The Circle Speed – Pitching Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill improves a pitcher’s arm rotation speed, leading to more powerful throws and controlled speed.

For this drill, the pitcher’s feet should be wider than shoulder width and in a stride position, as if she has taken a small stride.

The pitcher takes three fast circles with her pitching arm, releasing the ball on the third rotation. The shoulder should stay relaxed but controlled. This is to increase arm rotation speed and to help the pitcher release the ball with more momentum.

To help aim the ball, the pitcher should have her glove hand at shoulder height and facing the catcher, where she intends to throw the ball.

After working on three rotations per pitch, reduce it to two, and then to one rotation per pitch.

The shoulder must be relaxed enough that it can rotate quickly without pain. If the player feels any pain during this drill, she should stop immediately and not attempt to play through the pain.

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