Picking the Proper Travel Organization for Your Daughter!

“Picking the Proper Travel Organization for Your Daughter!” Written By Anthony Vertuccio

“Picking the Proper Travel Organization for Your Daughter!” Written By Anthony Vertuccio

There are so many travel organizations to choose from these days. Some have many teams at each level. Some have a just one at each level. Some only have one team in the whole organization. So how do you know which organization is the right fit for your daughter? (Note that I am saying “your daughter” and not you.)

Here are some tips on what questions you should ask and what to look for when making a decision:

1 What type of tournaments and/or leagues will the organization be entering?

2 Will the organization be traveling out of state, be doing local tournaments or a mix of both?

3 Is the coach a daddy coach or a former college player or is the coach someone who has experience but doesn’t have a daughter on the team? (Each type has its good/bad points…it up to you to see what you and your daughter are comfortable with)

4 If the organization has multiple teams at each level how are the teams formed? Are they mixed up or are they formed by talent with the most talented being the “A” team and the next talented the “B” team and so on. If your daughter makes the lower team will she have an opportunity to move up to the higher team?

5 How many times a week do they practice? Do the lower levels (12U and below) play in the spring?

6 Does the organization or do the coaches have any connections to college coaches?

7 Will the higher level team (16U and up) be going to college showcases or do you have to do that on your own? If your daughter isn’t interested in playing college ball but just wants to play for fun then there is nothing wrong with that. You should still ask because the college showcase will probably be an away trip and that’s added expenses.

8 What is the cost for the team? Is there a separate fee for Fall and Spring? How are the payments spread out?

9 How much fundraising will the team be doing?

10 How did your daughter enjoy the tryouts? Did she like the other players? This is the most important question as your daughter needs to be happy to enjoy her travel experience!

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