Win A Mizuno White Out Softball Bat

The first episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a White Out Fastpitch Bat from Mizuno. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a Mizuno White Out Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Here are the features of the White Out Bat from Mizuno

NEW 3Z Technology targets 3 zones of the barrel to enhance and create a massive sweet spot for increased performance across the whole barrel

Black Onyx Carbon utilized for maximum performance and durability

More resin used throughout barrel for added durability

Cylinder seaming technique eliminates inconsistencies

Lightweight end cap design used to help increase swing speed

Mizuno's exclusive cushioned grip

Balanced barrel for lower swing weight & better bat control

Unsurpassed sweet area for ultimate forgiveness

Anti-Shock Construction™ for less vibration and improved feel

1 year warranty

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  • mbattaglia

    I am a high school coach New York.  I love your show.  Knowledgeable people sharing great teaching tools for our sport.  Keep up the great work.
    Mike Battaglia

  • eveflorida

    I am a student from Germany and I love your shows. Keep up the great work!
    Eva Beau

  • turtle3

    MONKEY MAFIA Softball team from Oklahoma is all about the show and the Mizuno white out bat!

  • agamez16

    I really like your show.  Keep it up.

  • MrRLee

    Would love love love to have a crack at that bat! My middle school softball team could use a new bat.

  • MarianneSweetinBorn

    We bought an older East on stealth and it is not working as well as we hoped. we ( my daughter) needs a new bat so bad.

  • StephenScully

    DD moving up from middle school to high school in the fall would sure like to see her make Varsity as a freshman! Still uses her bat since she was 12! Needs a new composite …Go Hornets!

  • gnann73

    Both my daughters play travel ball and are 12yrs old and 14 yrs old. My 12yr old recently hit one out at 200ft. Would love to see my 14yr old hit one out with the white out.

  • clvassar

    Any advantage on the field is helpful.Agreat bat is a plus.

  • SusanHokanson

    wow this would be a great present for my daughter Bre, her birthday is two days later!  🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • DeanWilliams1

    Great show, love Fastpitch tv…. I do wish they would cover more Babe Ruth Softball though….:}

  • BHS_Fastpitch

    Would love to have this bat next time we do battle on the diamond.

  • jstinnett

    I have used Mizuno since high school.. Would love to win this so my daughter can use Mizuno when she gets in high school

  • Larkin168

    Would love to try out a Mizuno bat. See how it holds up against the Zeno.

  • cowboy2472002

    Would love to give this bat a try!

  • JessicaWurst

    Would absolutely love to win this bat for college next year! 🙂 I have always swung a mizuno and they’re the best creation out there.

  • KennyOConnor

    This would be a great addition to my daughters new glove and a terrific surprise!

  • GaryMcClendon

    This would be a nice replacement for her Stealth.


    This is a great show that my 10 year old daughter is addicted too. I cannot get my ipad away from her when she is watching it.
    Ryan Johnson

  • brazosbelle

    We love watching the free news, products demo, and training on!!!!  How does the Mizuno Whiteout compare to the XENO?

  • CourtneySnively

    Would love to win this bat for my daughter!

  • Tavery

    I would like to win a 34 inch drop 10

  • Timster

    I would really love this fully customized bat!

  • awesomeXD

    !Woo! This looks like an awesome bat, hope I win !

  • timoose48

    Nice looking bat.

  • IgnacioElizondo

    This would be a great bat to have for my 14U Hot Shots Fastpitch team from El Paso, TX. I hope we win cause that bat would be put in good use.

  • DHughes1969

    My daughter could use this bat.  We like Mizuno products and use them quite regulary.

  • billie23

    After my daughter Was lucky enough to Make the Australian under 17 Development Team This yr she has just returned back home from a two week Toour of San Fran Cisco and Los Angelels   Where thay competed in the Champions cup Tournament In Irvine California . She was lucky enough to have had a few at bats with the new bat and Loved it

  • Calvin_Lake

    Would love for my DD to have this bat!

  • djlokeni

    My daughter could absolutely use this bat.

