Coach’s Guide to Game-Winning Softball Drills Developing the Essential Skills in Every Player (iTunes)

Coach's Guide to Game-Winning Softball Drills

Coach's Guide to Game-Winning Softball Drills

“Mastering these drills will arm your players with one of the biggest intangibles necessary to perform well–confidence.”
–Michele Smith

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and Hall of Fame pitcher Michele Smith throws one right down the middle with this big collection of more than 250 skill-building drills developed especially for coaches of fast-pitch recreation league, travel ball, and high school softball players, ages eight to eighteen.

Straight from the Michele Smith Gold Camps and Clinics, these drills are designed to give you all the tools you need to teach the entire range of offensive and defensive softball skills. With Michele's expert guidance and instruction, you'll coach your players to:

Master the mechanics of footwork for fielding with hustle
Swing for the fences and hit the fastest pitches
Catch the ball proactively and throw it quickly and accurately to its target
Defend the infield and outfield with speed and confidence
Run the bases swiftly and strategically
Refine fast-pitch skills so they can windmill like Michele
And much more

This iBook is available on iTunes for your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

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