Announcing The Fastpitch TV Private Club

Great Resources For Our Members


I am happy to announce the Fastpitch.TV Private Club!

This club is just beginning, and will grow over time.

The future price will increase, but as a founding member you will never pay again.


  • Player Search: Access to our Facebook Player Search Network to find a player or find a team. Our player search network is a great way to find players near you.
  • Series of Their Own: This book is a great read for anyone who has ever played softball. It is a history of the Women’s College World Series. a $24.95 retail value.
  • $30 Bat Discount Code: With this code, you can take $30 off any game bat! This includes all the newest makes and models.
  • 10% Faceguards Discount code: This is a code for 10% off any faceguard on That means every faceguard including Schutt, Combat, Rip-It and more! We carry a large selection of faceguards.
  • Special discounts: These special discounts will be on select softball items as they arrive in store. So you will be the first ones to know about all the new stock!
  • Private Newsletter: Our newsletter is an exclusive to members only. In it we could have a special training video, blog post, or even another discount code.

The price for the Fastpitch TV Private Club Membership is ONLY $14.95!
That is it, just a one time charge of only $14.95!

"A Series Of Their Own"

“The History Of The Women's College World Series,
– Paperback Book”

The book you receive (retail $24.95), plus the discount codes, the Player Search Group, and the private newsletter with monthly specials make this an amazing offer!

The founding member price of $14.95 may increase in the near future, so lock down your membership now before the price increases.

Complete the following form to make your $14.95 payment:

Mailing Address For Your Book
Your Facebook Name

By joining you agree you have read the group rules at the bottom of this page.

**After paying message Gary Facebook so he can approve your membership asap.**

Fastpitch Player Search Directory

Please follow the rules for the Facebook Player Search Group


1. All post should ONLY pertain to a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a player. This is not a public forum to talk about softball in general. There are plenty of other places for that. In other words no yaking, no selling, no tournament listing. No spamming, no clinics, no argument making.

2. If your post is about anything other than a player, or a team search it will be deleted. and you be removed from the group.

If you are removed from the group it will cost $10 to be added back.

I hope these simple rules make this site a great tool for all players and teams. Thank you in advance for following the rules