Win A 2016 Miken Freak Black Fastpitch Bat

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a 2016 Miken Freak Black Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

This month you have the opportunity to win a 2016 Miken Freak Black Fastpitch Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

Tetra-Core™ – Breakthrough Tetra-Core technology optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. The outer core layering provides increased flex allowing the inner core tube to maximize sweetspot and durability.

Sensi-Flex™ maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone while eliminating vibration.

100 Comp™ is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken high performance equipment. This product is engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade fiber to deliver Miken's legendary performance and durability.
Two-Piece composite.

Made in the USA.

Miken Freak Black Features:
100 % Composite
2 1/4 Inch Barrel
2-Piece Design
Free Shipping!
Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
Made in USA

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  • StaciaSummeyChappell

    Would love to win this for my daughter, sounds like and awesome bat. Love your videos

  • Pender16

    One post.

  • flygirl1

    Awesome bat!

  • JenB33

    We love Fastpitch TV

  • Turl

    Glad to see Miken still making good composite bats!!

  • martin34

    Wow my daughter would love to swing this great bat this season. Thanks Gary for all your hard work and videos helping make fastpitch softball as important as baseball.

  • KevJames99

    Pretty sick looking bat, my daughter would be a FREAK with that bad boy….

  • ChristinaYancey Herrmann

    My daughter loves her Miken RevX. Very satisfied with it and would love another one!

  • mizzou09

    Miken bats are awesome! I would love to win this for the team I coach.

  • jbr64rsr64

    My daughter would love to have that bat to use for the upcoming softball season.

  • kerbair21

    My daughter would love a new bat!

  • Revolution18

    My daughter loved her Halo, she is wanting a new Miken Bat….. Big U0001f44d to the show and Miken.

  • rwlow29

    Beautiful bat!  Both my girls are due for a new bat this season  and would LOVE this!

  • libby1229

    Great site and so useful as a coach.  My daughter would love this bat!!

  • AlisonHataway

    I would love this bag for my sister!

  • halsha1970

    Love watching your show!!  Also, my daughter would love this bat.

  • NicoleCornell Kroll

    the technology in bats now days compared to when I played is amazing.. My daughter would love this…

  • softballmom08

    So excited our High School Softball started this week.  They may have to play in the snow, but I’m ready to freeze to watch these ladies play.  Plus My DD would love this Bat.  Thanks.

  • TallOne

    Would make my daughter a nice bat!!

  • kcg123

    My daughter and I love your videos and products. She is the only freshman starter on her HS team. It would be great for her to win this bat.

  • LOS8383

    This bat sounds incredible. Hope to get one in my hands soon!

  • RalphWhiteman

    My daughter needs a new bat, this looks to be a great weapon for her

  • BryanDavidson

    Great show thanks mr. Leland. Sweet looking back would be great for my daughters first year of travel ball.

  • flahive4

    My daughter has really been working on her swing lately and is looking GREAT! I think that this bat is the tool she needs to send the ball flying!!! Thank you, Gary Leland, for giving so many the opportunity to win cool stuff!!!

  • jamesforeso

    Both of my daughters swing Miken bats.

  • SoftballMom44

    Would love to see my daughter swing this bat.  Great site!!

  • StevenCredeur

    This would be a great bat to win

  • DougHeaberlin

    My daughter would love this bat! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  • ScottReavely1

    Hi Gary, You tease us every month with these great bats…I’d love to win one for my daughter!

  • kellygoz94

    My 12 year old hit a home run 2 weeks ago at an indoor tournament and would love to try again with this awesome black freak bat!  Thank you!

  • SoniaRose1118

    Sounds like a great Bat Gary! Thanks for all the info.

  • BrentWarren

    Hello Gary. This bat sounds great. My daughters bat is dead. She is wanting a new bat. This would be a great bat to use in her up coming tournaments. Thanks Brent

  • JGaribay

    Sounds like another great bat from Miken! We love the show, thanks for all the info!!

  • AbrahamAlba

    Looks like a awesome bat…..

  • LancePeitso

    My daughter loves her Miken, but needs a longer one.

  • DavidMcGuire

    Great looking bat.  My daughter loved her white Freak bat!

  • ashvnw

    Great bat! Fingers crossed!

  • Gkwoody92

    Would love this bat for my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win one. Love all the advice and information on the show!!

  • debjo

    Love Miken. Had a Halo but now we want to be a FREaK

  • Jacaclawless

    Looks like a great bat!  Thanks for the chance to own it!

  • MandiMigletsYoung

    Love the color scheme on this bat!

