Win A 2015 Anderson Supernova Fastpitch Bat

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a 2015 Anderson Supernova Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

This month you have the opportunity to win a 2015 Anderson Supernova Fastpitch Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The 2015 Supernova Fast Pitch Softball Bat is scientifically constructed one-piece design, manufactured with AB9000 Composite for standing up to the punishment a hitter doles out over the course of a season. The Supernova made to give hitters just the right balance of power plus speed with a thin, buggy whip handle for generating more bat speed to catch up with fastballs plus a “muscled up” barrel for extra pop and distance upon contact. We’ve packed as much weight in the sweet spot to create a “trampoline” effect when you make contact on the bat’s sweet spot. By “muscling up” the barrel we’ve created a larger, juicier sweet spot that’s more forgiving. You’ll feel the ball immediately jump off the barrel and then rapidly pick up speed as it leaves the infield. The Reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) allows you to generate break neck bat speed without burning an extra ounce of effort. It’s like swinging a bat with the force of a sledgehammer with the effort of a fly swatter producing more powerful hits, massive ball speed and bigger offensive numbers. Never worry about blisters or tired, sore hands with the Supernova’s plush padded spiral grip which provides a pillow soft feel with leather tough durability. Don’t wait for your bat to “break in” Supernova comes out of the wrapper white hot and requires just a handful of swings to be primed and ready for teeing off opposing pitchers.

• One-Piece Composite Design
• AB9000 Composite Material
• Reduced MOI, allows you to swing through the zone faster with less effort
• Padded Spiral Grip designed to keep batter’s hands cushioned and prevent any slipping
• Ultra thin handle for better bat speed
• Super Balanced feel
• BPF 1.20 Certified
• 10 Drop weight
• Available in sizes 30”-34”
• 1 Year warranty against manufacture defects

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  • Bboone

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  • Ronpgn

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  • SophiaDinch

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • ShawnMuller

    My daughter really needs this bat.  Freshman year and needs a new bat.  Fingers crossed!

  • alexandraH

    This would be a great way to start my 2015 season… back on the field feels so great…

  • AndySillato

    Looks like a hot bat. My daughter has always wanted to try an Anderson bat.

  • Razzper

    My daughter just about screamed her head off to this possibility of getting this bat. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to try and win this bat

  • Fstarh

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  • IndianaSting

    We love fastpitch TV & Anderson bats!

  • rranda12

    This would be an awesome bat for my daughter.  She has NEVER had a bat this nice before!  And the anti-vibration on the bat is an added plus.  On the other bats, I know that this has always been an issue.  Pretty excited to try this out!!

  • Krauk

    I love softball and my team from Montana got 2nd in the little league World Series last year!! I would love a new bat mine is to small 🙂

  • JonMoreno


  • RickBoswell

    We have owned

  • TrevorSterner

    Looking for a new bat for my daughter. 12U This would be great.

  • StevenDay

    Very nice looking bat

  • Softballdad00

    Anderson bats are awesome. My oldest daughter had the early rocketech. Hit her first of 23 home runs with it. Would love my youngest daughter to swing a new anderson bat. She’s a power hitter also.

  • desprado2

    First off, I love watching your interviews with softball’s best. Thank you for your magazine. I would love this beautiful looking bat for my daughter. Happy New Year!

  • Softball6

    Softball fanatic love the sport and can’t get enough I’ve wanted a nice bat for as long as I can remember and I would love to be able to say that bat is mine.

  • Softball6

    Love this bat can’t stop looking at. I need a really good softball bat

  • BatleyBoy

    I hope the new Supernova withstands the rigors of fastpitch softball and creates more competition for other high-end softball bats. I’m looking forward to reading the Supernova’s performance ratings of those that purchase the bat. Go till she blows! U0001f60a

  • ChadKimberling

    Love Anderson bats. Trying to get my team to switch over from Easton. This would be a great bat to introduce them to Anderson!

