Win A Three Piece Tee

This month on The Win Some Softball Stuff Show you can win a Three Piece Tee. Produced By Gary Leland

Watch the video to find out how to enter, and make sure to watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The new Three Piece Tee® trainer lays the proper foundation for younger players through muscle memory and grip training — consistently providing successful performance results as they advance in age and skill level.

At the core of every successful baseball or softball player is a foundation of strong mechanics and what makes for strong mechanics is proper balance. A properly balanced position is the first, and most important, building block for any player that wants to achieve their true potential and make it to the next level of competition.

Balance is Power

A common misconception among beginners is where speed and power originate. Bat speed and power are produced from a player’s balanced core and feet, not their arms and shoulders. Maintaining proper balance on the balls of their feet allows a player to quickly pivot their load foot towards the ball, squaring their hips to the ball. This means using one’s entire body — not just the arms and shoulders — to generate maximum hitting power.

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  • flahive4

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! My daughter could benefit SO much from the Three Piece Tee.

  • uiowa96

    That looks like an incredible training device.  My team could really use it.

  • AlexanderCurran

    This could really help our team, thanks for sharing.

  • SoniaRose1118

    Nice Training Equipment. Great way to keep batters balanced.

  • MichaelAppenzellar

    Great training aid!

  • AndreaWaterstonHartley

    Love the portability.

  • Markymuss

    Love fastpitchTV thanks for your generosity,you have great giveaways.

  • Todd7176

    Looks like a great training tool. Would love to win it for my team!!!

  • Lee McGuire

    I would LOVE to win this for my daughter’s 12u team. It looks like a great training tool for her young team!

  • TommyTrent

    I would LOVE to win this for my daughter’s team. It looks like a great training tool for her  team….
    We love to hit

  • MirandaHill

    This would be a great help with both my 10U all star as well as my soon to be T baller

  • Seadevils

    I can teach a lot of things. But hitting is just not my strong suite… This would really help my daughter and her team. Thanks!! Good luck to all!

  • Brian Nauta

    Hitting is a weakness on my teams and this would be very useful. I love the info. on this and video. My daughters, players and my teams would benefit from this. Even if i am not the selected winner I would still be interested on how I can buy this.

  • DougHeaberlin

    This what my daughters team needs. This looks like a great training tool

  • Jacaclawless

    Looks like a great training tool!  Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  • Nancy1218

    That’s an awesome tool to use to keep driving that ball

  • Kenzie_Kelly

    Would love to be able to use this for our team . Thanks for sharing!

  • imchasity

    Buenos Toritillas

  • CierraHockensmith

    This would help my swing so much! I would really appreciate if I could win this!!

  • MrGarcia

    I could use this tee with my U10 softball team.

  • mtinich

    This could be a great tool to help refine my girls swings

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    This would be a great tool for my daughter to help with her balance and definitely could share it with her teammates.  I hope I win this for her.

  • VickiKieft

    My daughter is a pitcher also and this will help her stay on her powerline.  Help with hitting is also appreciated.

  • cnpina32

    This 3 piece tee would definitely benefit my daughter not only in getting more power on her hitting but also would be a great tool for her pitching. This would also be great to share with her teammates.

  • RachelQuarnburgDagsen

    I would love to have this tool for my 14U ASA team! We could use it in so many ways! Thank You 🙂

  • CorrinnaMiddleton

    Great tool for our 10U team!!!

  • aafreder

    Great video my daughter over rotates the back foot this would realy help her and the rest of the team. Thanks for the chance Gary!!!

  • Simple but awesome tool! Wish the had the Three Piece Tee when I played! Would love to see my daughter and her team benefit from this!

  • GalaKierbach

    This looks like it would be a great tool. Both my daughters play ball and both pitch. We are always looking at things that will help them both improve their game.

  • BeebeeRamos

    This looks so cool I practice almost every day and I am always looking for tools to Improve my game

  • CoachFish

    Have used a drill similar with 2×4’s. This looks safer and durable.

  • Bandrus

    Looks cool!  My daughter and her former high school team would get a lot of use from it.

  • GeorgeFord1

    Great looking tool.

  • cristyles420

    This look like something we could use

  • SamC25

    I could really use this as I am a very bad hitter because I am constantly off balance and always pull my foot back after I swing. Looks like it would help me a lot.

  • KyKyVonBorries

    I could really use this for pitching I am always off balance and side dip bad if I had this it would help a lot my name is Kyleigh VonBorries I am 13 and pitch I luv softball and am not at my best but I beleive this tool could help if u pick me I will be so greatfull thxU0001f603

  • robnet707

    I could use this as a training aid for my travel team! and it would allow me to get rid of the 2×4 I currently use : )

  • 808fastpitchdad

    Awesome training aid. Gives you a good feel of having proper balance.

  • agmedic5

    What a great training aid!

  • Will Forester

    My daughter could use one of these.

  • Layddjoe

    it seems like a great tool-

  • kjtoelke

    This is one area my daughter struggles at.  This would be an awesome addition to her training.

  • psmt3

    Great tool. I have three daughters that play softball, would love to have this product.