  • AlexanderCurran

    My daughter has been playing for just two years and hasn’t had the chance to play with a real quality bat.  I’d love for her to win this one, thanks for the opportunity and all the great videos.

  • Clint Reynolds


  • Clint Reynolds

    My daughter has never tried a
    Miken bat I have heard good thing about the product. Sure would like to win this one for her.

  • Jewelsmom

    What an opportunity for one lucky girl! I love this show and the articles and tips you post. My daughter is 14 and a freshmen in HS and has never swung a 2 piece bat. Thank you for the chance to win her one! Keep up the great job. Peace, live, and softball…lol.

  • BillHeller

    First composite was a miken.  good bats

  • GregPadgett

    Great video about a good looking bat. Thanks.

  • Maureen DeGiorgio

    I have 2 daughters that both play travel softball this bat would sure make a great addition. Ty

  • ElizabethWagner

    This bat would be great to win for my first year of varsity, and I love Miken bats so much!!!

  • dstitchi

    Would love to get this bat for my daughter’s birthday.  She starts High school this year and just broke her current bat.

  • LimpingRocket

    World bei so awesome to win this bat, thanks Gary!

  • Big stick

    Nice looking bat! Didn’t know Miken introduced composite bats to the softball world! My granddaughter would love that evil looking bat!

  • Corey Bubba

    Sounds like this would be the bat for my daughter. Once she starts hitting, she’s hoping to find her place on the team.Thanks for the opportunity to win this great looing bat.


    My daughter has played travel ball since she was 9. Loves the game. Softball is our life! Would love the chance to try a new bat! Love Fast pitch TV!

  • Bazzq126

    Gary thank you and keep up the great work!! My two girls live and breath softball between travel ball, school ball and little league. They keep us on our toes. We would be very happy to give your bat a home. Thanks again

  • RustyUnderwood

    We love playing and coaching softball. From central VA. Give us a new bat to swing please. God bless all of you.

  • Jonboy15

    I would love to see my daughter hitting homers with this sweet Miken Freak Black!

  • Aklowe

    My daughter has to have this amazing bat!! Pick ME!! 🙂

  • CoryFinch

    Looks like a sweet bat, would love for my girl to swing it!

  • Ty Davies

    Nice Bat. Love your Network!

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    I hope I win so I can give it to one of my daughters.

  • rbake77

    Great bat

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    Looks good to me!

  • ShayFlem

    That bat is a beauty!

  • KeithHodge

    Come on Gary= Got to win sometime !!!

  • aafreder

    Wow awsome graphics would make a great bat for the 12u travel team. Looks like miken went above and beyond with this on.

  • Jdoward

    Great stuff as always Gary!! My team would love this bat!!!!!

  • Krcochran

    Great looking bat.

  • Tbaney27

    I’ve been using miken bats since I started playing and I have fell in love with them. Winning this new bat would be great. I love the design

  • murphy12

    Great looking bat. It will look even better in my daughter’s hands. Thank you for all the contests. We sure look forward to the 25th of each month.

  • medic751

    Awesome looking bat would look even better with my daughter swinging it!

  • becnjef

    Gary as always thank you for your reviews. Our daughter has played with the Miken Halo and Revo. She just made her first 10u travel team. This would be an awesome bat for our daughter. Cannot say enough how proud we are of her and her effort in this new world of travel ball. Thank you for the opportunity. Jeff

  • kjtoelke

    Just subscribed to your softball magazine so my daughter can become the best she can be.  I am sure having a new Mikan bat would help her cause tremendously.  She just loves to play and learn and have fun doing it.  Thanks Gary for making things exciting!

  • BrandonCaro

    My daughters would love this bat, thanks

  • robnet707

    This is my daughters first year playing and at the 12u level! She could use a great bat like this ti help her…….

  • eveflorida

    Hi Gary! Love your show. When I come to the US I’ll definitely have to come visit your store 🙂

  • SteveMagz

    Hi Gary my baby girl would love to get her hands on the Miken Freak Black.
    Thanks, Steve Magazinovic

  • CoachMichelle67

    My daughter’s glove was recently stolen & I had to replace it this season. We sure would love to have a chance at winning this bat – would make an excellent 16th birthday present this March 29th!

  • CaSandraTrujillo

    My daughter would absolutely LOVE to win this bat! Miken always makes top notch bats!!

  • AutumnBogard

    I played softball in high school and now would love to play in college. The only problem is I need a new bat because my barrel came off my old one and you know how much it is to go to college, so I don’t have any extra money to buy a new bat. It would be so nice to be able to win this bat and be able to start playing again. Man how I miss softball.

