color wiffle balls that correspond to the three different colored circles on the bunt sock. As you toss the wiffle balls to your hitter, they will have to match the colored circle to the same colored wiffle ball. This is effective because it teaches your player to keep their head down and focus on the ball hitting the bat. This allows the player to work on their bat control instead of just holding their bat over the plate and hoping for the best.


Bunting is a strategic and exciting part of fastpitch softball. The Bunt Sock is a great way to teach your player the skill of bunting the ball. This training tool creates a fun game to play while learning the great small game of bunting.

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