Burned Out?

Burned Out?

Burned Out? from Corey Forrester By Gary Leland

I received a Facebook message yesterday from Corey Forrester. He sent me the message asking if I would be interested in a story he wrote about his daughter, and her softball experience.

I almost always read the stories the are sent to me, but I do not necessarily print the all. I think you will see why I printed this one. I guess you could say it touched me.

Corey's Article is is “Burned Out?”

It's really easy to just say I don't want to play anymore I'm “burned out” I see a lot of people have an opinion of who my daughter is and where she's coming from. The reality is jealousy is a very real thing for kids and patents alike. It's really easy to hate what you don't understand. There is a simple reason Paige has had success and it's God given ability multiplied by hard work.

Since I am a foremost authority on who she is as I put her needs in front of my own every day since the day she was born. Let me fill the world in on a few things. Paige Forrester decided in her Uncle Brian's backyard at 9 years old that she was going to pitch in college. She received her first initial lesson in Pitching from her cousin Nikki Allen. On this sunny summer day a dream was born and the little girl I had was born new. Driven and determined to prove to the world that no matter what she would not quit. She started her first lesson with coach Kelly the next week and the real fun began.

Paige worked very hard 1 hour a week with Kelly and nothing came easy for the young lefty. I personally pushed her to try harder to throw harder. To show me some kind of emotion. As a dad I wanted results for the 30$ an hour we paid for the lessons. I once told her if you're not going to start trying we'd be done. I needed to know she had heart and I am guilty of accusing her of not having heart. Looking back now when she got in the truck to come back the next week it should have been enough to convince me. Paige soon got more and more accurate and the lessons started to pay off.

Just about a year after this dream began her cousin Nikki was tragically taken in a car accident. Her cousin her hero was gone and this gave Paige a new found desire to realize the dream they had shared for her. Paige wears the number 21 in memory of Nikki when ever she can and always says #21 is my guardian angel. She always has my back.

The Wreck

The Wreck

Paige had just began playing travel softball at this time. Roger started coaching her at hitting twice a week and pitching with coach Kelly once a week until she retired to start her family. This season had its ups and downs but she was beginning to train in a proper way and to work on her own. At the age of 12 she threw her first no hitter with 1 hit by pitch. It was a 16/1 win over a travel team from Westfield (5 miles from here).

I often tell her how great it is knowing every game is a no hitter until it's not. At this point we think the same way… “Dang there goes the no hitter” I wish every parent could experience that just once but that would also involve a lot of hard work which as we all know isn't for everyone. As the years pressed on she played on a couple different teams always looking for a team that worked as hard as she does.

Eventually she ended up with Frank Knox and her life has never been the same. Frank taught Paige how to dominate the seems of a softball. To throw faster and with unbelievable movement. He gave Paige the tools to be unhittable. Nothing was going to be luck anymore. Her time with Frank, Jerry and Jason on the Indiana Magic was truly special. She coached an 8u team with teammate Katie Knox at this time. Frank felt Paige would better understand the game of Softball if she learned to teach what she knew to others.

June 29th 2013 her brother Ethan's Birthday Paige was involved in a serious car accident. We knew almost immediately that the summer season was over. I will never forget setting there with her mother when they told her she was out for a minimum of 8 weeks due to how severe the concussion was. I saw a now 15 year old young lady cry and it broke our hearts. It was the same girl who had a dream with her cousin at age 9. She had multiple injuries concussion, wrist, neck,shoulder and her hip. Physical therapy became pretty common.

In September Brian Roberts began to want Paige for his Shockwaves team as her Shockwaves team had fallen apart following her accident. This man who has no kid on this team and coaches for the love of the game gained 1 very talented and broken left handed pitcher. He believed in her and that was enough for Paige to look no further.

Paige pitched pretty well for Brian most of the fall but in the end the pain in her right hip became more than she could handle. Back to a few more experts and by January 31st Paige had an operation on that hip to fix the Bursitis and loosen the tendons causing all the pain. The surgeon couldn't believe she could stand let alone pitch. Less than 2 weeks from today she should be back to normal.

It would be easy for Paige to say I'm burned out I don't want to play anymore. Easy but not likely because Paige understands Burned out is just a cop out. Burned out is what you say when you no longer have the heart and desire to continue. Some say this to their parents so they be allowed to be average at best.

Average is something that Paige is not and I personally cannot wait to see the rest of her unbelievable story unfold. After all it's always a no hitter till it's not!!!

Paige's Dad

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