  • KellyWiseman

    My daughter Mikenzi is looking for a new bat to take her game to a new level as she heads to SMSU next year to play. She’s dying to try the Miken Freak Black!

  • larzz

    Awesome Video – we have been considering this bat – Love the name of it. Best Wishes from Montana!

  • KamsDad

    Gary, the only time I will allow my daughter to be with a FREAK is with this bat!  Pass the soup brother!

  • mth23

    I try my best to purchase products made in the USA, that is why my DD has used Miken bats in the past. This would make her a very happy girl as she has had a huge growth and needs a new bat this Spring.

  • bernie nauroth

    This could be the bat for my daughter

  • Coachmart669

    Made in the USA, Made in the USA,
    That is why my two daughters both have a Miken Bat!

  • aaronbritton

    My daughter would love to give this bat a try!

  • buford79

    Great Show Gary. I’ve enjoyed watching your shows and learned a lot about fast pitch softball.

  • Diamonddawgs

    Love the sweet spot and flex in this bat.

  • Cody T

    Nice bat!

  • cindylitchfield

    This bat is awesome and would be so great in my niece’s hands playing softball!!!!!

  • KarenReneeBrown


  • iluvkjal

    Miken was the first quality bat that my oldest daughter used in 2009. My youngest daughter is now using that same bat six years later…. it’s time for a new Miken.

  • Burgs

    Gary, Hopefully the bat companies are taking notice of all the things you do to help promote the game of softball and there equipment..
    Love my magazine
    Thanks Again,

  • pohljoe

    Great looking bat.

  • ccwildcats

    Freak out!

  • MichelleLinder

    My daughter breathes softball. She would die if she found someone snuck one of these in her bag.

  • J3Maya3

    We are supporters of the YouTube channel and and true softball family! My 2 daughters are club softball players and I myself am a TCS, USSSA umpire we would love to get the freak and tell everyone in Arizona Fastpitch softball community where we got the 2016 Miken Freak from.
    We love your show and all the support you show the amazing sport we love. Thanks for everything you do!
    The Maya family!

  • Kochise

    Miken makes super bats!!

  • Melissa34

    I would love to swing this bat have never used a a Miken but would love to win this, p.s love the show 🙂

  • RobbNReneeReid

    Another great give away. Thanks for all you do for the softball community!!!

  • lundquist83

    Love your show. I learn so much by watching. I try to be an informed softball mom. I have 3 girls: a 10u, 14u and High School baller, and another that plays HS ball.

  • mitchellriley96

    I have never heard of Miken until now… haha

  • bdrake1

    Love your program–lots of great drills! My team would love this bat!

  • coach2108

    I hit miken as a slowpitch player and would love for my high school team to see the power of this bat

  • CherylPatton

    My Daughter would love to to have this bat!

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    This would be a great bat to own!

  • JeffreyWasikowski

    I would love to get that bat for my daughter Lauren she watches all the fast pitch videos she would love to own that bat

  • ElizabethHaggerty

    really want to try a new bat, like miken. stands out from louisville slugger, demarini, and easton.

  • ArronSkilliter

    miken makes the best bats out there from the freak line to the dc41 psycho and the great kf30 I’d recamend them to anyone that wants a great softball bat

  • homee 1981

    Love to get this bat for my team

  • Dlacrz_grls

    Hope this is my month! Its always a good time for a new bat. 🙂

  • lilrudy12

    Love Fastpitch TV and would love this bat!

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    What an awesome bat. Would love to be able to have my daughter swing this bat. Thanks for the great info.

  • Dosha

    Really enjoy watching fastpitch Tv Thank You Gary. PS. I would love to win the Miken Freak bat.

  • jdh321

    Looking forward to this bat!

  • Thomas2369 a must visit website for all fastpitch softball families!!!

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    love the new Miken Line!!!

  • morgan906

    love watching your shows must have info you let us have in very understandable lingo.

  • Bjack325

    Nice looking back. Be great with Colors of my HS team. Black and Vegas Gold. Be just the thing needed to brighten their spring season from all this Snow! #GoKnights

  • Rascle911

    Sick of snow and ready to get on the field and let them swing this bat!

  • DarrinCooley

    Great show! My daughter would love to give this bat a swing.

  • Johnmck

    Awesome bat and like the history behind them being the first to introduce carbon fiber to FP bats. I see my daughters first home run with this bat.