  • Speso

    I remember using an Anderson for the first time when I was young and it has always been my favourite bat. Now that I am playing overseas in New Zealand…they don’t have them here! I would LOVE to win this bat!!

  • Softball88

    A 34/24 would be a nice late Xmas present for my daughter.

  • chrisroblessr

    The Anderson looks sweet wish my daughter wins the bat 🙂

  • My grand daughter love fast pitch softball want’s to play college fast pitch she is a catcher for high school team. And also plays travel fast pitch in the summer. Would love to win that bat looks awesome. Love to see her hit the ball out of the park…

  • melteach3

    What an awesome bat. daughter would love it!

  • CherylPatton

    Never heard of an Anderson bat before, would love to try it out!

  • LarryBrown1

    Would love to see if my daughter could hit her first over the fence homer with this bat!!

  • rjgoss

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  • Layddjoe

    Thanks for giving everyone a chance to enter a chance win this product!

  • Feames3

    2 High school and travel ball players would love to hit their first over the fence with this bat!! 🙂

  • Hosierscott1

    I have been a fan of Anderson bats for a long time.

  • Monae22

    I’ve heard that Anderson makes some great bats! This one looks like it could top them all!

  • Wwrose143

    I would love to win this bat for my daughter, whose life revolves around softball!

  • Ray10573

    I would love for my daughters to try a Anderson bat.

  • softballlover00

    I love softball so much. Me and my parents have a hard time finding the perfect bat for me that doesn’t vibrant my hands and also have a good pop to it when hitting the ball. I think that bat would help me a lot in my year.

  • Alttla98

    My oldest daughter has always owned a Rocketech.  My younger daughter is now ready to get a “real” bat.  However, her travel coach doesn’t like end-loaded bats and gives her grief about it.  This would be a great way to stay in the Anderson family!!!

  • robnet707

    My daughter’s first season playing softball this coming season! She is very excited! This would be a great start for her.

  • statechamp1314

    Would be awesome to start the 2015 season with a special ANDERSON bat.

  • This would be the best gift for my girls this year for softball. I love the New Anderson Supernova FP Bat. I’m certified Head Coach for 12 & under & 18 & under through Babe Ruth league. Really need this bat for my girls !! Thank you for your videos and free offer!
    Hope we Win the 2015 Anderson Supernova Bat!!!
    Thank you!
    Stephanie Levine

  • agalloway

    My daughter has used the techzilla but would really like to try a composite Anderson.

  • ChristineBouleyTessier

    Hi Gary! Our daughter is 13 and loves the game….her sights are on Tennessee!  We are trying to find a bat for her that will be a great fit. So many factors to consider! I am always on your site, reading, printing and re-reading the great (non-biased) articles and watching the great videos you post. They have been such a great help! Thank you!

  • AlbertGonzales

    Love your show and hope to win this amazing bat for my daughter! ! Thanks!!

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    I would love to win this bat because i wolud have to have a new bat for this season because i do not have enough money to buy a bat because i am only 14 years old. I love this show i have watched all the episodes. I would love the handle that makes the viboraion go away and i love how the bat has a huge sweet spot it would make me so happy if i could win this bat so i could have a new bat for the season. Thanks morgan

  • cbromojo

    Always had a soft spot for Anderson bats..never owned one but would love to! Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone! Great show!

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  • LaurieFareMcGill

    Our Family would love to add another Anderson Bat to our collection. We have 2 rocketechs, but have since found that our daughter strength is better suited for a more balanced bat. We love the fact that this is the brand we have been loyal to, but would suit her current need. And it’s made in the USA!! We coach her team, so we’d be able to share this bat and brand with the team in a bat the girls are strong enough to handle. Please pick us.. We’d be so greatful!

  • mjm8880

    Thanks for having such a great site for softball! It would be great to have this bat for the high school team I coach!

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    My daughter needs a new bat but we cannot afford one right now. This would make a great surprise gift for her.

