Win A 2015 Anderson Rocketech Bat

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a 2015 Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

This month you have the opportunity to win a 2015 Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The Anderson RockeTech FP, with its all-metal exterior multiwall design, has a barrel-weighted minus 9 swing weight and is designed to take advantage of a strong fastpitch hitter’s skill and ability. The RFP is as hot as it can be and still be legal. If you’re serious enough to put in the time at practice, you're ready for the RFP and the results you deserve. However, you may need a bigger trophy case because the RFP is a souvenir maker.

RockeTech Features:
The all-metal RockeTech bat includes the PowerArch – exterior sleeve – multi-wall design that features two matched aluminum walls, an inner shell that wields the patented PowerArch contour and an exterior sleeve that wraps the inner shell with added elastic performance, durability and provides a feel that uniquely end-loaded. Together they create a highly responsive hitting surface that includes a generous effective hitting area and superior feel.

The TaperFlex contour is designed to optimize the flexural and vibrational response of the bat by distributing the mass of the taper in such a way that a harmonic flexural response is achieved. When combined, the result is a bat that has superior feel, superior performance and a truly unique hitting experience.

The Ultra-Thin Handle is designed to maximize batspeed by allowing the handle to fit nicely into the batter’s fingers rather than in the palms of their hands. It is designed thin to make it easily customizable for each hitter. You can make the handle bigger by adding a thicker grip, but you cannot make it smaller once it is formed.

The Thin Sport Grip provides a tacky feel and supports the thin handle design by making the handle as thin as possible. The Sport Grip allows those that want a thicker handle to be able to simply overwrap it with another grip or with tape to customize the fit of their Anderson bat.

The patented Weldless-Ergonomic Knob adds weight where it is transparent to the swing. It improves the balance of the bat and maximizes the MOI while adding the additional distance that only mass in the right place can give you. The construction is patented and the shape of the ergonomic knob was designed in cooperation with a team of orthopedic surgeons to provide a safer, more comfortable feel.

The TruFlex Toughened-Lightweight Cap adds to the performance and feel of the bat by providing the support in the end of the bat necessary to maximize the energy transfer of the barrel to the ball while maintaining just enough flex to control the amount of vibration created at contact. The reduced weight in the cap improves the bat's MOI.

A reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) is the object of all of the weight manipulation included in the overall design and the design of every component used in an Anderson bat. This attention to the structural details makes it possible to swing a heavier bat with less effort. A quicker, more powerful swing makes it possible to provide each and every player with Game Improvement by Design.

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    Love FastpitchTV. It has become a valuable resource to me- living out in the “boonies” as I do. I am a softball Dad to two girls, I coach both of their teams and I am an Association Board member. Living in Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, means that we do not always have access to the best facilities and/or high level development camps that are offered in the larger centers but we do our best with what we have! :-).  I run indoor camps in the winter, “Come Try Softball” sessions in the Spring and then I go all out on the ball diamonds from late May to mid-September. I appreciate Anderson sponsoring your program and generously providing this great giveaway, the Rocketech bat! Certainly, I would make great use of this bat in my programs here in PEI should I be chosen. If not me though, I do hope it will be given to someone else who is also giving back to this great sport! All the best to you and your crew. Keep up the good work. Greg

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    I will always keep it though!
    Thank you for the opportunity for another!

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    Dave S. (father of M. Anderson)

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    bat she’ll use.Anderson bats are
    impossible to find here in Canada, but it’s been well worth the trouble to
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  • Cocoa1 You are the winner in this month contest. Please send an email to to claim your bat.

  • Cocoa1  is the winner in this month contest. Please send an email to to claim your bat.

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