  • murphy12

    Great tool. So many coaches talk about squash the bug with a player’s back foot. Players lose power, the three piece tee will help players understand this concept. Would love to have one for the Medford Renegades!!! Thank you Gary.

  • FastpitchDaD12

    Wow the three piece “Tee” what a great tool

  • Siralex

    The three piece tee is going to be an awesome addition to help break down hitting and build better hitters.

  • MBHanback

    Fantastic invention.

  • ValerieRodriguez1

    perfect for our 8U girls softball team!  Go Lil Sox!!!!!  🙂

  • Bridgetcloud_

    This would work very well for my pitching AND hitting!

  • kcg123

    My daughter has been asking her uncle to build her something like this for 2 years now to help with her pitching. It would be fantastic if we could win one for her!

  • dstitchi

    Would love to have one of these for my daughter.

  • GarrettDeane

    I would use this with my three softball loving daughters, as well as the three (sometimes four) softball teams I coach throughout the year.

  • megankoester99

    I would love to use this bc it would help me so very much when I play softball.

  • TomBruton

    I would love to have to win this for my 10yr old daughter, it would help her out alot!

  • torodemi0506

    Our daughters ( 9 and 10) would benefit a ton from a hitting aid like the 3 piece tee.  very cool piece of equipment

  • gabber711

    looks to be a great tool to teach balance, and to keep from stepping out

  • asalvato1996

    Love it my team is 12u girls and have benifited from many things you have recommended. We would love to win one of the 3 piece t’s thanks for all you do

  • dwschlichr

    Looks like great way to develop balance, techniques and core strength

  • Billfrancis523

    I coach a U16 travel team. My girls would love to have another training aid that would help them with their muscle memory. Thank for this opportunity .

  • This is a great tool my daughter can use. I will teach her how to balance herself. She’s been in a hitting slump and she’s been getting angry at herself. I know this tool will help her out to become a better softball player.

  • creed41

    Looks like a great tool for balance and stride.

  • StanleyWong2

    My daughter going to play in a 12u national tournament she could really use this great tee YadaYada Yada

  • Linnie95

    My 13year old daughter would love this!!! Awesome device!!

  • Burgs

    I never seen this before…we used the 2 x 4’s to teach the girls balance . Nice that you can take it with you

  • rkm1223

    Looks like a great aid for batters and pitchers.

  • esnipes27

    I have just figured out why I am not getting any power in my swing… I definitely have to have this

  • Chuck Sinicki

    I love the portability of the 3 Piece Tee, make it easy to bring back and forth to practice. Simple enough for the players to use on their own, once they are taught how to use it properly.

  • maxford

    Looks like a great training aid for sure.

  • GabrielPennington1

    Love this! Great bang for your buck tool, and highly portable and usable.

  • vwilliams925

    Looks like a great training aid, I know au10 girls team who would love this!

  • nickjl

    Looks like an interesting training tool.

  • ScottReavely

    Looks like it has a number of uses!

  • pohljoe

    I’ve been looking for something just like this.  This is awesome.

  • Jezika80

    My daughter would love this tool it will help with her hitting and pitching!

  • Loganandme

    This sounds like a great tool to fine tune hitting.

  • ElizabethDiaz831

    This would be a great tool for my youth girls softball team to use:)

  • smockrid

    Balance is the key to hitting and this looks like a great tool to reinforce the concept.  It would be a really great to let all the girls on our team benefit from Three Piece Tee.

  • LimpingRocket

    B-A-L-A-N-C-E … me and my teammates need this so much …!!

  • Arodriguez76001

    I need this tool for my daughter hitting and pitching!!! Love it!!!!

  • Razzper

    My two could sure use this.

  • mdbiers

    Looks interesting.

  • Dglade

    Looks like a great tool. Both for hitters and pitchers. Definitely would love one for my softball team to use.

  • CanAm99

    My kids would benefit from this tool for sure. TPT!!!

  • dc4blake

    I have 12u all stars that are in dire need of this.

  • EddyHarpe

    All ways looking for training aids, and like the looks of this one.

  • wideout22

    My 12u team would benefit greatly from this tool.  It’s always good for them to see and feel what they are doing to help improve their swing.

  • TX Heat Coach Bill

    Fastpitch TV has been a real resource to the world of Softball. The latest training device, the Three Piece Tee (TPT), has been a long awaited training toll. Now I can get rid of my generic wood version and use a durable training tool. I can see many applications and training tools to accompany the TPT. Thanks Fastpitch TV for being my number one “go to” for new and innovative tools and training tips and insights from the softball world.

  • MontyStick

    My teams could definately use this. I have been trying to teach balance and the kids do not seem to hear me, this would be perfect for me to get my point across.

  • morgan906

    Awsome tool

  • Jmy404yenick

    Wow! This could be the thing to make varsity next year. Never thought balancing could be the problem. 🙂

  • Frodriguez76001

    After demonstrating on how to use the Three Piece Tee, she absolutely fell in love with it and would love to win it……

  • KamsDad

    Gary, pass the soup and the Three Piece Tee this way, please!