  • Wldusc1

    This bat appears sweet! Would love to try Miken.

  • Kenny H

    This bat is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • Softball88

    We appreciate everything you do to help players learn and to promote the game of fastpitch softball. Would love to win this bat for my daughter! Thanks!

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    I love watching your show! Hands down the best online fastpitch ever. My 15 year old would love to swing this Miken!

  • ALNoble5

    Love your show, articles, everything!

  • The4cmss

    My daughter would love to be the first one on her team with this awesome bat!

  • MikeDuckyDrexler

    Ducky Medwick would of been happy swinging this bat and so would my Daughter. Keep up the good work on your show. I look forward to watching it each month.

  • azfirefitergrl

    My daughter just received a softball scholarship to play for William Penn University! When we send her off to school in August, it would be awesome if we could surprise her with this new MIKEN bat! She has been playing softball since she was 8. Her first ever composite bat was a MIKEN Halo! She fell in love with these bats and she has been using MIKEN bats ever since – for the past 10 years

  • BeckyGafford

    My daughter would love to have this bat!

  • shanew76

    Hope to try this freak

  • JasonCampbell1

    Milken Rain was my daughters first bat send it this way.

  • sfmoser

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  • r8r_n8shn

    I would love to add this to our 14u team bat bag!!! Thanks for having these contests!

  • 21ToTheSun

    Great looking bat….it would look real good in my daughters hands!!! She just broke a bat at practice so she is in need of a new one. Thanks!!!

  • iliv4softball21

    First thank you for having such a great site. I have learned so much. I am in my first year of 14u ball and your site has helped me a lot. I would love to be able to swing this bat. Out grew my cf6 so I need a new bat.

  • marcjabba86

    Hey Gary thank you for keeping up with the latest and greatest on every type of forum with Softball you and your staff have done a great job, I especially like all of the helpful tips and videos you put out to assist me helping my U16 team with drills and even how to better coach them to get the best out of each player.  I would love to give this new bat of your a try and even make it a MVP award for the end of the season to give to one of my girls on the team. Thank you again for all that you and your staff do.

  • Galaxy 12U Red

    I love fast pitch TV, as a 12U coach I watch this regularly to get tips on drills and fixing mechanical problems. Thank you Gary for providing so much information.

  • pbarks4

    Looks like a awesome bat! What a good one to add to any ones team!

  • JefferyTreadwell

    Awesome Bat

  • BillyBass

    I’ve always loved the Miken product in the SP.  Would love to win this for my daughter to use in FP

  • lRmac3

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    The bat looks great. I love your shows. It is good to have a place to go for good information I have two daughters that love the sport. Keep up the work.

  • sk8rdad

    Its time to freak out. The season is getting closer.

  • JeffSampson3

    Need a new bat for my daughter. She is a heavy hitter and I think this bat would improve her distance.

  • JanaiBaratta

    Both of my girls play fast pitch ….. We love all the information and tips that we get from watching your shows! Mahalo

  • jcpan9697

    Would be great for the up coming season in MN

  • Russdaddy

    Absolutely loving all you have on the site and all the giveaways. My daughter would enjoy this for upcoming u 12. Keep up the good work.

  • Whouse

    Very informative. Sounds like a great bat! My daughter’s first out-of-the-park home run was with a Miken.

  • ereheard

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  • frankied8868

    Thanks for an opportunity to win the Miken Freak Black bat. It’s an awesome bat. Also, thanks for your helpful videos on the game of fastpitch softball.


    This bat could be the next best thing, just need to test it, to find out 🙂

  • Volstate

    Love your shows and I’d love to win this bat for my 13 yr old daughter!!

  • 6grysz

    Can’t wait for the new softball season too start! Love your show! Thanks for this amazing chance!

  • KGLaPlante

    Great show! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on the latest and greatest! My 12 yr old is growing like a weed and ready for a new bat, we would love the opportunity to swing a Miken Freak Black this summer!

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    im on the school softball team again for highschol and i would love to show off the MIKEN FREAK BLACK to everybody

  • FastpitchDaD12

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  • dbarogers

    Just looks awesome!!!!!!!!!  Gotta have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 00BevanH

    I have heard a lot of great things about the “Freak!”  It looks sweet and would to prove how great of a bat it is!

  • ssquire37

    I play adult slow pitch and have swung the new Freak Black and it is amazing, I also coach a 12u fast pitch travel team and would love for the girls to be able to swing this awesome bat by Miken.

  • fidelhernandez89

    Awesome bat!!!!!!

