Coach Dad’s Catcher Protector

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Catcher Protector – Coach Dad's Seat


Lightweight durable plastic seat.

Protective front guard. Designed to use on top of a ball bucket.

Leaves my TX Warehouse within 24 hrs.

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This seat was designed by Ray Boyd from his years coaching his son and daughter. After several bad hops while sitting on a traditional ball bucket, he decided to create a product he could sit on top of the bucket and keep himself protected. His objectives was safety, comfort and convenience while still being lightweight yet durable.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

Coach Dad's Baseball/Softball Catcher Protector

Ever get hit in an area where you are vulnerable? Are you concerned about getting hit with a ball in your groin? Catching your son or daughter can be a problem when you are a guy. No Dad wants to wear a protective cup that is uncomfortable. What if there is a better way to protect yourself when catching your child? There is a better way to solve the problem of getting hit in your vulnerable area and we have the solution. Please allow me introduce your new best friend, The Coach Dad’s Catcher Protector.

Coach Dad Catcher Protector Bucket Seat*ball bucket not included
The Coach Dad’s Catcher Protector is the perfect way to protect your groin area while catching the fastballs from your pitcher. This device is placed directly on top of any bucket, allowing you to sit on it comfortably. Bucket is not included with purchase. The hard plastic seat is specially curved letting you sit in a pleasant and relaxed position for a long period of time. This carefully crafted seat allows you catch and analyze your daughters or sons pitches for hours while being comfortable and protected. This device is also a great target for your pitcher. The groin protector is centered directly in the strike zone.

The Coach Dad’s Catcher Protector is the most portable and easy way to protect your groin. It is durable, comfortable, and guaranteed to shield the one area you do not want hit. We offer this device at an affordable price. I recommend The Coach Dad’s Catcher Protector to everyone who wants that extra protection to have a relaxing and calm catching session.

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