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CoachMyVideo's Video Analysis Pro App

The CoachMyVideo's Video Analysis Pro App Information By Gary Leland

This is the Pro version: ULTRA-Zoom, Slo-mo 60/120 fps high-speed video capture & frame-by-frame playback, Precision-Edit, Email plus full-quality HD video-sharing, AirPlay HDTV mirroring and Bluetooth-connected media remote control, because Professional-Grade Video Analysis can be EASY to use. By Coaches, for Coaches™

Video Instruction made easy enabling Anytime, Anywhere Video Analysis™

– Slip-Clip™ editor added in v2.0: frame-by-frame precision video editing in two taps.
– Easy-Sync™ editor also added in v2.0: create video clips, sync'd at the same point, for example, 5-sec. before contact with the ball and 2-sec. after.
– STOP+™ added for v1.1: easy “video-selfie” with the remote: take multiple clips; saving only the ones you want to keep.
– iOS 7: 60/120 fps video capture in iPad Mini, iPad Air & iPhone 5/5c/5S/iPod touch 5
– iOS 7: Lossless Zoom & ULTRA-Zoom in iPad Air, iPad Mini & iPhone 5/5c/5S/iPod touch 5 and newer devices
– Frame-by-frame & slow-motion at all frame-rates (fps)
– Draw/mark-up your video in our telestrator
– Coach / Chalk-up on-line REFERENCE VIDEOS *without* leaving the App
– Video Flip / Rotate: turn a righty into a lefty for easier comparison. This also works on the reference videos!
– Open Videos directly from Email: hold down your finger on the attachment!
– Open videos directly from other video-storage apps -> e.g. Dropbox (Favorites) into



– Email+ video-sharing, up to FullHD; also email videos 3-min. & longer
– Stopwatch ⌚ function: easily time splits, etc.
– Video Capture in HD or lower resolution to save storage space, or in high bit rate

iFrame modes for more responsive playback/video scrubbing or other video editing apps
– Image-Capture from Video in Full HD Resolution
– Remote control for easy access to the Camera and Telestrator frame-frame
– Video Presentations over HDTV: AirPlay Mirroring ON
– AirPlay Mirroring – iPhone 5+/iPad: control your video on HDTV wirelessly from the palm of your hand for group presentations / video coaching / film sessions
– Private / Pro Coaches: customize the iPad's home page with your own branding on your presentations/client – contact us for more information

INSTANT-access to Camera Roll and Photo Albums (no waiting for video-import) (and instant access from your Dropbox Favorites and other storage apps)

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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