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Megan Willis Tips For Fastpitch Softball Catchers – Produced By Gary Leland

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Willis shows softball girls easy ways to work all the factors of catching so that they can be successful behind the plate. She teaches the right way to receive a drop ball so that the pitch will be called a strike more times than not. She also teaches the right way to receive a ball so that the umpire will think that it is a strike and it will be more efficient than framing a ball because umpires are more likely to notice.

She also teaches the correct way to block a softball so that the ball will always stay in front and will not pass behind the catcher and the runner will not advance a base. She shows how when blocking the ball to stay rounded to the plate so the ball will not bounce off in another direction.

The last thing she teaches is how to block the plate so that the runner will not score and the runner will get out when she is trying to score home. These tips for catching will help form a good catcher and a way to win a good softball game. e updates when new episodes of The Fastpitch TV Show are released.

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