Bunting Game – Hitting Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to improve bunting skills, ball placement, and also have a good time with the entire team.

Draw sections in the dirt in front of home plate with numbers representing point value based on what the coach considers the perfect bunt.

Divide the batters into teams and set up either live pitching or a machine. (Machines tend to have bouncier balls so make sure to make the point sections bigger if you use a machine and then explain to the batters why.)

Each batter takes a turn bunting and is awarded the point value of the section that the ball stops in (Not lands in).
After every player has taken a turn, total up the points and reward the winners.

After, allow the batters to take turns in drawing their own sections and assigning point values. No matter where the values are placed the batters will still be learning to place their bunts.

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