  • becnjef

    Excited for our 10 year old daughter to play on her first Tournament Team this season. This would be a great addition to add some pop to her bat. Thank you for the video and the updates!

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    This message couldn’t have come at a better time.It’s an answer to my prayers.My daughter joined a softball league just
    recently and we were talking about how she needs a new bat.This would be a big surprise for my daughter
    if she wins this bat.Thank you for
    giving us a chance to win this beautiful bat.

  • carsonmoyer

    My Daughter and really enjoy watching the instructional videos. She is a RPH, outfielder, 2nd base player on an 18U Tournament team and these videos have really improved her game. Thanks

  • G_Scott_Morgan

    Interested in the performance of the Supernova versus other bats on the market

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    I am interested in seeing how the new Anderson Supernova compares to the other composite bats. My daughter would love to give it a swing.

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    I am curious to see how Anderson did with their first composite.

  • eveflorida

    I’ve never tried an Anderson bat, but after this video I would really love to! Love your show and the info you provide on your website.

  • Melissa34

    I would love to win this bat sounds great and love the color! Love the show me and my team love your clinic videos 🙂

  • thelbshankster

    I’ve only ever used Easton before, so I’m excited about trying Anderson for the first time.

  • JaredWallace

    Great site Gary. Thanks for the great info.

  • gramirez1536041

    Oh my gosh this bat looks so cool! And just the right timing i just joined my hs softball team and my parents and I are looking for an awesome bat! I would really like to win this bat. Thanks for all the videos they are really helpful.

  • Hawkez78

    Would love to start the season with a new supernova for my daughters team, thanks

  • TrinityCoach_00

    My daughter is looking for a new bat to start off her high school season.


    New Year New Bat 🙂

  • L_Pitcher_18

    I would love to start off the season with the 2015 supernova.

  • mth23

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    I really hope I win this bat! Mine just broke and I can’t find a new bat I like!

  • coach4rebels

    Happy New Year everyone, play ball!

  • SportsGuy707

    Happy New Year Gary, thanks for all the softball info that you provide. My daughter has used nothing but Anderson Bats – Techzilla, NanoTek, Rocketech. She would love to try out the SuperNova. Thanks and have a great year!

  • DiamondTime

    Been looking to for an Anderson for my daughter to try. No retailers within close proximity to where we live so this would be great opportunity for her to switch things up. Best of luck to all who enter!

  • peenders

    looks like an awesome bat

  • ScottReavely

    Looks like something my daughter could put to good use! Thanks Gary!

  • missyylovesyou

    This was posted on my birthday, so this would actually be a pretty cool & an awesome birthday present, and I’d love this bat for Softball Season.

  • Bucncrazy

    Like to see what my daughter could do with it!

  • keec

    Nice looking bat, looks like the time was spent on the design and functionality of the bat and not the graphics, nice change

  • jwill678

    Am looking forward to my first year coaching, learning as much as I can from your site, and hopefully winning this great Anderson bat!

  • CoachGeorge

    That is an awesome bat! I have two daughters in 12U and 14U that would love to use a bat of this caliber. Thanks for all of the great shows and website content. They have been a tremendous help in learning to coach both of their teams.

  • wideout22

    That looks like a great bat.  My stepdaughter is looking for a new bat for this upcoming season of 14U & middle school ball.

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    Love the look of the bat.. My daughter is 10, she said ” I want that daddy”

  • etnivin

    I dust my cleats and take a breath
    To get me settled in
    I’m looking for that one pitch
    That can give my team the win
    I step into the chalk lined box,
    And kick a little dirt
    I pull my sleeves up and then,
    I tuck them in my shirt
    I sit down in my stance,
    And get my feet just right
    I blink my eyes for one last time,
    To adjust my sight
    I can’t hear the crowd noise,
    Or my teammates silly chant
    All my focus is right here,
    With my bat held at a slant
    The pitcher starts her windup,
    And puts her arms up overhead
    She brings them down with such a force,
    It’s like they’re filled with lead
    She swings her arm around,
    And pivots toward the plate
    Exploding from the rubber,
    At an exponential rate
    I pick up the ball, as it comes round,
    And she releases it
    I can’t believe she threw it there,
    I’m gonna get that hit
    The hit that gives my team the win,
    Off the pitch I’d hoped she’d bring
    I load my hands and shift my weight,
    I step and twist, I swing.

