Catcher Training Clinic Part 3 – Courtney Scott

Catcher Training Clinic For Fastpitch Softball Part 3 – Courtney Scott – Produced By Gary Leland

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This week we bring you part 3 of University of Louisville Assistant coach Courtney Scott's Clinic on Catchers.

Fastpitch softball Coach Courtney Scott starts off part 3 of her clinic with stressing the importance of blocking the plate and doing so safely. Also, she asserts that the catcher and pitcher relationship must be solid. Those two players must trust each other for the reason that they have to hold each other accountable for what they do on the softball field. is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat just for you!

Courtney talks of situations in which she has had to be a part of situations where younger catchers are made to work together with veteran catchers and explains that not matter anyones age or rank, but everyone should welcome new advice and always work together to improve the dynamic of the softball team.

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