  • Sgtjanice

    Thanks for helping out at PFX in clemont. I’m volunteering and love your site. The Freak looks and sounds awesome. I would love this bat for my 14 yr old granddaughter . She is a pitcher for the Sarasota Heat and I’m sure the girls would love to use this bat and raise their batting averages.

  • legerjeff

    This bat looks awesome. I coach a travel ball team and would love to try this bat. I have girls that cannot afford high end equipment and this would help me and them realize their potential.

  • softballmom12703

    My daughter watched the video with me and really wants this bat. She plays on a travel team and said this bat is the most awesome bat she has ever seen. She wants the opposing pitcher to see the words Freak on the bat when she is up to bat.

  • BrittanieHernandez

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  • DebbieFisherOsborne

    Hey what nice bat! My darling daughter would love it.

  • Loganandme

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  • Been hearing good things about this bat! Hope this is the one that brings their fastpitch bats back in the fold.

  • Abbi Wallarab

    Just found out about Fastpitch.TV. Thanks for the videos! Looks like an awesome bat.

  • BernadetteGuevara

    Thank you for the opportunity to try to win Gary! Would love to see the girls hit like super freaks with the Freak Black!

  • Deed126

    Love the motivational content puts out. Has really helped my daughter become a better power hitter! Would love to have her try this bat!!

  • ColleenSmith1

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  • Edirich

    Love the colors and name of this HOT bat!!!!  My daughter would love a new bat above anything else!!!!

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  • KarlVinacco

    Thank you for the opportunity. Miken makes and excellent bat.

  • crtiraq

    Thank you for all your feedback on all different products it has help us and the girls are very happy with the products we have bought. Thank You for your time.

  • tmgolden

    Great bat! is Awesome!

  • brannonc1

    I love Miken bats….maybe my daughter would throw away the xeno for this one.

  • wizardsdad

    The season is just getting underway up north. What better way to celebrate than with this great bat! High School season here we come!

  • Bandrus

    Daughter has never tried a Miken.  Sounds like a good bat.

  • jlh2977

    My daughter just used her first composite bat and would love to see her try one from the company that first developed them.

  • DavidMcGuire You are the winner of this months contest. Please send an email to for instructions on claiming your prize.

  • DavidMcGuire  Is the winner of this months contest. Please send an email to for instructions on claiming your prize.

  • FastpitchDaD12

    GaryLeland  DavidMcGuire 
    Congratulation’s I hope your daughter gets a home run with this bat. Great win!

  • DavidMcGuire

    Thanks so much! I really hope she hits one too!

  • DavidMcGuire

    Wow Gary, Thanks so Much. I am going to tell everyone about the

  • r8r_n8shn

    Congrats on winning the bat!!! My daughter won was last year…such a great thing Gary is doing with all of his sites!!!

  • ereheard

    Looks and sounds like a great product. Have a girl that would like to train with them.

  • ScottKolinski

    This is the sweetest bat i have seen in a long time.

  • Maureen DeGiorgio

    2 girls 2 different teams I could use this bat thank you

  • BMHSCoach

    I would love to win this bat!

  • RustyUnderwood

    Our team would love to test this bat.

  • Rascle9111

    Yep that’s the bat!!

  • alex crockford

    This bat look AMAZING. I really like the black paint job. It would be awesome for my team to get this bat.

  • Doublenickel

    Sounds like an awesome bat!!

  • saveumall1611

    Another opportunity to get a bat for my daughter her last year playing HS softball hope we win thanks for offering a chance.

  • jgoodson

    Coach J Goodson
    My high school team would love to swing a bat of this magnitude.

  • Wizards33

    It would be great to get a last minute addition to the bat bag before the travel season starts for the girls.

  • RustyUnderwood

    Show me the BAT!!

  • DennisADill

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  • StephanieClark1

    My daughter has been a big Demarini fan and recently swung a friends Miken and really liked it… She would love to have a new bat!

  • Corey Bubba

    My daughter’s season just ended using a school bat. Not the best, but very good. Having her own bat would, I believe, help her confidence even more. This sounds like a great bat to start with.

  • tpampell

    Great info on all types of bats. Would love to try out the new Miken FREAK!!!!!!!!

  • Softballnut31

    Miken continues to produce the greatest softball bats on the planet. Would love another please

  • skkt4

    My daughters first bat was the -12 Miken RevEx Lite. She is now a 12u travel ball player using Demarini and Louisville. I use the Miken Freak for slowpitch as they are fantastic bats. Would be great to see how this bat will perform, as it will get plenty of trail from her teammates during tournaments.