  • krish3

    I would love to have this bat for the 2015 season! Its looks and sounds fantastic. (:

  • dee160

    My daughter would love to swing this bat. Love the magazine!

  • amber_bessner

    Awesome bat, sounds amazing for the upcoming spring season

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    Would love nothing more than to watch my daughter hit her first over the fence home run with this bat!

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    Look like a wonderful bat. would love to watch “the beast” swing away…

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    Great looking Bat

  • acfritts

    “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

  • mharrison2016

    “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” -Babe Ruth 🙂

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  • KamsDad

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  • softballmom08

    So excited to see Anderson made a composite bat.  Its’ Cold outside (or at least here in Ohio). I’ll take some SOUP, LOL.

  • Tater99mom

    One thing on my daughters to do list this spring/summer is to put one over the fence and the Anderson Supernova would definitely make it happen!

  • tatermarie99

    There’s an empty spot in my bat bag that needs filled. The Anderson Supernova would look pretty sweet in that spot!

  • coachshawn

    With such a sweet spot this Anderson Supernova bat would be great for fielding practice specially for outfields.

  • murphy12

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  • DemonDHS

    Lady Demon , at Dexter High School ! Would be a great bat for me and my team!!

  • Russdaddy

    My daughter would be absolutely nuts over this bat. Anderson Bats are great.

  • Mainolfis

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  • medic751

    My daughter is 14 and she has never tried an Anderson.  After reading the reviews I think we are going to try one this upcoming season.

  • susanjohnson1966

    My daughter 12U would love to have a “good”  bat,  She has put  a dent in the sweet spot of the current bat she uses.    I would love to see her hit homeruns with the Anderson Supernova.

  • JoseGonzalez9

    One of my players used this bat last winter season and I was impressed with the pop it delivered right out of the wrapper!

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  • RickAutobee78

    Been following Fastpitch TV  for a couple of years now.  A ton of good information, plus a great forum to hear other approaches to the game!!  Thanks for the opportunity, my 12u  daughter Savannah would love to work with this bat..

  • Kblusk

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  • KevinGrubinski

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  • RudySeles

    I know with the addition of this bat, my daughter will hit many home run shots, this year.

  • DanLaabs

    Hi Gary. My 3 daughters and I enjoy all info we receive from you. We have been using Easton and Demarini bats. We play a lot of ball and have seen the Anderson bat around. We have wanted to try one and see how it performed. Maybe this will be the time to be able to see if a Anderson does the job. Thanks Dan.

  • BrianBloesch

    Sweet looking bat!!! Would love to have it!!!

  • Rita3942

    I would love for my team to try this and my daughter. WE would definitely give you feedback. My daughter has Easton mako and stealth we were looking for a Demarini but would love to try this one.

  • RebeccaSilurik


  • jakelly

    Keep up the good work

  • clayton heavner

    My daughter busted her rocket tech last year this is the bat she’s been asking for but there’s no anderson dealers around here

  • rodrigueztina94

    I watched the video and brought back so many merited because my first over center field out of the park home run was with the orginal red and blue rocket tech. Unfortunately my equipment was stolen out of my car my bats, glove, helmet, cleats everything went with it. It would be nice to get my collection of equipment again.

  • KenCostello

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  • Tkoski

    We have been hearing so much about anderson bats lately but have been unable to see one in person. My daughter plays 14u travel ball and needs to get away from the DeMarini brand as its not giving her the pop she needs this would be a great way to help get her ready for high school ball!

