Fastpitch Hitting Clinic part 1 – Jennie Dalton Hill

Fastpitch Hitting Clinic Part 1 – Jennie Dalton Hill – Produced By Gary Leland

This week we start a great fastpitch softball coaching clinic part 1 by Jennie Dalton Hill.

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Jennie Dalton Hill begins mentioning some of her success as an All-American Softball player at the University of Arizona and was National player of the year in 1996, but chose to take a different route after college softball and chose to play baseball playing on the Colorado Silver Bullets. She resigned from the team after one year and was married and had three children. Only one year ago she decided to try out for the U.S.A Women's baseball team and now coaches them and is on the board of directors.

She continues explaining how important it is to have a purposeful off-season softball offense. Although off-season offense hitting can be boring, Jennie pushes the urgency to keep your fastpitch softball players motivated. The off-season is a time for coaching and learning about how to improve. Jennie then explains how she would approach a softball offense lesson as a teacher. The first thing to do is to make a goal whether it be a team goal or a individual goal for each of your softball players. That coach needs to understand their softball player and his/her weaknesses and coach them on how to improve each and every time they step up to the plate. Each player is different and will require different forms of advice in how to chance their swing. To have the player understand their own flaws and how to correct them with proper mechanics is what will help a softball player most. Jennie states that the purpose of the off-season is to help teach, instruct, and help kids understand themselves. If they can't understand themselves then they can't help the team. The biggest point Jennie is wanting to make is that the players must have an understanding of themselves as softball players and their swing and how it is supposed to look so that they can help you help themselves.

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