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The Christie Ambrosi Softball Pitching Trainer

Do you have a young pitcher looking to learn and perfect her skills? Ever wonder how to throw a Rise ball, Change up, Fastball, or Drop ball like an Olympic pitcher? Excellent pitching mechanics is a key factor for young pitchers learning how to pitch. When a Fastpitch Softball pitcher starts off with excellent mechanics and techniques, they are less likely to develop bad habits. Developing bad habits is a key thing to avoid when just beginning. Pitching requires a number of tools and techniques to learn how to throw the ball with maximum power and most importantly, movement. One thing that young pitchers work best off of is visual tools. Let me introduce the Christie Ambrosi Softball Pitching Trainer.

Christie Ambrosi Windmill Pitch Trainer Softball

christie-ambrosi-team-usa-olympianChristie Ambrosi is well known for her Faspitch Softball Olympic Gold Medal win in 2000. Soon after, she was approached by a friend, and agreed it would be an excellent idea to develop a new pitching trainer for young Fastpitch pitchers. Ambrosi endorsed the creation of a softball that would allow young pitchers to learn the exact spins and finger placing techniques she used during her entire Fastpitch Softball career, including in the Olympics. The Christie Ambrosi Softball Pitching Trainer is an 11 inch softball that includes color-coded pitches. Color-codes on the softball show you exactly how to place your fingers on the ball to throw specific pitches. Learn how to throw Ambrosi’s most famous and best pitches such as a Rise Ball, Turn Over Drop Ball, Fastball, and Change Up.

The Christie Ambrosi Pitcher’s Softball is an essential training tool for any first-time pitcher or pitchers wanting to develop their skills to the next level. The best part about this ball is it can be used by left and right handed pitchers. This set comes with one 11 inch color-coded softball and an instructional booklet. An 11 inch softball that shows you how to throw pitches just like an Olympic Gold Medalist, what more could you ask for?

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