Resistance – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is for conditioning and improving strength in the legs for a stronger lead off when base running.

For this drill, you will need a belt and a piece of durable rope about 10-12 feet long.

A runner wears the belt around his/her waist, with the rope tied onto the back of it. A second player stands behind the runner, holding the rope fairly tightly, so there is little or no slack.

The runner leans forward, while the second player keeps him/her from falling via said rope. The runner should be in sprinting position, with his/her body at a slight 5-10 degree angle. Feet should be shoulder width apart, with the front foot leading by about 6 inches.

When signaled, the runner takes off, with the second player still holding the rope and applying enough resistance to keep the runner in this sprinting position. The runner should make it about 10 yards, rest, and then repeat twice.

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