  • nolan2108

    looking for a new quality bat and this would fit the place well good luck to me ok and everyone else I guess

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  • moonpup

    Love the customization options. That’ll draw a lot of interest.

  • dansal421

    This bat looks like it could do some damage on the diamond.

  • becky306

    This bat is awesome! Our girls would sure love all the customized features!!!

  • ra0313ra0313

    Love it!  Mizuno makes great products, would love to give this one a try!

  • Hayleylsmiley

    I would love to have this bat! It’s sick!

  • Hayleylsmiley

    I would love to play with this bat! It’s sick and I bet it could do some damage!

  • OrquideaLabrador

    I would love to win this bat. My inner city high school softball team could really use a new bat. Thanks!

  • JohnNewman1

    That is a great looking bat.

  • jbamusement

    Have never tried Mizuno, would love to.

  • katiebakalis

    Would love to try the new bat!

  • changejar

    I’d love to win some softball stuff and try this new Mizuno bat!

  • Softballbabe24

    I would love to win this bat!! I play on a 14 u softball team and would like to improve from a Demarini!

  • bobocca

    My dd started with a misuno bat, but as she progressed, she gravitated towards the demarini and easton bats. This might be the one that brings her back.

  • TrinityCoach_00

    My daughter could sure use a new bat.

  • jjhlava

    my daughter is working hard on her hitting this summer and would love a new bat to swing.

  • Wooden Sticks

    Great technology to increase the sweetspot

  • tigerdaddy19

    lets bring the mizuno white out bat  to arkansas and show what it can do in the travel ball tournaments!!! keep up the great tips in the shows and love the coaches clinics also

  • TraceyV

    Would love for my daughter to win this bat.
    Tracey Valadez

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  • Hollow Grind

    My daughter has just about outgrown her Xeno.  What a potentially great way to introduce her to Mizuno bats – she already uses and loves their catcher’s gear!

  • BlueCrush

    Thanks for the chance to see my daughter swing a new bat!

  • JackieHooper

    Mizuno makes great bats and gloves;  love to add a drop 9 to my bag.

  • rwnott

    I think this a great ieda.  Love the options.

  • rwnott

    love those options and getting it free would even better.  love site

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    Nice bat !

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    Looks awesome!!!!

  • 88smileys

    Sweet looking bat. Today’s bat technology is amazing.

  • CoachBank

    I have used the Mizuno bat line for quite awhile at our school. It has not let me down yet! Overall, excellent quality!

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    My daughter needs this bat

  • Antmartjr

    My daughter is looking for a new bat. Would like to try out the white out bat

  • JoannePiazzaRogden

    Would love this for my daughter! Thanks so much for a chance 🙂

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    Would love to win this bat for my daughter — considered buying the Mizuno at the beginning of this past season…


    Looks like a great bat!  My daughter would sure love to swing this new bat!  Thanks for the opportunity!

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  • michsmart

    Mizuno has always had great products. Both my boys high school baseball team always wore and used Mizuno. Now my daughters softball team is all Mizuno, I am also a scrapbookin’ mama and would love to design this bat for my fivergirl<3. Daughter and Husband love their warm up jackets!

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  • Burgs

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  • BlueCrush Congratulations, You are the winner of the Mizuno White Out Bat. Email me at to claim find out how to claim your bat. You have 30 days to claim your bat.

  • BlueCrush was the winner of this months contest. Congratulations BlueCrush, you need to contact me at within 30 days to claim your bat. Next months contest will be for A Miken Triad Fastpitch Bat and will be up a few days at
    Thanks everyone for entering.

  • BlueCrush

    Hey,  Thanks Gary!  Best of luck to everyone on next month’s contest!

  • BlueCrush

    Gary, Thanks so much

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  • John Krysiewicz

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  • chuy_jesse

    I have twins and they are currently using MIZUNO white out bats. I was not sure what size to get them and ended up with a 33 -10 for both. however for 11 year old girls that is to heavy and know have to down grade to a 32 -10 or even a 31 -10. for now they just have to be in box three in the batters box.