  • Corey Bubba

    Always looking to make my daughter better. This would be greatly appreciated.

  • karencanup

    This would improve my daughters skills! Please send it our way!

  • RobinJohnsCole

    Thank you for all your advice awesome videos.

  • umpkc

    I sure would like to give the girls a “tee” party.

  • softballcraze

    I would really LOVE to use this to improve. My sister and I are, currently, working offseason on five different teams, and we practice every day and, sometimes, twice a day. My dad has not got the chance to find a tee that will work for us, so 😀 we hope. Good luck to all <3

  • madwes

    I think this is an awesome training aid. I feel it will increase hitting power. I have always preached that rhythm, timing & balance create control of the body to develop speed and control of a bat or a pitch. Just wondering about the length for pitching and can you buy replacement pieces so you can make it one section longer.

  • BruinsAV

    I think this awesome training tool, I coach 12u little league team in softball. I’m always looking for new things to train girls with to help them with there future in softball. Because we ts all about them and development so they will be successful. Love your magazine and and everything you have o offer.

  • Cocoa1

    Awesome tool would really benefit our team and make a great addition to our new training facility.

  • Hamatthews

    This tool would be amazing help for my team. We really need to work on our hitting and I think this would help tremendously! I love watching this show.

  • sparkflyer

    Awesome tool!! Would be great for our 12U travel softball team for both hitting and pitching. We could even use it at our tournaments for warm-ups and provide free advertising. Great job with the magazine.

  • AkBama

    This is awesome! Living in Alaska is hard with no schools to send kids to so they can be properly trained in skill of fastpitch!!! We will take all the training tools available!!!

  • patrickboegel

    Looks like a great tool.  Lots of variations on drills can be used with this.

  • VickieVinsonMichaud

    That looks awesome. I think that would help my girls.

  • VanessaPadilla

    So need this for my 3 daughters to balance themselves at the plate.

  • JaimeFarias

    That looks like an awesome training tool for my daughters

  • WendyJurgensmeier

    TPT for Free!

  • MCJABZ69

    This website is AMAZING!!!

  • PatrickDillow

    Looks good!

  • LindsleyArnoldKimball

    This looks like an amazing training tool!!! It’s sure to help not only my daughter but her whole team!!!

  • NobuddyReelly

    I need this for my daughter!! This is absolutely perfect!! She just played her first year of rec ball & was ridiculed for being the worst hitter on her team. She’s had help to improve her form since then, but this training tool would seriously help her even more. Plus, she’s working on being a pitcher so this tool does double duty with balance. This is a must have for any serious player!!!

  • Maureen DeGiorgio

    I have 2 Girls in Softball 10U & 14U, what a great piece of equipment to help in the training end. Thank you

  • rjamesallan1975

    Hope I win one. After seeing the video my niece wants me to get her one.

  • CandiSartin

    It’s great that one tools helps with hitting and pitching

  • lvnluk

    Love this idea… would love a 3 piece Tee!

  • doffinski

    Love this!!  Portable and easy to set up.  A great training aid!!  Would love one!

  • legerjeff

    Our team is trying to get a non profit indoor facility going. We would love to have this product to in our facility to help the softball teams.

  • Meshell2069


  • banditscoachdan

    Nice product!

  • HarrisonLindaGreen

    My daughter is WAY in front of the ball and we think this would help her stay on the ball and get the power she needs to hit better.  She hits hard but almost always to left field.


    I WANT SOUP 😉 only one post for me!

  • BrooklynnsOwn

    The girls of Shepaug Storm just qualified for the USSSA World Series!! This would be a wonderful addition to their practices.

  • KimberleeBreeHogan

    This is fantastic!! It would be a huge benifit to our tournament team!!

  • DiamondThievesSoftball

    Great tool

  • FLgirl

    We would love to try this!

  • abhcs

    Please post a video with using this as a pitching aid it would be great to see

  • paulrhburke

    Looks like a great training aid.

  • MarkWinchester

    Wish I had a chance at this several years ago when coaching my oldest through travel ball. now just planning on helping get my grand daughter to that same point. Been a student and coach of the game for over 20 years and love it as much as the players I have coached do.

  • Bjack325

    I love to have this tool! I do batting lessons so be great to add the new drills with this TPT*!

  • iluvkjal

    This is an easy pack and go teaching tool.

  • o4murph

    Would love to have this so our whole team could use it

  • Rascle9111

    The team would love this!

  • oldone2

    I would love for my daughter to try this out. She just started pitching as a freshman in high school

  • flahive4 Congrats, you are this months winner. Please email me at to claim your prize.

  • flahive4  Congrats, you are this months winner. Please email me at to claim your prize.

  • flahive4

    Yea, thanks FastpitchTV I love it.

  • flahive4

    GaryLeland  flahive4 Yea, thanks FastpitchTV I love it.”

  • David Smith

    I made something similar to this out of 4 x 4’s. My daughter hated it at first, then grew to like it because it helped so much with her balance throughout her swing. I can tell you from personal experience, that the system works. The 3 Piece Tee is constructed so much better than what I made, I would LOVE to have it.