  • 3chorba

    Pick me please.  My daughter would love this!!!

  • Jace Juliano

    My former coach is a huge fan advocate for Andersons. His daughter’s two to three year old Anderson is still in really great shape. I would love to try an Anderson out for myself; I have never swung one before.

  • TN_rebel_softball

    Great looking bat! our 12u team would love to try it out!

  • LhylCurve

    My daughter plays 10U and absolutely LOVES her 2015 LS Xeno bat that we bought her.  I showed her this bat and immediately her eyes lit up, she loves the colors and thinks she can hit “at least” 20 feet further with it.  Not real sure what colors have to do with performance, but ya’ll won her over with this one.

  • softball girls

    My oldest daughter would love to receive this GREAT bat as a wonderful early senior present when she graduates high school this year. We’re also hoping she’ll play college ball, too.

  • JamesBrown4

    would love a 31 inch for my 11 yoa or a 32 for 14yoa

  • belfit2003

    It sounds like a great bat to have for my 10 year old daughter.  I showed this to my daughter and she is so excited and loves the color! She said she would love to have it and wants 31 inch.  .

  • 04birminghamblitz

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  • DarrinCooley

    We love fastpitch TV channel. Thank you so much for helping grow fastpitch softball. Shine-on!!! : )

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  • lvnintem

    My daughter plays 10U travel ball and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this bat!  

    We’re crossing our fingers!!

  • Kayrawr

    Hey I’ve never had my own bat and I would LOVE to win this as my first. Softball is my life and its kept me going over the years. Please please please let me win!

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  • Jabsmom

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  • Burgean

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  • BillReinhardtFL

    Gary Leland has put together a great podcast for several years with great interviews and seminar presentations from the top coaches in all of softball.  If you aren’t subscribed to his podcast you should be and if you need to buy any gear you should visit!

  • Bjack325

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  • pohljoe

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  • BettyPendergrassBrown

    Love Anderson Rocket Tech, my daughter hit her first homer with one, glad to see theyve come out with a composit. Havent found a composit she likes, like she loves her rocket techs!!!!!

  • SigmaB56

    In my area not many Anderson bats being used_would love to win one and have my granddaughter use it in High school…could be a difference maker…

  • softballove101

    i would love to swing this bat at biola this season!

  • sososdad

    Great looking bat!  I would love the chance to win it for my daughter.

  • kerbair21

    Would love this bat for my daughters!

  • softballgirl1616


  • sos49ers

    Would love to see my DD hit her first over the fence home run with Anderson.

  • MichelleLinder

    Sweet bat!

    Just saw this now and dragged my daughter over to see it. She begged me to enter. Hope I’m not too late.

  • Krauk You have won the Anderson Super Nova in this months contest. You have 30 days to email me at and claim your bat.

  • Krauk  You have won the Anderson Super Nova in this months contest. You have 30 days to email me at FastpitchTV and claim your bat. Congrats!

  • CoachErik

    Congratulations Krauk.  I’m hoping to win won twoo.

  • katiecomeaux

    We are in the market for a new bat!! My daighters whole select team is wanting to try this bat so bad!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    My daughter would love to win this 2015 Anderson Supernova Bat.   It would even be a bigger surprise for her if she wins this bat before she plays in the ESPN World Series in Florida!!

  • Martywhite

    I’m a coach of a 12U team and we would love to win a 2015 Anderson Supernova bat to uses in tournament games..

  • Canton88

    Would love to see my daughters use this bat!

  • Canton88

    Would love to see my daughters use this bat! I have heard so many good things about it!!

  • Ralbaladejo

    We discovered Fast Pitch TV once we got a Roku and it’s one of the channels we watch for softball news, tips, and product previews. Our Head Coach said the Anderson Supernova is a very good bat. My daughter hasn’t had an opportunity to try one yet so hopefully she’ll get resultsome if she gets lucky.