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You can find out more info about becoming a producer of The Fastpitch TV Network at patreon.com/GaryLeland. Even $1 a month would help. It all adds up!

Thank you to all our Producers. Your backing my efforts means so much to me. It is just so great to know that people appreciate what I am trying to build.

I will update the page of thanks daily to reflect all the producers that are willing to help. You can join in and help at patreon.com/GaryLeland

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Coach Boss – Texas Thundersticks Flight 14u
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You can find out more info about becoming a Producer of The Fastpitch TV Network at patreon.com/GaryLeland. Even $1 a month would help. It all adds up!

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For only $1 a month you can help Fastpitch TV By Becoming A Producer!

Have you ever heard of he website Patreon?

I am not surprised if your answer is no. I had not heard of it until last week myself.

Patreon is a new website dedicated to helping people like me find backers.

On the Fastpitch TV Network I provide a ton of great softball content, or at least I think I do.

I travel all over the country attending conferences, and clinics. Then I film these training sessions for you, and bring them to you free of charge on the Fastpitch TV Show, and The Fastpitch Chat Show.

I work with great softball bloggers from all over the country to give you great blog posts on the Fastpitch Softball Blog. Again, all this information is given out to everyone free of charge.

I am ready to take the Fastpitch TV Network to the next level, but since I give away everything I produce for free it is kind of hard to take it to the next level. I only can do so much by myself, and my wife will only allow me to spend so much of our money on this project.

That is why I am using Patreon. My goal is to find enough backers for the Fastpitch TV Network, that I can actually move the studio out of my house and into a new environment. To create a professional Studio, that will allow create more and more free content for you.

I would be able to actually hire a full time support staff, to build something for Fastpitch Softball that does not exist right now. A true network dedicated to Fastpitch Softball.

I would like to be able to cover events like the Women’s College World Series, and the National Pro Fastpitch Championships for you.

There are so many things that the Fastpitch TV Network could add to its programing if I only had the money.

That is where you come in. If you enjoy any of the Fastpitch Softball videos or blogs that I distribute free everyday, please show your support.

I ask that you go to Patreon, and become a Producer of the Fastpitch TV Network. Even if it is only a $1 a month it will help.

I guess it is up to you to decide. You can decide if there is more softball content or not. I hear people say all the time that they wish there was more softball content out there to watch. Well if you feel that way it is time to pony up and show your support for what I am trying to build here. I think most people should be able to help with $1 a month.

Thanks for your time and again I ask to please support what I am trying to build at Patreon.

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